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Top 8 courses of English language in Portugal. List of schools for teenagers, children, students. Cost of studying

Education information

We have combined a list of 8 best institutions Portugal to learn English language, and also their rankings for international children and teenagers, as well as foreign students adn adults. For your convenience pease read detailed descriptions of the schools and programs, specified prices and students testimonials. Our specialists will help you to choose the ideal course. FREE services provided when enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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English courses in Portugal for international students

English courses in Portugal are a great reason to get to know this amazing country. In terms of living standards and cultural heritage, the country is not inferior to the top European states, but unlike France or Great Britain there are not so many tourists here, because life in Lisbon, Lagoa and other cities of the country flows measuredly, they know how to enjoy life and value the moment.

  • Cost

This is a very popular area among those students who want to get a quality education for a reasonabke price; prices for transport, housing and food are also relatively low.

  • Culture

In the westernmost country of the European continent there are simultaneously the oldest universities, advanced business schools and highly sought after polytechnic universities.

  • Comfort

The country is located along the ocean coast among picturesque mountains and sandy beaches. The mild climate makes staying in this country very comfortable: the average temperature in January will be 5-10 ° C, and in July - 20-27 ° C.

  • Local population

The country has a friendly atmosphere, and the attitude of foreign students here is as loyal as possible, without unnecessary formalities.

  • Schools

Prestigious schools in Portugal will delight you with a wide selection of quality courses that are not inferior to language courses in Britain, France or Spain .

English courses and programs in Portugal for foreign students

Portuguese language schools are especially careful in developing English courses to create a quality product that meets the highest standards. Here you can take an intensive course that will help you significantly advance in language learning, and those who want to find a balance between study and travel will be able to go through combined courses. 


Short description

Hours per week

Required Proficiency

Summer holidays

Destinations lasting 1-3 weeks are suitable for those who want to spend their summer holidays traveling, talking with peers and practicing the language.

Particular emphasis is placed on removing the communication barrier, improving basic language skills - for this purpose excellent leisure and entertainment plans are developed.

From 20

For students with any level

Standard courses

Standard courses can be of different difficulty levels and are aimed at improving communication skills, reading, writing, speaking.


Intensive courses

Intensive courses for those who want to focus on language learning. Here you will find a large number of classes in the morning and afternoon.


Exam preparation

Equally popular are preparatory courses in which you can improve your language or academic knowledge to successfully pass the exams.

From 20


Specialized Directions

Combined areas consisting of several activities: for example, English + water sports.


Above intermediate

Professional courses

Courses for specialists who need to tighten their tongues in order to further work in the international environment.


Business courses

Business English - special courses focused on learning business English and mastering the basic skills of successful business in an international environment.


For academic purposes

Academic English is a special language style that students who plan to enter educational institutions abroad need to know.

From 25

Above intermediate

Individual courses

One-on-one classes are a very popular area that allows you to draw up an individual plan in accordance with the needs and interests of the student.

English courses in Portugal for international students

English courses in Portugal are held at prestigious boarding schools, universities and language centers:

  • Intercultural environment in schools is an ideal place to learn a language

Students from different nationalities will study together in small groups. Intercultural environment contributes to the development of intercultural communication skills, fluency in speech, allows you to get acquainted with the traditions of other countries. Teachers have extensive experience working with ethnic groups and can find an approach to each student.

  • Teaching methods and principles meet the highest standards.

TOP Portuguese language schools practice an individual approach, respect and respect for each student. Following the communicative teaching methodology, teachers create a special atmosphere in the classroom, where all students are involved in the process and are its active participants. Particular emphasis is put on the ongoing practice of the material obtained. In order for lessons to be useful and inspirational, teachers use a variety of interactive tools, and classes are structured in an exciting way, taking into account age-specific features and interests. The result of such training will be a confident mastery of the basic language skills - reading, speaking and writing; the vocabulary will be enriched, the language barrier will disappear.

  • Recreation and entertainment are an integral part of any educational program.

During the vacation period, it is important for both children and adults to have a good rest, and if it comes to traveling to a new country, it is equally important to get acquainted with its culture and traditions. No matter how intense the program is, you will have an exciting vacation in a foreign environment! The amount of free time depends on the type of program, duration, level of difficulty. But, as a rule, any direction involves enough time for exploring the country, as well as for entertainment and communication with peers. Leading Portuguese language schools strive to create rich leisure plans that include sports, camp parties, competitions and quizzes. Particular attention is paid to the excursion component, the basic package of excursions is usually included in the price.

  • Requirements and conditions for admission

Everyone can take part in the language areas of the camp, for foreign students there are no requirements for admission. The level of language preparation is determined using introductory language testing, which students write on the first day of the language school. In accordance with the results obtained, students are divided into equal groups.

  • Progress and prestigious certificate

The result of rest and learning will be visible linguistic progress. Students will perform various test tasks designed to track student progress. At the end of the course, students will receive a prestigious certificate.

Cost of living in Portugal

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 159 234
Food 134 255
Transportation 31 88
Communications and utilities 58 70
Clothing 23 87
Sports and leisure 21 72
Total 426 806


Accommodation in Portugal

Shared room outside of centre 161
Shared room in city centre 237
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 275
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 386


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