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Most dangerous airport in the world: fasten your seat belts

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Most dangerous airport in the world: fasten your seat belts

The modern word "airport" came to us from the ancient Greek language. In translation, it means "air harbor", which fully corresponds to its name. Today most airports are huge complexes, the purpose of which is to send, receive and base aircraft. Equipped with modern equipment, they are focused on providing the maximum level of comfort to guests. However, there are exceptions.

According to disappointing statistics, three quarters of all plane crashes in the world occur at the time of takeoff and landing, namely at the airport (or near it). Even if the aircraft is in good technical condition and the weather conditions are ideal for flying, the runway itself may pose a hazard. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the most dangerous airports in the world located in various parts of our planet.

Osaka, Japan

Kansai Airport, located in Osaka, Japan, is an engineering marvel. Due to dense urban development and a lack of free space, the airport was built on an artificial island located in a dangerous seismically active zone. Often there are earthquakes and typhoons, so when traveling, passengers have to face the fear that the plane will fall into the water.

Maiders, Portugal

Part of the runway on the Portuguese island of Maidera is built on 180 reinforced concrete supports. On one side of the structure there is the sea, and on the other there are sheer cliffs, which requires a high level of professionalism from the pilots when performing maneuvers, and from the passengers a great courage and patience.

Gisborne, New Zealand

The air harbor in the small New Zealand town of Gisborne is one of the scariest in the world. The main danger lies in the fact that the runway is crossed by an operating railway, along which not only freight, but also passenger trains move.

Gibraltar, UK

Gibraltar Airport is built just 500 meters from the city center. Its runway runs through the city's main artery. Of course, there are all kinds of restrictive devices in the form of barriers and traffic lights, but this does not make it easier for pilots and drivers.

Saint Martin Island, Caribbean Sea

The airport runway, located on the island, is located just behind the beach, where many tourists are sunbathing. The landing approach takes place just a few tens of meters above the heads of the tourists.

Saba Island, Caribbean Sea

The runway on the Saba wreck is the shortest in the world at only 400 meters. At its end is an abyss and an open ocean, so pilots have to use special skill to land a plane.

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