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TOP-15 schools and colleges in Canada that offer preparation courses and programs for admission to universities after grade 10, 11

Education information

Practically, many graduates from foreign secondary schools need addditional preparation for entering universities abroad. SMAPSE offers you 15 best Canadian schools and colleges where international students can take preparation courses that will help them to prepare for entering the chosen university abroad. Many foreign students need to take prep courses because of differences between educational systems in two countries. Moreover, some students have lack of sufficient language practice. Prep programas and courses in Canada is the best way to fill in the gaps and get excellent skills and knowledge to enter Canadian universities, as well as prestigious universities all over the world. 

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3 ways to enter TOP-15 Canadian universities for international students

Foreign students can enter one of TOP-15 Canadian universities in several ways:

Universities of Canada

3 types of preparation courses for international students in TOP-15 Canadian schools

Actually, there are three types of studying programs and courses at Canadian schools:

  • programs for intensive linguistic education

Such courses are suitable for students who need to pass an admission test either in English or French. Such courses imply not only linguistic education, but also academic studies.

  • preparatory courses that allow to master necessary skills for effective studies in the university (writing essays, writing reports, notes, carrying out projects, etc.).

You may come up with a very important question: how can I enter a university in Canada with lack of language skills, as well as lack basic academic knowledge? In such cases, there is Foundation programme available for all applicants to universities in Canada. In order to study this programe, students have to provide school certificate obtained in your homeland school in accordance with the Canadian educational standards. Admission to the university is based on the results of the Foundation examinations.

  • programs of intensive special academic education

After taking such courses it's possible to enter for the second course at the university. The course is focused on applicants entering prestigious specialties with strong competition.

Admission to universities in Canada

Choose most suitable pre-university preparation courses with SMAPSE experts

By the way, if you still have doubts and a question “How to enter a university in Canada?”, SMAPSE experts can assure you that SMAPSE offers a quick and free of charge services of selection the mosr suitable preparation programme. SMAPSE catalogue allows to choose courses based on specific parameters, such as the type of programme and educational institution, the location, etc.

SMAPSE experts recommend only verified courses and TOP-15 educational centers. Its effectiveness is proven by years of expertise and educational practice. Taking profile programs significantly increases the chances to enter best universities in Canada.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE specialists as they are always ready to answer all your questions.

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