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2018-07-30 11:56:59

Camps with the study of the German language for foreign students

Camps with the study of the German language for foreign students

Every summer more and more students from all over the world take part in summer vacation programs that combine study and rest with learning German. The camps are held both on the basis of specialized centers and organizations, both in prestigious and elite schools and universities, which have excellent reviews and high places in European and international rankings. Studying German offers institutions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and other countries.

German camps in Europe: advantages for foreign students

Active rest and study becomes an excellent summer plan for foreign students and a wide variety of courses allows students to participate even with poor language skills. Advantages of German camps in Europe:

  • Qualitative and carefully designed programs
  • Rapid progress in language level
  • Rest and learning by unique methods
  • Included activities of sports and creativity
  • Cultural and entertainment events
  • 100% security
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • The choice of intensity, directivity and other characteristics
  • Organization at the best level.

German is one of the most common in the modern world: it can be explained in most countries of Europe and a large number of countries in the world, and the total number of speakers exceeds 100 million people. It is official in 5 European countries and has a regional status in 9 other world countries, actively used by international organizations, including the UN. It is not surprising that more and more students are now learning German.

A summer camp is not just a language study, but an extensive course that includes sports and creative pursuits, recreational activities and excursions, leisure and recreation. Students can take part in professional courses - for example, the football academy. There is an opportunity to study academic disciplines that are aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and education and / or entering educational institutions abroad. Everyone will find for themselves what is right for him! Participants can be in the camp around the clock (full-day form, boarding house), or visit it in the daytime (day form).

All participants are divided into groups according to age and the initial level of knowledge, each group has its own methods and styles of work. Employees around the clock ensure the safety of students, accompany them on excursions and events, and sports classes are conducted by experienced professionals in compliance with all safety rules.

Classes in language are conducted in a relaxed relaxed atmosphere in classes of small numbers. Rapid progress is facilitated by a unique technique, combining lessons with constant practice and communication. There is an opportunity to choose a standard or intensive course, to prepare for passing a test or entering a school or university. The duration starts from 1 week, usually the camp lasts from 2 to 6 weeks; at the end a document on participation is issued.

The host country provides all students with comfortable living conditions. Main types of accommodation:

1) Residence:

  • A hostel on campus establishments
  • 1-2 or more people in the bedroom
  • Different types of rooms and comforts
  • All necessary furniture and equipment
  • Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, recreation areas and games
  • Laundries, security
  • Staff at the residence
  • Meals - full board (3-5 times a day)
  • Various nutrition plans, including special diets.

2) Host family:

  • Accommodation in a house of a local family near the place of study
  • Separate bedroom and bathroom
  • The opportunity to use all the comforts of home
  • Joint activities with family
  • Breakfast and dinner at home, lunch at the camp
  • Careful inspection of all families by employees.

3) Apartments / Hotel:

  • Not available in all locations
  • Accommodation in hotels, apartments
  • Large selection of seats and equipment
  • Nutrition is discussed individually.

Camps in Europe with the study of the German language: prices, ranking

The cost of participation depends on the institution, the country, the saturation, direction and other factors, but the scatter of prices allows everyone to choose the right one. Usually the total cost includes:

  • Language classes
  • Sports, leisure and excursions
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Educational aids
  • Accompaniment
  • Medical insurance (not always).

Paid separately:

  • Fare
  • Visa application
  • Personal pocket money
  • Additional lessons and activities (optional)
  • Medical insurance (not always).

The receipt process is simple, and consists of several items:

  • Selecting a place of study
  • Submission, booking
  • Presentation of the package of documents, consent to compliance with rules of participation and internal regulations
  • Payment
  • Registration of the visa, purchase of air tickets and other organizational questions.

It should be noted that it is better to book a place in advance, since the demand for German summer camps in Europe is very high.

The best German camps in Europe for foreign students

Examples of German camps in Europe:

  • Schule Schloss Salem, Zalem, Germany. Varieties: natural sciences, robotics, music, art, sports (football, basketball, swimming, golf, mountain biking, sailing and much more), A large number of excursions and events in Germany and neighboring countries. From 2,500 € for 2 weeks.
  • Les Elfes Summer camp, Verbier, Switzerland. "Travel" - attractions, amusement parks, hiking, castles, mountain trails; theatrical art, cooking and much more. "Discoveries" - sports, role-playing games, skills of conducting effective presentations and self-presentation, time management, group work, hikes and alloys. "Pioneer" - emphasis on academic issues, preparation for admission to foreign educational institutions.
  • Ecole Chantemerle, Blonay, Switzerland. Excursions, sports, ballroom dancing, cooking, photography, cinema, singing, musical instruments, circus, theater; football; science (physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, architecture, robotics and others). From 3,700 Swiss ₣ for 2 weeks.
  • Ariana Arosa, Arosa, Switzerland. Teaching German language to students of all ages includes daily recreational activities, excursions and sports. You can get individual lessons in language, golf, horse riding, water skiing. From 2,400 ₣ for a week.
  • Deutsch-Institut Wien summer camp DID Vienna, Vienna, Austria. Standard and intensive courses, the study of culture and traditions of Austria, sports, entertainment, theaters, museums, historical monuments, natural attractions, small and large excursions. From 1,400 € for 2 weeks.
  • Village of Samps Austria, Piesendorf, Austria. Games, projects, video lessons, role games; leisure, sport; active development of communication skills. Unique teaching developments aimed at rapid progress in the language. From 2,700 € for 2 weeks.
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