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TOP-20 schools, colleges and universities in Montreux, Switzerland where foreign students can get high-quality education

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Do you dream about studying in Switzerland? Today, Switzerland attracts a great deal of foreign students with high-quality educational services, high living standards and amazing nature. SMAPSE offers TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Montreux, Switzerland where foreign students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higher education. Moreover, language schools and centers in Montreux, Switzerland provide various language courses and programs that will meet all your needs. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Language courses and summer camps for foreign students in Montreux

Language Schools Montreux offer programs for children and adults of different properties:

  • Classes aimed at learning language skills, expanding vocabulary and getting to know local culture and traditions
  • Studying foreign languages + hobbies is a mix of effective lessons with a pleasant pastime, and the “filling” can be very different: cooking, art, music, dancing, fitness, photo, programming, football, horse riding and much more
  • Language + outdoor activities - for people who want adventure: it's nice that even participating in extracurricular activities, you will still practice the language, so that time will not be wasted!
  • Preparation for exams - specific areas aimed at better preparation for passing the international language exams. To achieve the desired goal - good test scores - you will have to work hard
  • Business and professional courses - for teenagers and adults, specialists from various professional fields. The directions include linguistic and extralinguistic goals - to master the terminological apparatus, get acquainted with business etiquette, negotiation rules, develop a communicative skill to an advanced level and learn about the characteristics of the profession in Switzerland and in Europe as a whole. The focus can be very different: business, management, hospitality, programming, teaching, medicine, engineering, construction, etc.

We have listed only a few key areas for foreign students - training options can be listed endlessly! The teaching methodology is based on a communicative approach, an individual principle and the use of interactive tools.

Montreux summer camps for children are worth a special mention, because here the best relaxation and effective study is organized for teenagers. In a short time, the guys achieve impressive results in basic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), but most importantly, they manage to remove the language barrier and boldly communicate in a foreign language. The main nuances of children's recreation:

  • Children live in the territory of the Swiss schoo , are constantly monitored
  • Rooms for students of a high level of comfort with all amenities
  • Meals - boarding: for foreigners, European dishes of their fresh and high-quality products are served
  • Lessons are held on weekdays in the morning, classes in small groups
  • In the remaining time, students go hiking, play sports and participate in camp activities.
  • The price includes a basic package of excursions to the main attractions of Switzerland.

Education in Montreux for foreign students: facts and prospects

It is worth discussing the educational system in Switzerland separately, since it differs significantly from the domestic one and imposes its own nuances for applicants:

  • Each canton has its own rules

The lack of uniform educational standards is the first thing that foreign students should consider. There are 26 cantons in the country and each will have its own education system: of course, in many respects they are similar, but the conditions for admission and the characteristics of training should still be carefully studied.

  • Private schools Montreux

Montreux private boarding schools are the most popular training option for foreigners. In many ways, they are international in nature and, first of all, this affects the composition of students - most of them are foreigners. Many schools in Switzerland practice bilingual education, so in Montreux, many learn immediately in French and English. Children are placed in excellent ultramodern residences: most schools are located in mountainous areas and near ski slopes, - children live in an ecologically clean environment.

  • French and British courses

In the French-speaking canton, French and British programs are most prevalent: French Baccalaureate, GCSE, A-Level. Upon completion of studying, students receive a certificate of the country in the language of which they were trained. The children study compulsory and optional subjects, but do not lose their free time - they go in for sports or attend various groups. Great importance is given to the development and upbringing of full-fledged personalities: children learn autonomy, responsibility, the basics of time management, the correct prioritization. They seek to educate personalities with a broad outlook, real cosmopolitans and "people of the world."

Higher Education in Switzerland - Leading Montreux Universities

Higher education in Switzerland is a very popular destination among foreigners, where every third student is a foreigner at universities! Why is it so in demand? Swiss universities are striving to create the most effective programs that would strike a balance between the necessary theoretical base and valuable practical skills. Therefore, graduates who have found a first job do not have a question - what, in fact, do I need to do? Largely due to good internships at large international companies and active research, students confidently apply the knowledge they have gained in practice.

In Montreux universities, the Bologna system of scientific degrees is reflected - a bachelor (3-4 years), a master (1-2) and a doctor of science (2-3 years). The highest positions in ratings and tops confirm that all universities in Switzerland have an excellent level of teaching: 10 out of 12 universities in the country are in the TOP-500 universities in the world!

The reference areas in the country are hotel business and tourism. Higher schools and universities in Switzerland offer courses of various durations and orientations within the framework of tourism and hotel business. Despite the fact that the canton is French-speaking, in Montreux universities you will find many programs not only in French, but also in English.

General statistics on education in Montreux

General information about Montreux

Country Switzerland
Region Vaud 
Region 2 Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut District 
Region 3 Montreux 
Population 22,897
Time Zone Europe/Zurich

Coordinates of Montreux

Time Zone Europe/Zurich
GMT +1
DST +2
Latitude 46.433010000
Longitude 6.911430000
Elevation (STRM3) 403 m.


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