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TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in India that provide high-quality and effective courses and studying programs for international students

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India is an amazing country, almost everything in it is unusual for European students. India is the country of contrasts. Central developed states has become the headquarters for prestigious private schools and universities, and in the outskirts, many children do not receive even basic academic preparation.
In general, today's education in India is built on the British principle, since the country has long been an English colony. This, as well as the orientation toward development in the modern world, is conditioned by the similarity of the education systems. Modern Indian education in many respects is not lower than higher education in Europe or in Britain.

Many foreign students choose studying in India for the following reasons: national diploma (including medical, one of the most prestigious) is quoted in Europe and in the world, the cost of undergraduate and graduate programs in the country is lower than in the same Britain. In addition, the intercultural state is one of the most touristy in Asia.

TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in India that provide high-quality and effective courses and studying programs for international students

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Structure of education in India

Education, like in Britain, is represented by preschool, school, professional and higher levels. The first usually children receive at school in the so-called preparatory group. Secondary schools in the country are compulsory and free, they accept students under 14 years old.

Foreign students can study in India only on a contract basis. Private boarding schools accept students to the primary, secondary and senior levels. Schooling in the country is built on the principle of 10+2: 10 years students undergo general education, and complete the basic two-year course with academic or professional bias. The fundamental preparation is given to those wishing to continue their studies at the university, the vocational studying allows them to acquire special knowledge and skills necessary for studying in a college (technical school, college).

Nowadays, India offers high-quality higher education that meets world standards. There are more than three hundred universities in the country. The oldest and most prestigious is the University of Nalanda, which has been teaching students since the 5th century AD, this educational institution is multidisciplinary. There are a lot of highly specialized universities in the country (for example, musical Indira Kala Sangith, linguistic Rabinda Bharati). The list of prestigious universities also includes Calcutta, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Gandhi. In most universities, the system of teaching students completely copies the modern British.

Also, in India there are language private schools. Branches of British, Canadian schools are open in the country, they offer a wide range of programs to combine the studying English with acquaintance with sights, culture of the country. Lessons in schools are conducted by teachers, certified for work in international groups, they are native English speakers.

5 benefits of studying in India

  • English traditions in the educational sphere. Studying is conducted in English, which makes India one of the most attractive for students in Asia.
  • The cost of educational services in the country is lower than in Europe, America, Australia, while their quality is at a decent level comparable to traditional in Europe .
  • In universities, students are offered a huge choice of specialties - here you can get even the rarest profession. The greatest interest among foreign students is traditionally caused by medicine (traditional or ayurvedic), pharmacology, management and jewelry.
  • Quality education can be obtained in engineering and technology and students can quickly find high-paying jobs.
  • A lot of large companies and corporations are implementing Indian projects today, the country's universities operate almost "under the order". Technical and IT specialists in the country areprepared very qualitatively - a diploma with this specialty opens doors of famous companies of the world, including European and American ones, for yesterday's student.
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