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Conditions for admission to schools in Europe, the 5 most important nuances

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Conditions for admission to schools in Europe, the 5 most important nuances

European popular educational institutions are at the top of the ratings and in the world's top not by accident - here you can get a quality education and a prestigious certificate. Schools in Europe are educational institutions for those who like quality and elite level of services and are not ready to skimp. Terms of admission to the schools in Europe will help you navigate through a large amount of information and focus on the most important nuances.

TOP-5 requirements of European private schools for foreigners:

Requirement 1: material security is perhaps one of the main nuances. Education in the schools of the Old World is an expensive pleasure: the highest prices in the UK , Switzerland , Germany and Spain . To confirm the solvency of the schools, foreigners are being asked to: a certificate from the bank. Payment for tuition, accommodation will be around 20,000-40000 euros. Additional costs: deposit, medical insurance, guardianship, flight and transfer, school uniform, pocket expenses and more.

Requirement 2: age characteristics - not all European schools accept children from abroad for the primary school program. In Europe, the most favorable age for studying abroad at the age of 12-14 is considered the most: it is during this period that the child becomes independent enough and acquires new skills with interest, makes friends and is immersed in foreign situations. However, the most independent children under 12 can go to some schools in primary classes - in this case, experts recommend living with a child in the country of training or often visiting him. Children older than 10-11 years are admitted to schools, as a rule, already with boarding accommodation.

Requirement 3: the level of the language should be sufficient to study in a new language environment, the linguistic skills are checked during the interview with the school representative and during the entrance tests. In addition, the student must provide a certificate of passing the language exam. If a schoolboy is not confident in his knowledge, then summer language short-term programs are an excellent option for typing language practice and adapting to life in Europe.

Requirement 4: many top schools require a score sheet for the last two years and the passing of the entrance examinations. In the conditions of a large competition, all these information are advantageous for the applicant.

Requirement 5: Europe's leading private schools set the deadline for submitting documents at their discretion. In the most elite and prestigious educational institutions it is recommended to prepare documents one year before the receipt, since in them the largest contests and places are distributed long before enrollment. In some countries, strictly follow the form of filing documents: for example, in Germany, all papers must be grouped in a certain order and packed in an envelope.

The very process of collecting documents and passing registrations is rather complicated, therefore we recommend consulting SMAPSE consultants. SMAPSE is the official representative of European educational institutions in Russia, and the absence of intermediaries allows all consultations to be rendered free of charge. The specialists will be able to find out all the necessary information, to avoid unforeseen difficulties in the passage of registrations and to control the procedure for processing and examining the application by the admissions committee. If there are available seats, the deadlines are shifted, and then for Russian schoolchildren there is a second chance. If parents and schoolchildren do not have time to enter the European school, SMAPSE consultants will help to file an application later than the established deadline by contacting school representatives directly.

This list includes the basic conditions for admission to the schools of Europe, and for more detailed information, we recommend that you contact the managers of SMAPSE. SMAPSE is the official representative of European schools in Russia, which does not charge fees for consultations.

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