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2018-07-30 11:56:35

The last places for summer and autumn arrivals in 2017

The last places for summer and autumn arrivals in 2017

The good news is that summer comes to us, which means that the season for the summer programsis in full swing!

You still have the opportunity to book seats in the best summer camps abroad: this A unique opportunity not only to learn English, but also to get a sea of ​​new impressions and recharge your batteries for the upcoming school year! Our consultants will help you navigate in a variety of options: together with you we will choose schools, language centers and courses, check the availability, select the program according to age and desired dates and reserve the required option as quickly as possible. Do not forget to check the validity of your current visa - and if it has already expired, we will help you make a new one specially for the dates of arrival. Many language schools will work until the very beginning of September - plan to organize, perhaps, the best trip in your life!

For example, there are still places in the summer camp Pilgrims Bradfield College(programs from July 19 to August 1 and August 7 to August 20). You can enroll in one of the camps of the prestigious network Kaplan International:they have branches around the world, so you can choose the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Malta - our employees will help you track the vacant places in each school . Surprisingly, there are still literally a couple of places in theAbbey DLD College London- one of the best language centers in the UK! Located in the center of London, the school is an ideal option for general language courses, and for the program of summer academic English (be careful: for the second option you should already have language skills above the average - from Intermediate).

If you want to immerse yourself in a foreign language environment - it's better than teaching in a teacher's family, you can not find it! Permanent residence in the home of the native speaker, communication with his family and friends, a look at the chosen country from the inside - what could be more interesting? Pay attention to the programHome Language International: variants in different countries are offered here! Together we can find the ideal variant with you.

It should be remembered that autumn is not far off either - if you all delayed the selection process and the admission to a foreign school, college or university , It's time to deal with the issue closely! Our consultants will help you literally jump into the last car: they will choose a program, an educational institution and a country, check the availability of study places and help with the preparation of documents for a visa. Perhaps in a few months you will begin to study at one of the best educational institutions in the world - who knows?

For example, we advise you to pay attention to the prestigious, respected and elite Abbey College Cambridge. Training in Cambridge, the world's educational stronghold, in itself, motivates to high achievements, and the high standards and the impeccable reputation of the Abbey network will make the study as effective as possible. Here you can see an interesting video about Abbey College Cambridge:

The Edinburgh College , located in the Scottish capital, is worth a visit. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, ideal for both life and learning. A big plus Edinburgh College: a combination of the highest quality programs and a very reasonable price - much lower than in most schools in the UK. The average cost of the courses is 8,000 pounds sterling for the academic year - details are clear to our managers.

How about one of the best schools in Switzerland? St Gilgen International Schoolhas all kinds of national and international accreditations and certificates, deservedly considered one of the best bilingual training centers in the country and Europe. In addition to comprehensive, in-depth subject knowledge, your child will have the opportunity to know both English and French almost at the level of the carrier. Places for the September semester still remain!

It is a crime not to mention the uniqueAmadeus International School Vienna: this is the best choice for gifted students who do not represent their lives without music and art. The Austrian school harmoniously combines an effective, modern curriculum, the study of foreign languages ​​and the musical education of its wards, releasing truly comprehensively developed personalities capable of creative and unorthodox thinking. Hurry up, there are very few places left for September, you can still make it!

There are places among higher education institutions: some partner universities in Germany, offering programs in English, Are ready to provide a discount of up to 50% - quite successfully pass a personal interview and win an essay contest Themes are provided by the commission). There are other opportunities to receive substantial financial grants and scholarships for a variety of programs: for example, IUBH offers discounts on training of 20% -50%, and the most prestigious Swiss company Swiss Education Group gives you the opportunity to get a discount of 10,000 CHF. Quite good!

We will share with you the feedback and impressions of our customers who are looking after the school for the girl and plan to arrive in September. Here are the schools they visited and what can be noted:

· Leighton Park School:"I liked it very much! Programs are very diverse: here and biology, and various sciences, and master classes in cooking, and the theater school. Leighton Park - the school is quite strict. "

· ACS Cobham International School: "The most beautiful territory, the infrastructure is well established - there really is everything! Discipline is not so rigid, children have much more freedom, and this must be taken into account. "

· Taunton School: "The classic of the genre, this is exactly what we represented under the English school. Everywhere is directly the atmosphere of Harry Potter! To go from London and Heathrow for two hours, but the road did not seem tiresome, we arrived with comfort. Consider that the school is more concerned with the humanitarian bias than with the scientific one: the literature, the English language, classical civilizations are most carefully studied. Atmosphere is very, beautiful. Daughters did not like the uniform - it looks very old-fashioned. "

Maybe this is the answer that will be decisive for you when choosing a foreign school? More information about Leighton Park School, ACS Cobham InternationalSchool and Taunton School is available from our staff.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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