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High schools in Cambridge for foreign students

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High schools in Cambridge for foreign students

Cambridge is one of the most famous university cities in the world, whose history dates back several centuries. It is located near London, in the county of Cambridgeshire. Here is the oldest university in Europe, where millions of students from all over the world are dreaming. Cambridge has long been a symbol of prestigious education and personal success: it is on the list of top universities in the world, and among its graduates there are many outstanding scientists, Nobel laureates and successful businessmen. The structure of the university includes 31 colleges, three of which are female, and the rest are of mixed type.

The advantages of teaching foreign students in Cambridge

  • Teaching in Cambridge schools, colleges is entirely in English - so, in addition to studying the core subjects of the school curriculum, foreign students have the opportunity to significantly increase the level of the foreign language.
  • Cambridge is an academic atmosphere. Students can fully devote themselves to learning and comprehensive development, to acquire new friends, useful acquaintances.
  • The quality of European education is undeniable. Elite private schools offer various educational programs for every taste.
  • Cambridge is located near London (45 minutes drive). Foreign students can organize interesting leisure in the capital and the surrounding area: in their free time students go on excursions, go to museums and shopping, relax in clubs, arrange student parties.
  • In Cambridge schools, as in all other schools in England, much attention is paid to the sports development of students, but here there are often sports classes in the traditionally English sports: cricket, rowing, sailing, horse riding.

Accommodation options in the best Cambridge schools

All foreign students are expected to have comfortable living conditions abroad. The most common options - according to the scheme of the boarding house, in individual residences. Rooms, as a rule, are designed for 1 or 2 people, where there is everything necessary for life. It is also possible to live in a host family.

Features of teaching in schools and colleges of Cambridge.

  • The academic year is divided into 3 terms: autumn, spring, summer. Vacations between terms are short.
  • Many Cambridge schools, like England as a whole, are of a separate type. Private-school boarding houses are more often organized for boys, but there are also purely female boarding schools.
  • All foreign language courses for foreign students are organized in all schools.
  • All schools pay great attention to sport, various sports classes are introduced into the schedule.

Best Cambridge Schools

  • The Leys School Cambridge. The school was founded in 1972 and is ready to welcome foreign students from 12 years of age. The Leys School is located in the Cambridge High Tech Park, which is why special attention has always been paid to the study of exact sciences, in particular physics, as well as information technology. Excellent equipment of classrooms, spaces for creative development (ceramics, photography, music, design), sports centers - all this is an integral part of the educational process of The Leys. Accommodation is organized in residences on the school grounds. The cost starts from 7,000 £ / trimester (with accommodation and meals)
  • Cambridge International School was founded in 1976 and accepts foreign students at the age of 6 years. Small classrooms, the most friendly and friendly atmosphere, the education of students to be independent - the basic principles of the organization of education. Particular attention is paid to the development of leadership qualities, independence, tolerance along with academic and linguistic education. Accommodation is possible at the residence or in the host family. Tuition with accommodation and meals - from 18,000 £ / year
  • The New Eccles Hall School is a private school-board of joint teaching, recommended for the education of students with disabilities or disabilities of psychophysical development. The school strives to prepare its students for life in a modern multicultural environment, to make pupils with initially low level of abilities and development backlog become full-fledged, self-confident, diversified members of society. Teacher / pupil ratio 1: 3. The curriculum of The New Eccles Hall offers a full British educational cycle. For foreign students (here they are about 10%) additional English courses are organized so that they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and academic environment. The school is carefully and modernly equipped for comfortable study and pastime, including facilities for students with disabilities, visual and hearing impairments. The sports infrastructure of the campus makes possible the diversified physical development of the students. Accommodation is organized in residences on the school grounds. The cost starts from 6,730 £ / trimester (with boarding and boarding).
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