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How to enter Harvard and receive a study scholarship for international students

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How to enter Harvard and receive a study scholarship for international students

SMAPSE experts will tell you how and when to start preparing and what to do. This article is the real story of a pupil of the British Wycliffe College .

Who gets the places in TOP universities?

A student at our college, Wycliffe, Amelia Henley, took her place at Harvard - one of the top universities in the world. 17 -year-old student will be one of several graduates Wycliffe ,in 133 -year history , which went to study in This prestigious American university, and it will get its place in August next year.

Amelia's success lies in the fact that she is second in the game in the game Squash in all of England, and she is a deputy to the director of the Wycliffe College.

She was awarded a substantial scholarship from Harvard for her services in the sport. She also received offers from other TOP universities in the United States of America: ​​

Amelia plans to study math and chemistry, and she shared with us what Harvard chose because of his academic courses and his strong program on Playing squash. She plays squash and has been participating in competitions since the seventh school year, and in Sixth Form she joined the Wycliffe Squash Academy. Amelia says that she would never have received a place at Harvard without the support of Wycliffe and its unique SAT preparation program which helps students gain access to American universities.

Wycliffe College

The head of the College of Wycliffe, Mr. Nick Gregory, says: "There is a growing interest among students from the UK who want to study not only in the best British universities, but at universities abroad in recent years".

Wycliffe quickly and decisively reacted to this demand and allocated a coordinator for admission to foreign universities, and this proved to be an invaluable aid for students.

An examination conducted by Mrs. Lawrence Goodwin (and her predecessor, Mr. Betsy Wentzel) not only plays a key role in the aid to students on admission , but also provided significant assistance to Amelia to provide such a fantastic opportunity for admission to Harvard. Last year, all six of our students who planned to enter American universities received the places they wanted.

Next year we have a number of boys and girls applying for the top institutions in the US, Canada and The Netherlands . "

Despite the fact that Amelia initially joined To the Wycliffe College because of the squash training program, she noted the following:

"I would never have secured a place at Harvard if it had not been for Wycliffe." I want to become a professional squash player, but I also know that it's very difficult to build a sports career out of him, and so the university and the academic programs are so important to me. "

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