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TOP-30 prestigious language schools, camps and colleges in Scotland where foreign students can study effective English courses all year round

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Nowadays, Scotland is one of the most popular country among foreign students wishing to get excellent education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-30 language schools, camps and colleges in Scotland where foreign students can study effective English courses. SMAPSE experts have collected for you 30 best language schools, camps and colleges that allow to combine effective English courses with exciting experience of studying abroad: you can make the right choice due to program descriptions, tuition fees and student feedback. If necessary, SMAPSE specialists will answer all your questions.

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English courses in Scotland for international students: advantages and studying conditions

Scotland has several advantages as a place to study English courses abroad:

  • Lower tuition fees. Compared with British capital in the cities of Scotland, the flow of students is much smaller: this allows educational centers to form small student groups (5-6 people), and teachers - to pay enough attention to each student. Together, these conditions help students achieve higher results.
  • A rich cultural program throughout the year. In Scotland, foreign students will easily find what to do at any time of the year - this is participation in various festivals (more than 350 annually), beach vacations, visits restaurants and clubs, as well as various museums, castles and historical places
  • Comfortable cost of studying. The cost of English courses in Scotland is lower than in other English-speaking countries, demanded among foreign students who want to study the language abroad.

Educational institutions in Scotland offer all the necessary programs for children, adults, students and schoolchildren. This can be a holiday English course, a standard program (reading and writing in the language), intensive (working out language skills), preparation for international exams, language + hobby (combines learning English and creative or sports classes).

The minimum course duration in language centers, language schools and camps is 1 week, but most often students choose a 3-week program. Many students prefer summer courses here, so the greatest flow of students falls on the summer. In addition to short vacational programs, in Scotland you can study the language for several months or years - here everything depends on the goals of each student.

During studying in language centers, language schools, students live either on campus residences or in host families of local residents. In the first case, students are surrounded by peers from different countries, so this pastime is fun and productive in terms of language. In the second case, students in addition to high-quality language preparation, will be able to study the culture and traditions of the Scots better.

In addition to the excellent conditions that language schools create for foreign students, language camps and language centers in Scotland also offer affordable prices for English courses. So, for study within one week, students from other countries will need from 400 to 1900 pounds. The indicated price includes the educational program, accommodation and meals (in the residence or in the host family), extracurricular program (sports and creative sections), cultural and entertainment program (excursions, parties, trips and so on). Separate points of expenses will also be the purchase of air tickets, visa and insurance.

Cost of living in Scotland

Expenses - USD/Month. Min.
Accommodation 598
Food 413
Transportation 61
Communications and utilities 96
Clothing 36
Sports and leisure 52
Total 1,256


Accommodation in Scotland

Shared room outside of centre 604
Shared room in city centre 795
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 914
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1242


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