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Los Angeles High Schools, high school in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles High Schools, high school in Los Angeles

Increasingly, in the pursuit of better education for children, Russian parents choose prestigious American schools . This is not accidental: the US secondary education system has established itself throughout the world, and American educational institutions regularly top popular ratings. The academic program here is focused on the individual characteristics of each child, his desires, abilities and talents.

When choosing a city for training, many attach special importance to a good climate and a successful geographical location. For this reason, Los Angeles is becoming more popular, the second largest city in the United States, where on the shore of the ocean, in the atmosphere of eternal summer, America's private schools are located. In addition, the "City of Angels" provides an opportunity not only to get a high-quality secondary education, but also to continue studying at the university , build a successful career: there are more than forty universities, hundreds of industrial and IT companies, scientific and economic centers.

Why choose a school in Los Angeles

Answering the question "Which school is better", many experts do not doubt - the American one. Schools in Los Angeles provide students with all the advantages of the US educational system:

  • Rich infrastructure: the vast majority of American schools are equipped with everything necessary for training - from wireless Internet to sports equipment;
  • Flexible academic program: the curriculum for children is formed individually based on their wishes, talents and future professional plans;
  • Elite education: the diploma of a prestigious private school is of great importance when entering the top universities in America;
  • Special language courses: at the initial stages of schooling, the school helps to combine the mastering of the basic program with the study of English . For foreign children, this is an opportunity to get rid of the language barrier in a short time and to study on an equal footing with American students.

Features of teaching in schools in Los Angeles

Like throughout America, training in California schools lasts 12 years. The primary school includes classes from the first to the fifth - for children from 6 to 10 years. The secondary school curriculum continues for another three years. At the age of 16, a senior school opens its doors for children, where they study for another 4 years.

For most Russian children, a new system of credits in American schools. During the year, students receive and save points (otherwise - educational loans) for each discipline. To pass the exam or get a diploma, you need to recruit a certain number of such credit units. In the world practice, this system is not unique - it is practiced in most leading universities in the world.

Which schools in Los Angeles are suitable for foreigners

Almost all private schools in Los Angeles are suitable for the comfortable learning of children from all over the world. Thanks to a special language program, foreign students in the short term learn English and no longer have problems in communication with children and teachers, nor in mastering the training course.

For admission to most schools you will need to obtain a certificate in English (not lower than 4.5-5.0 for IELTS or 41/70 for the EF test). In addition, information on academic performance will be required, many educational institutions may also request letters of recommendation from teachers or diplomas for academic and extracurricular achievements.

Top 8 boarding schools for foreign students in Los Angeles

  1. Webb Schools
  2. Idyllwild Arts Academy
  3. American University Preparatory School
  4. South Hills Academy
  5. Providence High School
  6. Southwestern Academy
  7. The Thacher School
  8. Bishop Montgomery High School .

 Tuition fees in Los Angeles schools

Teaching a child in schools in Los Angeles will cost the parents an average of 20 to 50 thousand dollars per semester. In addition to the curriculum and elective program, this amount usually includes everything that the student will need: full board, school uniform, textbooks and teaching aids.

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