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Why should you choose Switzerland for education?

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Why should you choose Switzerland for education?

Switzerland firmly associates with precision and reliability, and the education system in this country also corresponds to this view. Swiss diplomas of any type are highly valued all over the world, therefore Switzerland is one of the most suitable options for parents who want to give their children a really high quality and perspective education by European standards. Despite the fact that it is rather difficult to get to schools, colleges and universities of this country, and the cost of studying is not always budgetary, all investments of Swiss education in the future will be worth it.

One of the key features of the Swiss education system is due to the fact that it is adapted to the regions of the country in which not one but several languages are considered state ones. This means that depending on the educational institution and the canton of the country students will study according to one of the programs - Swiss, Anglo-American, German, French or Italian. Therefore, there is no single structure, but the steps themselves are the same as in other countries - preschool, primary, secondary (consists of 2 stages), and then a higher education institution. Compulsory for all students are primary school and the first stage of secondary school, after which students can start working, or continue studying on educational programs, get a certificate of full secondary education, and then go to university.

This scheme is valid for both local residents and foreign students. Therefore, interest in this country, as a place to get a quality education, is natural. And parents from different countries invariably want to learn how to send a child to study in Switzerland

Undoubtedly, the level of educational services in Switzerland will be equally high, regardless of whether a public or private school is chosen. Foreign students, as a rule, choose educational institutions of the second type, which offer their students accommodation on campus, meals and a rich extracurricular program. The last element, by the way, is typical for many Swiss schools, because overseas educational institutions give students not only academic and linguistic education, but also the opportunity to develop personal qualities and talents. So, what do parents need to send their children to study in Switzerland?

In order to become a student of a school, college or university of Switzerland, the entrant needs to understand how to act, namely, how the process of filing documents and the order of enrollment goes. So, documents for the application should be prepared better not less than 8-9 months before the beginning of the school year - the process of correspondence with the school representatives takes a certain time. The list of obligatory papers for the applicant's application includes:

  • certificate of secondary education, or an extract with the student's academic performance at the previous place of study
  • a certificate that will confirm the knowledge of the language in which the curriculum will be delivered
  • Certificates TOEFL or IELTS, confirming the level of knowledge of English
  • in some universities (for example, in the German-speaking part of the country) there are additional requirements, such as teaching at least 4 semesters in a university in the student's home country.

In addition, many universities conduct a personal interview with each candidate, which helps the selection committee to form an opinion on each of the potential students.

SMAPSE company is ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance in the filing of documents and admission to various schools in Switzerland.

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