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2019-08-22 00:35:06

Best schools in Munich for foreign students

Best schools in Munich for foreign students

Prestigious Munich schools for foreign students

After reading this article, a foreign student will be able to get acquainted with the educational programs of primary and secondary classes, as well as preparatory pre-university courses offered by leading schools in Munich. Please note that our educational center provides its free professional services related to enrollment and preparation of a package of paperwork.

It is worth noting that Munich has the status of the oldest city among other European countries, while offering high-quality school education, combining visits and close acquaintance with the main German sights and cultural objects.

Prestigious schools in Munich - SMAPSE experts receive elite primary and secondary education

The educational process in the best schools in Munich ensures compliance with the established European standards in the field of education.

Upon reaching 6 years, the stage of primary education in Germany begins. In this case, as a rule, before elementary school, children attend pre-school German institutions for three years. The period of primary education in Munich is 4 years. Within the framework of the adopted teaching methodology, the study of general educational academic subjects is provided, in addition, active sports and creativity are organized. Foreign students aged 11 to 18 are guaranteed constant and thorough supervision by professional teachers, both in the classroom and in their free time. Pupils of primary classes of top schools in Munich live in cozy school residences on a full board basis.

Teaching in advanced high schools in Munich is conducted in English or German. So, students from grades 5 to 7 undergo studying in various academic subjects, while attending elective classes, in particular, creative and sports. It is worth noting that each student is assigned a mentor, who, in turn, is a high school student.

As part of high school elite schools in Munich, foreign students gain independence in the learning process. So, they independently choose the direction in education, in addition, the practice of supervising schoolchildren remains. At the same time, the active participation of foreign students in various leisure and social events, as well as social and school projects. In addition to obtaining high-quality academic knowledge, there is a harmonious development of personal qualities, in particular responsibility, tolerance, communication skills, as well as discipline.

In the case of passing the educational program in English, there is an increase in the number of subjects studied, in addition, control over student performance is being strengthened, while the participation of foreign students in a variety of electives and classes in interest groups is also envisaged. The target audience for the English and German programs of the leading high school in Munich are foreign students aged 10 to 14 years.

Pre-university education of foreign students in the best schools in Munich

In the overwhelming majority of cases, advanced higher education can be obtained free of charge. Thus, foreign adolescents are given the opportunity to undergo training in the framework of educational programs that allow to deepen and actualize knowledge in academic subjects, and improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

The following are the educational programs developed by leading schools in Munich :

  • Abitur

The duration of education in the framework of this educational program is 2 years, the passage of this course allows you to get high-quality knowledge in the relevant disciplines, at the same time the development of social skills, the level of language skills is improved. Teaching is in German. In addition, as part of the educational process, various optional classes, cognitive leisure and cultural events are organized. Upon graduation, Abitur certificate is issued to graduates, the presence of which gives an excellent opportunity for successful enrollment in a ranking university in Germany and other countries.

  • Gcse

If you are interested in taking an English-language educational program at a prestigious foreign university, you should go through a GCSE education program lasting 2 years. So, upon graduation, a graduate is issued a certificate of General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is a British certificate of basic secondary education. Within the framework of this educational program, the study of 3 compulsory subjects is provided, and the remaining 5 disciplines are independently selected by the student. Thus, subjects such as mathematics, English literature, English and German languages, history, chemistry, physics, biology, information technology, geography, and the disciplines of the creative cycle are taught, and a choice of student is offered to study Spanish or French.

  • International baccalaureate

IB (International Baccalaureate) is an international educational program that invites foreign students to study in accordance with a unified educational system. Having in his hands a certificate of international baccalaureate, a graduate will be able to receive an elite higher education in any country in Europe. The main advantage of completing an international baccalaureate program is the use of a personality-oriented approach, which, in turn, contributes to the formation of research skills, as well as social responsibility. Please note that in the framework of academic preparation, students are expected to take general courses, in particular, these are:

  • Methods of studying science and research
  • Creativity Combined with Activity (CAS)
  • Writing a creative essay.

As part of the educational process, teachers pay attention to an exciting leisure pastime.

  • International foundation

It is a preparatory program aimed at foreign students who are planning to enter top-ranked universities abroad. At the heart of the educational process is the elimination of knowledge gaps in subjects and language skills. The educational program consists of two parts, namely:

  • Academic English - as part of the classes, the skills in foreign language that are required when entering a prestigious university are formed
  • The study of specialized disciplines - there is a deepening of knowledge in subjects that are related to future specialization.

Effective preparation for international language exams at Munich's top schools

To become a student at an elite university in Germany, the successful completion of entrance examinations, as well as writing a language test, is required. Thus, the predominant number of admission committees of German universities accept and count the results of the Test DaF test, which is a linguistic test aimed at foreign applicants. Its delivery is greatly facilitated after passing special courses that were developed by professional teachers of the best German language schools.

In preparation for international language exams, emphasis is placed on phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. In addition, there is an active development of test tasks, the implementation of a test test.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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