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English in Cambridge, English courses in Cambridge

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English in Cambridge, English courses in Cambridge

Learning English in Cambridge will allow you to achieve an unprecedented level of language proficiency. Smapse experts have compiled for you a list of the best language schools offering English courses in Cambridge. The best language schools in one of the leading educational centers not only in Great Britain but all over the world are at your service!

In the modern world, English is very important for mastering, and English language courses in Cambridge will allow any person, regardless of the entrance level of English, to make significant progress in learning English. Cambridge is one of the most famous, prestigious and recognized educational centers of the world, therefore it can be stated with full confidence that the language courses offered by the Cambridge educational institutions will allow you to obtain high-quality knowledge and an unforgettable experience of living abroad and communicating with people from around the world . The main advantage of learning English at language courses in Cambridge is the balance of the curricula that skillfully combine directly with the English language and a whole program of cultural events that allows you to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to practice and complement the educational experience in Cambridge. Students at English language courses in Cambridge during their free time can travel to Cambridge and its environs, visit sights, go on excursions organized by the language school to other cities and regions. All this makes learning English at Cambridge an unforgettable and unique experience.

Cambridge is a legendary university city, where a special atmosphere of science reigns in combination with peace and the dimension of life. Cambridge Education Center is just an hour's drive from London, so in their spare time students can easily visit the capital of the United Kingdom and explore its sights. The city is amazing with its unique architecture and layout - located on the river Cam, Cambridge has many small bridges, there are also many green areas and parks, and the majestic and ancient buildings of the university and educational institutions will not leave anyone indifferent.

Features of English Language Courses in Cambridge

In Cambridge, there are dozens of specialized language schools offering English language courses; Also there are English courses at Cambridge University and Cambridge schools - so you can choose a language course for your goals, preferences, budget and level of English. For students in the preparatory and primary school, English language courses in the summer children's camp , which exist in many language schools, will be of particular interest. In such camps for children, an unforgettable vacation is arranged, during which they can simultaneously pull up their knowledge of English, and learning English in a children's summer camp is conducted in an unobtrusive and captivating manner and is not at all perceived as school lessons. High school students can learn English in Cambridge in general English courses, there are also options for preparing for entry to higher education in the UK or for passing an international language test for English language proficiency in IELTS , etc. In addition, there are a variety of language courses for managers, directors, businessmen, etc., who need English for work - among others there are business English language courses, English language courses with an emphasis on business presentations , as well as English, offering a vocabulary study. Thus, it is possible to distribute English language courses in Cambridge into three main groups:

  • General English language courses are educational programs aimed at the balanced development of several basic English skills, such as reading, speaking practice, listening to English, etc. Such language courses will suit the absolute majority of those who wish to study English in Cambridge.

  • Business English courses for professionals suggest the study of specialized vocabulary and require a fairly high level of entry in English - no less than "Intermediate B1". In the future, the completion of such courses will be a good competitive advantage both in the device for new positions, and when moving within the company in which the listener is already working.
  • English language courses for future students consist in the intensive preparation of children who want to enter universities not only in the UK but also in the whole world. In addition, at similar language courses, you can prepare for the delivery of various international examinations (IELTS, TOEFL ), as well as for Cambridge ESOL exams, which in the future will allow to enter Cambridge University.

As for the requirements for the entrance level of English, it is worth mentioning that at the beginning of each language course a language test is conducted: according to the results of this test (consisting of written assignments and interviews), the distribution of different levels of study groups takes place. There are courses for beginners who are just starting to learn English, as well as courses for those who are fluent in the language.

In addition, English language courses in Cambridge are divided into three types depending on the academic load and duration of classes:

  • The standard language course is for up to 20 lessons per week from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, after which students are given free time to walk around the city, explore sights, chat with new friends, travel to organized tours, and trekking to museums, galleries, movies, etc. Standard English courses are suitable for everyone who would like to, first of all, relax and travel, having become acquainted with the culture of a foreign country, as well as learn English as a pleasant addition.
  • An intensive English language course includes up to 30 lessons from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and is more suitable for those who travel to Cambridge, first of all, for new knowledge, and traveling and rest is not the main goal. However, despite the increased amount of work and a little used to greater academic load among the audience of these courses have enough time to relax and explore the culture and life in Cambridge and England as a whole. The advantage over standard English courses is that on intensive courses there is a deeper immersion in the language environment, and the result of learning, as a result, is more obvious.
  • The super-intensive language course consists of 40 lessons per week from 9:00 to 18:00. Such courses are full-fledged English classes, and are suitable for those who want to make a breakthrough in knowledge of English in a short time, as well as get good conversational practice. Superintense allows you to increase the level of English proficiency at times faster than intensive and even more so the standard course of English. The listeners of superintense have less free time, but still it remains, and learn more about the new culture will turn out in any case. Such language courses are the best choice for those who have clear goals in the field of English, who value their time and want to achieve high results in a short time.

Living on an English course in Cambridge

An important issue is the choice of the type of placement of your child while teaching English at courses in Cambridge . The main options are:

  • Host family (host - family), as well as the teacher's family: this is one of the most popular accommodation options, as living together with native English speakers greatly increases the child's depth of immersion in the language and cultural environment. In addition, the child will live in his own dedicated room and receive all the necessary care and care - almost like at home. The child will be able to fully develop the communication skills in English and will have the opportunity for permanent language practice. However, we can go further: there is a variant of residence in the family of a teacher who will conduct English lessons. This option will favorably affect the effectiveness of training, because the teacher will constantly monitor the learning process of English, directing the child in the right direction. Accommodation in the host family's home will greatly simplify the process of overcoming the language barrier, and will also allow the child to acquire the necessary conversational skills in a short time.
  • Hotel / Hostel: The hostel is a relatively cheap accommodation, which allows you to achieve some budget savings due to the fact that in the hostel only the sleeper is provided, and not the whole room. The hotel will be slightly more expensive, but it will suit those who value personal space and freedom of life, as well as convenience.
  • Rent an apartment / room: in this case, the apartment can accommodate several students from around the world or a group of children from one country. It is best to live in a multinational apartment, because then the conversational practice will bear fruit. Apartment or room rent is quite expensive, but within reason. Suitable, above all, for those who value freedom and personal space. Detached apartments or rooms are suitable for independent and responsible students of senior classes and students, as well as adults.
  • Student residence: the most common accommodation option. Almost any language school or training center provides foreign students with English language courses in Cambridge in the student residence room, designed for several people and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable study and living. In most cases, such hostels are located on the territory of the school, so there will be no need to use public transport daily. The hostel is also a hostel in Cambridge, so the child will be able to meet new children from different countries of the world, constantly practicing English.

Prices of English language courses in Cambridge

Considering the wide variety of English courses in Cambridge , one can logically conclude that the cost of courses is also very, very different. So, English courses in Cambridge for children with meals, organized on the principles of full board (three meals a day), are much more expensive than similar language courses for adults (primarily due to the need for educators). In general, the price of English language courses in Cambridge directly depends on the degree of intensity of the course, duration of classes, type of placement, as well as the fullness of the cultural program.

It is important to note that it is necessary to book a place on the language course in advance - at least a year. The fact is that language courses are very popular, and summer programs are sorted out like hot cakes.

Thus, based on their interests, goals, budget, everyone can choose a language course in English at Cambridge , and our experts will be happy to help. The education received at the language courses in Cambridge, firstly, is very prestigious and in demand for over eight centuries, and secondly, will allow you to easily enter almost any university in the UK and the world in the future. Teaching English in Cambridge is a standard of quality around the world.

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