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Ranking IB schools in Austria, Germany, Spain, Canada, Scotland

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Ranking IB schools in Austria, Germany, Spain, Canada, Scotland

This section provides you with an overview of the results of the final examinations in secondary and senior private schools in Europe. It should be noted that the majority of educational institutions are very sensitive to the preparation of students for the upcoming examinations, which was repeatedly confirmed by the feedback of SMAPSE students and their parents.


  • Sotogrande International School (Andalusia) - in 2015 the average score for the diploma was 16 (= A and B for A-level). More than 18 points and above (= A and A * for A-level) received 10% of students
  • Soto's College a king de Vinuelas (Madrid suburb of Soto de Vinyuelas) - Exam A-level 70,2% of students gained points A *, A or B, 48% of graduates - A * or A, and 23% - score A *
  • Caxton College (Pusol, Valencia) - scores from A * to C in the college received 92% of students, and the number of graduates with grades from A * to B is 73%
  • Lady Elizabeth School (Costa Blanca) - according to the results of the examinations 86% of the students received grades from A * to C, and 42.6% - A *.


  • Dollar Academy (the city of the Dollar, a suburb of Edinburgh) - 86% of students received A or B scores, and 61% - A
  • Glenalmond College (Perthshire county) - 9.6% of students received A * grade, A score - 17%, B - 28.7%, and C grade - 23.9%
  • St. Leonards School (Fave, Saint Andrews) - the average score for IB diplomas is 33: St. Leonards School - 13% scored 40 points and higher (= A * A * A * A * for A-level), 30% got 36 points and higher (= A * A * A * for A -level), 18% received 38 points or higher (this is the minimum score for admission to Oxbridge). Also, 39% of graduates have bilingual diplomas and good performance in two foreign languages
  • Fettes college (Edinburgh) - 17% of the students of the school received an A * score for the final exam, 58% for A * or A, and 83% for A *, A or B.


  • Ashbury College (Ottawa) - the average score for college diplomas is 33 points (worldwide, this figure is 29.71 points), graduates with diplomas - 97% of the total number of students
  • Ridley College (St. Catharines, Ontario) - more than 97% of the students pass the final exam of the IB program, and 93% get a "very good" ranking
  • Upper Canada College (Toronto) - this private school is only for boys, where the average score of students in the IB program is 5.4, 96% of students successfully receive diplomas about the end of the program.


  • St Gilgen International School (St. Gilgen) - the school has shown high results for IB for four consecutive years. The average score among students was 31. The graduate's highest score was 43 points (the student entered Oxford)
  • Amadeus International School (Vienna) - the average score for IB in this Viennese school is 30.7 points, and the best result of the students is 39.


  • Schule Schloss Salem (Zalem, Uberlingen) - the average score for IB among students of the school is 31 points, and the highest score is 40 points
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School (Brandenburg, southwest of Berlin) - the average score of students of this German private school is 34.6, and the highest score is 45. The number of students who passed the exam is 100%.


  • Ermitage School (Maisons-Laffitte) - high school students of this school receive IB course diplomas in 100% of the composition. The average score of students is 34.6, and the highest is 43.
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