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How to transfer to another school in England, USA, Switzerland, abroad

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How to transfer to another school in England, USA, Switzerland, abroad

Getting a school education abroad allows you to enter prestigious international universities, build a successful career in the world community and become a sought-after, qualified specialist. Such prospects attract parents who want the best for their children, and they send them to study in foreign schools . However, if the choice of an institution to take without due responsibility, the desired study abroad can only bring disappointment.

Every day we receive calls with complaints about poorly selected institutions in England , the USA , Switzerland by ourselves or by other intermediary companies.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the school of the child and the decision was made to change the place of study, you may face questions that it is difficult to figure out on your own: what educational institution abroad to choose, which documents to provide, etc. We are ready to help with the choice of a school that meets your requirements and opportunities, with the collection of documents, their design, the adaptation of the child to a new learning environment. As an official representative, we provide these services absolutely free of charge, which saves your money.

To translate in the future did not bring disappointment, it is important to know the institutions from the inside. Interaction with proven foreign partner schools makes it possible to guarantee the highest quality of education, professional teaching staff, knowledge of the subtleties of education in the proposed educational institutions.

Translation is carried out after personal communication or by Skype with a child and family, in the course of which the specialists determine the basic needs of the student. Priority criteria for choosing an institution for parents are most often:

  • Location of establishment
  • Type of school (private, specialized, public)
  • Cost of education
  • Reputation, prestige
  • Specialization
  • Level of teaching
  • Material and technical base
  • Cooperation with universities
  • A specific educational program
  • Presence of electives, special courses
  • Accommodation of the student (in the host family, residence)

Only after a thorough conversation, we will offer a list of educational institutions that are ideally suited for you.

When the school is chosen, you should find out the availability. If such are available, it is necessary to obtain official confirmation from the management of the educational institution. Then send the package of necessary documents for the transfer. The list may vary depending on the institution. But usually it includes:

  • Completed application form from parents
  • Copies of parents' passports
  • Copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Copy of a medical record or immunization document
  • Certificate of residence in the area of ​​the chosen educational institution
  • A report card with grades for the last few years of training, an extract of the results of passed examinations, tests (translated into English and certified by seals)
  • Results of language testing.

The translation process depends on the specifics and requirements of the educational institution of a particular country, which you choose for further study

Some schools may request letters of recommendation from the class teacher of a teenager, teachers (usually a foreign language teacher, a mathematician), a director.

With the differences in the educational programs of the chosen school and the previous place of training, it is often necessary to pass additional introductory tests. And if the transfer of a teenager is 16 years old, he must write a motivation letter, arguing why he wants to study here and how he imagines his future career.

When a positive decision is made to admit the adolescent, the administration will send a certificate of enrollment (if transferring to a private school, the contract is concluded), the necessary documents for filling in, other information.

Based on this document, the parents of the adolescent will be given all the originals from the previous school, to be given to a new place of study, in order to enroll.

Our specialists will supervise you throughout the process of transferring a teenager to a new educational institution. We are ready to take all the difficult moments to ensure that your child has found a school, the study in which will leave only the best memories!

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