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2019-09-26 00:15:24

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver is located on the Pacific coast of Canada - one of the most developed countries in the scientific industry. Anthropological museums and science exhibitions are located in this city, but one of such places deserves special attention: this is the State Aquarium in Stanley Park. Every year, this place is visited by millions of people, admiring the unique, oldest aquarium in Canada. It consists of several exhibits located on an area of 9,000 square meters and surprising crowds of tourists with their splendor.

Waterpark History

In 1951, three professors founded the Aquarium Association: Karl Litze, Murray Newman, and Wilbert Clemens. In 1956, the aquarium opened its doors to visitors, which was made possible thanks to the local government and private donations. It was the first public aquarium in the country. Over 60 years of history, it has changed dramatically: the area has increased more than 10 times (initially it was 830 square meters, it became 9000 square meters), a luxurious complex with galleries, pools, artificial forests was built.

Features of the water park

The main expositions of the complex are:

  • Underwater landscapes of the northwest coast of the mainland
  • Tropical seas and rivers
  • A tropical forest.

A favorite place for visitors in the oceanarium is a collection of butterflies: dozens of tropical species, of different colors, shapes and sizes. Periodically, they fly out, which becomes the subject of admiration for tourists.

On the territory of the aquarium live:

  • 300 species of fish
  • 56 species of amphibians
  • 30,000 invertebrates
  • 60 species of mammals
  • 60 species of birds.

Vivid representatives of the fauna of this place: dolphins, seals, belugas, reef sharks, electric stingrays, sea otters, fur seals, jellyfish, African penguins, snakes, turtles, octopuses, sea stars and so on.

In the first years of work, the complex turned to professional naturalists with the goal of studying the behavior of animals in front of visitors - this was the first study of this kind. Open days are often held for the most curious. People can listen to lectures about each inhabitant of the park, some of the lectures are held in equipped classrooms with projectors.

Tourists love to watch the process of feeding animals: this amazing sight fascinates children and adults, especially the feeding of large mammals and sharks. There are also open reservoirs in which visitors can touch a sea sponge, a turtle or other inhabitants.

There are game rooms for young tourists: they will come in handy if the children get tired during the excursion. All toys are connected with sea or river animals. Children will not “step out” of the relevant theme and atmosphere. Another “feature” of the aquarium is a modern 4D cinema.

Interesting Facts

  • The aquarium exists without the help of the state: only with funds collected from visitors and patrons.
  • The administration of the aquarium periodically collects funds to save animals.
  • There is a hall on the territory of the park where tired and sick inhabitants of the aquarium relax and treat themselves: a guided tour for children under 8 years old is held here.


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