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TOP-10 schools and colleges in Austria to take preparation courses for admission to prestigious universities abroad for international students

Education information

Higher education in Austria has always been prestigious and popular among foreign students from all over the world. Students get high-quality educational services, and the cost of studying is advantageously different from many university flagships - Switzerland , United States , Great Britain with the same high quality. For international students, it should be remembered that the preparation for universities in Austria is very important. 

There are no restrictions on the number of students in most specialties: this is a feature of the Bologna system adopted here, thanks to which each student has the right to higher education. But with this availability, the annual number of graduates of Austrian universities is relatively small. This is due to the complexity and depth of studying, as well as a large number of independent work and strict requirements for attendance. Higher education in Austria will require students to maximize concentration and concentration, the ability to concentrate and learn hard and carefully, to work independently. The price of higher education in Austria is very low (it is either free or its cost does not rise above 1500-2000 euros per academic year), but only the most persistent and ambitious students are eligible for a prestigious and valuable diploma.

Most often, Austrian universities do not issue strict admission requirements and do not even organize entrance exams. Additional tests are expected only for students who claim the place of the most prestigious and popular specialties: medicine, architecture, journalism, psychology. In addition, you will not even need a certificate of knowledge of the German language: most universities provide a great opportunity to attend language courses after the beginning of studying. Of course, a good language level in any case will be an excellent help, but it is not strictly required, as, for example, in universities of the United States and Great Britain.

In order to enter undergraduate programme, only a certificate of secondary education will be required. If you are applying for a place in the Master's programme, Austrian universities will be more partial to the package of documents: you will need to prepare a Bachelor's degree and a resume or work experience in the specialty, letters of recommendation and feedback from employers.

Preparation programs for applicants from Austrian universities usually take no more than a year: they are designed for academic and linguistic development, as well as for adaptation to the national education system. Foreign students also can get an opportunity to enter a two-year course IB (International Baccalaureate) - this certificate gives a significant advantage on admission, allowing you to study deeply and profile the most priority and important subjects of the chosen specialty.

In general, there are several tips for foreign students planning to enter universities in Austria:

1) Have good command of German language - yes, it is not necessary, but will give you a strong competitive advantage and facilitate studying in the future. Of course, it is best to study the language in an atmosphere of language immersion - in Germany and Austria there is a huge amount language courses , schools and camps for international students.

2) Clarify the deadline for submitting an application, package of documents.

3) Specify if there are entrance examinations or tests in your specialty. If they are present, SMAPSE experts will pick up an effective preparation course, which will easily help you pass even complex testing. For example, if you are on the direction of medicine or journalism, we will offer you quality courses designed for six months or a year.

Remember that after graduating, students can expect to receive permanent residence and work permit in the country according to their specialty, so it is worthwhile to approach seriously the issue of preparation to the universities of Austria and to study directly. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 schools and colleges in Austria to take preparation courses for admission to prestigious universities abroad for international students

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Hello! Are there boarding schools in German in Austria? Daughter finishes 10th grade. We would like to consider the option of obtaining a certificate in the Austrian school.
Hi, I graduated from college in 2016, and I have IELTS B2, can I go to university or college? Thank you in advance
Hello! My daughter will finish the 11th grade of school in June 2019 and wants to enter the University of Vienna with a degree in Economics and Law. I ask you to advise and assist in the preparation of a package of documents for admission.
Daughter at 11. 2 year teaches German. He really wants to study in Austria. But we learned about the price of a student visa, and how did we understand that it should be paid immediately or should this amount be on the student's account? or have we misunderstood something? we also learned that there are also philanthropists from Austria who can help a foreigner child to go to university. I alone bring up my daughter and naturally there is no such amount, but I don’t want to ruin my daughter’s plans to study abroad at the moment. Red certificate. 4 languages ​​and Russian. If you can help, we will be very happy for your help, even with advice.
Consultant Smaps
Hello Irina, Your question is not completely clear. Do you mean the cost of the consular fee of the Austrian embassy or the cost of training? Consular fees are paid immediately and are non-refundable. If we are talking about tuition fees for obtaining a student visa to Austria, then it all depends on what kind of fees the school will ask for from the client (language school, university ...). This may be partial or full payment, depending on the situation. There is a student deposit. Those. The amount on the account that a student must show to obtain a visa. Accordingly, this money should be on the student’s account as confirmation of its financial guarantees. We are not engaged in philanthropy in Austria.
Good day. What educational institutions in Austria can you recommend for learning motion design? My son, 17 years old, is studying in Austria (he graduates from a gymnasium in Minsk, Belarus, in June), he has a certificate from the B2 Goethe Institute.
Smapse LTD
Good afternoon, Svetlana! Unfortunately, with this specialty, we can not offer universities in Austria. Are you interested only in the specified specialty and country or are you ready to consider alternative options? Best regards, SMAPS
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