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TOP-10 sports scholarships in England: admission to UK schools, universities

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TOP-10 sports scholarships in England: admission to UK schools, universities

Sports scholarships in England are offered by prestigious higher schools and universities - they traditionally pay great attention to the sports development of students, school and university sports. Financial support is also available for international students who have developed physical, academic data, have a number of victories in personal sports history, and are capable of successful teamwork.

Many educational institutions offer scholarships for potential champions, but competition for them is fierce, and the number of offers is limited. Students receiving a scholarship get access to special support services: free membership in the sports center, physiotherapy, consultations on strength and physical training or special training.

Types of services of our agency:

  • For students 10-19 years old  - scholarships from private schools, sports academies in the UK
  • For young people 17-24 years old - scholarships from British universities ready to sponsor education and additional expenses of an athlete abroad.


Sports scholarships in UK schools for foreign students

Sports scholarships in England are offered by many private schools, as sports in them are a fundamental part of education. Students are involved in rugby, football, hockey, cricket, tennis, swimming, netball, horse riding, athletics and golf. Gifted and talented students fulfill sports, academic goals and can achieve financial support to reduce fees. Most schools specialize in specific sports.

Sports scholarships can fully or partially cover the cost of training athletes. The amount of the scholarship depends on many factors, but first of all, it’s the athletic level (that is, at what level does the athlete perform), his physical data.

If we consider athletes who can apply for a full scholarship (full financing of their expenses for education, accommodation, meals), then the athlete must have such a potential to perform subsequently at a professional level.

Sports available for scholarships

Students are offered sports scholarships in:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo
  • Golf
  • European football (sokker)
  • Fencing
  • Wrestling
  • Athletics
  • Horseback Riding
  • Cricket
  • Rowing.

Sports scholarships in England are divided into full and limited. Financial support helps students cover the cost of education: they will represent the university in the chosen sport, helping to build a successful reputation of the university. Universities may allow some academic flexibility in evaluating athletes.

Types of scholarships in the UK:

  • State-funded sports scholarship programs implemented in partnership with universities and national sports authorities.
  • Centers of sportsmanship (sports facilities associated with one of the country's sports institutes, or one or more sports centers) provide funds for major regional or national competitions.


UK Sports Scholarships: options and organizations

Popular sports scholarships in the UK:

  • The TASS Scholarship is a program for talented athletes Sport England, a unique partnership supported by the state between talented young athletes, educational institutions and national sports authorities. The system covers 30 different sports. The selection of applicants is carried out by individual sports national authorities, and basic services are provided at TASS accredited centers throughout England.
  • Royal & Ancient Golf supports golf programs at 15 universities and provides 100 individual scholarships to players from all over the world. Individual applicants must have a college degree. Applications will be considered from players who have been selected for the national team.
  • Winning Students Scotland are provided annually and amount to up to 6,000 £ per year, provide individual support and academic flexibility. Scholarships are offered to full-time / part-time students at a college or university, as well as to athletes with disabilities.
  • Chris Potter Sports Bursary is an annual scholarship of up to 1,000 £ offered to students who have made a significant contribution to college sports as participants, judges, coaches or volunteers.
  • Yellow Jersey Triathlon Scholarship - financial support for enthusiastic, dedicated student triathletes. It is awarded annually to one student who can demonstrate a clear plan of action to involve other students in the university’s sports team. The assistance includes 1,000 £ per year, annual insurance for bicycles, travel + meeting with one of the members of the British team of triathlon trainers.

How to get a sports scholarship in the UK?

Getting a sports scholarship in the UK is a lengthy process that requires preparation. It is better to apply for a scholarship 6 months before the start of classes. There are a number of general application requirements for government scholarships.

Prizes are awarded for a semester, academic year or longer: students must demonstrate high academic results, leadership qualities throughout the entire educational period.

TOP-5 UK universities offering scholarships



University of Kent

Sports scholarship for men and women in any sport. Successful students represent the University of Kent, speak for their teams on the basis of the Canterbury campus. Bachelors and masters can apply. Financial support from 300 £ to 5,000 £ is used to cover expenses for equipment, physiotherapy, trips, fitness programs, fitness testing, weekly supervised workouts, consultations.

Brunel University

Sports scholarships for those who have demonstrated sufficient achievements at the Junior International level or the equivalent in such sports as athletics, netball, rugby, archery, badminton, basketball, canoeing, women's football, cycling, golf, hockey, judo, squash, swimming, table tennis and triathlon. Confirmation of sports achievements is presented on behalf of the sports director, national coach. There are 3 types of scholarships: competitions at the senior level, international competitions for juniors and matches at the national level. The amount of the scholarship is from 300 £ to 5,000 £ per year + there is access to housing convenient for athletes on campus near sports facilities (however, it does not cover its cost).

University of Manchester

Scholarships for Junior International students willing to demonstrate commitment to personal excellence. There are different types of scholarships: Focus Sport - 3,500 £ per athlete; 3 students are awarded annually in sports such as lacrosse, netball or squash; foreign scholarship - 2,000 £ per year; 10 Athletic Union awards - 500 £ per athlete, intended participants in sports, 15 annual SPORT scholarships - 2,000 £. The SPORT Manchester scholarship package combines assistance in solving sports problems and includes: expenses for education, competitions, a gym membership, membership in the Athletic Union club, individual lessons with a trainer in strength exercises, physical training, free physiotherapy, mentoring, sports scholarship package, access to seminars, promotion.

University of Bath

A series of sports scholarships for students who were offered a place at the university. Candidates should be recommended by their own trainer or university coach, to demonstrate their potential to compete at the international level of the elite. Trendell sports scholarship - 1,000 £ per year, awarded for a maximum of 3 years, a list of sports disciplines: athletics, badminton, football, tennis, judo, hockey, netball, rugby or swimming. Sports scholarship named after Bill Whiteley - 5,000 £ a year for up to 5 years for a new scholarship holder. Applicants must enter the full baccalaureate degree.

University of Nottingham

Dan Yapin Sports Scholarship provides 2 scholarships for masters and 4 scholarships for bachelors. A range of sports scholarship packages costing from 2,000 £ to 8,000 £ for students at a regional, national or international level.

Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Kuban State University, Russia (World Economics); Westminster University (Business & Management).
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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