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Hotel management in Switzerland

Hotel management in Switzerland

It's no secret that the best schools of the hotel and restaurant business in the world, culinary schools, institutes and universities are located in Switzerland. This rich and prosperous European country has long become an educational flagship and trendsetter in the modern hospitality industry: graduates of Swiss schools of hotel and restaurant business are successfully building a career around the world, introducing the most stringent and modern quality standards.

Educational facilities: hotel management and restaurant business in Switzerland

What are the key differences between Swiss hospitality schools, culinary skills and hotel business?

  • Study at the workplace

Many Swiss educational institutions are located in large resorts and tourist centers, are based directly on the territory of large hotels and health centers. Students every day have the opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge in practice.

  • Established partnerships with the best world organizations

An indispensable condition for any educational program is the production practice and internships at the best enterprises in Switzerland, Europe and the world: prestigious hotel chains, entertainment and recreation complexes, restaurants, resorts, ocean liners and casinos. Many students, thanks to successful practice, receive job offers even before the diploma is received, they establish valuable business contacts and connections - the percentage of successful and quick employment of graduates of Swiss universities is considered to be one of the highest in the world. What is important is that internships are adequately paid.

  • Proven traditions and quality of education

Swiss hotel universities and institutes are considered the best for many decades, therefore educational programs, approaches and methods offered in them have been repeatedly verified by time and have repeatedly proved their effectiveness. At the same time, university specialists constantly keep their hands on the pulse of time: they update and modernize courses, introduce new specialties, search for new opportunities and partners for internships - education obtained in Switzerland is topical and up-to-date.

  • Successful, profitable territorial location

Switzerland is located in the central part of Europe, which opens up the widest opportunities for students to travel, student exchanges and internships, practice in virtually any country. Communicating with representatives of different countries and cultures, students become more educated and tolerant, learn to communicate and establish business contacts with any people.

Most of the country is in the Alpine foothills: Switzerland is a country with very developed tourism, rich recreational resources and numerous ski resorts. In many respects this explains the high level of development and the excellent quality of the national service sector: hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Switzerland every year to provide them with the best level of service in national and economic interests.

  • Intensive study of foreign languages

Switzerland is a multinational, multicultural country: the list of its official languages ​​includes German, French, Italian and Romansh, almost every Swiss speaks fluent English. Linguistic education in Swiss schools and universities is paying great attention - as a result, alumni are almost always fluent in 2-3 foreign languages ​​(besides their native language). Of course, this significantly expands opportunities for employment, increases the value of yesterday's student in the international labor market.

Where is it better to study? Best hotel schools and universities in Switzerland

The industry of hospitality, restaurant and hotel business in Switzerland is excellent. Here you can study not only the "classical" specialties of this sphere (restaurant business, culinary skills, hotel business, tourism management and hospitality technologies), but also more exotic and invariably popular areas:

  • Event management (organization of events of any scale - from a family gala dinner to an international summit and the Olympic Games)
  • Cruise management (service organization on large cruise ships)
  • Sports management (organization of sports matches, competitions, cups, games)
  • Golf management (one of the most prestigious and expensive games of the world requires an appropriate level of service for its players and viewers)
  • SPA (Spa Management): management of health resorts, health and balneological centers, work with the best doctors and VIP-clients, making individual tours and treatment programs, improving
  • Gastronomy and enogastronomy (rules for combining food and drinks), sommelier
  • The barmen case.

SMAPSE experts have chosen for you the best hotel schools and hotel universities in Switzerland, whose diploma will open for you the doors of the best world organizations:

1. Glion Institute of Higher Education

Has two buildings in Switzerland and one in London, conducts student exchanges. All education is conducted in English. The total number of students is more than 1,600 people, bachelor's programs, master's programs, short-term courses and advanced educational programs in all major specialties of hotel and tourism are offered.

2. IHTTI School of Hotel Management

One of the first schools of hotel management and tourism in Switzerland, founded in 1984 in Neuchâtel, a large and rich resort town. All education is conducted in English, compulsory internship takes 2 semesters (2-6 months each).

3. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

One of the best and most prestigious culinary schools in the world owns 3 campuses: in Brig, Lucerne and Le Bouvre. It teaches not only classical culinary programs, but also special courses for confectioners, short-term programs for advanced education, modern gastronomy and author's cuisine, molecular cuisine. Specialties are not only practical, applied directions, but also organizational ones - you can learn at the restaurant business manager (there is an MBA course).

4. SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School

One of the largest schools of hotel management and hotel management in the country and in the world: campuses are located in the cities of Leysin and Co (Caux). Education is conducted on the territory of 2 hotels - "Belvedere" and "Mont Blanc", between which a special branch line SHMS skytrain is laid. Obligatory internships are two, for 4-6 months each (paid regardless of the chosen organization).

5. HIM - Hotel Institute Montreux

The famous school in Montreux, one of the most popular Swiss and European resorts. Excellent cooking programs: there are different directions, including confectionery and dessert cooking, author's recipes, modern gastronomy.

6. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

It is included in the TOP-3 of the most prestigious professional higher schools in the world. Campuses are not only in Switzerland, but also in Shanghai (China) and Spain (Marbella). Strict academic requirements, regular long-term internships, a variety of courses (there is an MBA course) - all this makes Les Roches the world leader in the hospitality and hotel business.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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