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The best MBA schools in Europe and the world - the rating of business schools

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The best MBA schools in Europe and the world - the rating of business schools

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - a Master of Business Administration degree is the highest level of professionalism in the business field that is recognized throughout the world. Its acquisition allows you to get a prestigious job, improve your skills and professional skills. Among the huge number of establishments that provide the opportunity to obtain MBA, one can single out the most prestigious ones, those that have a fundamental scientific and technical base and the best indicators in various ratings and tops. Many of these schools / universities have come a long way to becoming the best in their fields, from their walls come self-confident, responsible and competent leaders of modern times, able to change the world for the better. If you are thinking about a successful future, then one of these schools will definitely suit you!

  • Stanford University (Stanford University, USA )
  • Renowned Stanford is rightfully considered one of the best institutions in the world for almost all departments and disciplines. The university is suitable for its special education system, amazing atmosphere and huge opportunities available to every student. The MBA program is provided by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, which is regularly recognized as the best in the US and the world - there is no year to ensure that the school and the program are not included in the tops of prestigious publications and ratings.

  • Harvard University (Harvard University, USA)
  • The institution for the whole world is famous for its research in the field of business and innovation. To be a part of the Harvard Business School means to provide yourself with a deep level of knowledge, an internship experience in the best companies, various privileges and benefits that no one else in the world has. Students should be very talented, and teachers do their best to train the best cadres in business.

  • London Business School (London Business School, Britain )
  • The school is very popular among students all over the world: 90% of students are foreigners, many of whom are students from Russia and other CIS countries. 93% of graduates receive a job offer within three months after receiving the diploma. High level of training is due to the exceptional professionalism of teachers and the availability of a fundamental scientific base. Available: MBA, Executive MBA and Masters in Finance.

  • University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • The University of Pennsylvania is slightly less known than the rest, but extremely high-quality and unusual school Wharton. The curriculum provides students with the development of business and management skills, technical thinking and provides a variety of practical methods of teaching business rules and entrepreneurial activities. Graduates receive proposals for work before they receive a diploma.

  • University of Oxford (Oxford University, Britain)
  • One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world offers an MBA in Said Business School. The training includes standard lectures and seminars, as well as various master classes, the inclusion of practice and the ability to prepare your own projects.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • MIT is consistently ranked highest in the rankings around the world - it includes the Sloan Business School (which recently received the status of an institute). Here you can get MBA, using huge opportunities, which are supplemented by the experience and exceptional professionalism of teachers, as well as participation in projects.

  • Booth School of Business (Booth School of Business, USA)
  • The school at the University of Chicago is one of the largest in the world - every year thousands of students from various countries come here. The training schedule includes a large number of classes and practices, during which you can get acquainted with the best methods of doing business. The institution is characterized by the strongest areas of finance and economics, the presence of serious academic research in business and management, conducted with the help of research centers.

  • Haas School of Business (Haas Business School, Berkeley, USA)
  • The institution belongs to the leading institutions-suppliers of new ideas and discoveries. The development and rethinking of modern methods of doing business from Haas experts are adopted by all the specialized organizations and companies of the world. Students receive an exceptional level of knowledge and can adapt to any external conditions.

  • Columbia University (Columbia University, USA)
  • Famous for its outstanding faculty, many employees are recognized leaders around the world. Located in the heart of New York; its students demonstrate high intellectual qualities and are very practical in their work and professional activity. Annually about 500 people are graduated, and many immediately receive prestigious work.

  • Dartmouth College (Dartmouth College, USA)
  • It is part of the elite Ivy League, has a broad base and better opportunities. Many holders of the college diploma achieve significant heights in various fields of business and business. It is worth noting that the emphasis is on marketing needs.

  • Business School Lausanne (BSL) (Business School of Lausanne, Switzerland )
  • Is among the most prestigious: the MBA course is considered both very complex and qualitative. Much attention is paid to the practical application of the theory: teachers constantly offer students a solution of cases from the field of international finance, trade and economics. A special EMBA course for managers with an operational experience of at least 10 years is available.

  • IE (Instituto de Empresa) Business School (IE Business School, Spain )
  • It was founded in 1973 and over decades of work has produced more than 40,000 students from all over the world. He regularly leads the ratings of European business schools and is a member of prestigious international organizations, including the first European school that joined the club Beta Gamma Sigma.

  • European School of Management and Technology (European School of Management and Technology, Germany )
  • Operates since 2002 and for such a short time managed to become one of the most influential business centers. The institution was opened on the initiative and in the course of close cooperation of 25 German companies it prepares specialists for MBA, EMBA and Executive Education courses. The first part of the training is devoted to the development of management skills, and the second part - to leadership skills. To each student is attached a mentor - an active employee of one of 25 companies.

  • Yale University (Yale University, USA)
  • The Yale University School of Management (Business) offers a huge amount of knowledge and opportunities for development. Up to now, in professional circles, the MBA has been underestimated in a certain sense, because professionals graduating from the university's walls are real leaders who are able to respond quickly and correctly to crises, the ever-changing conditions of the modern world and to act even under extreme circumstances. A creative approach is applied, practical experiments and research are carried out.

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