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Best schools in the Philippines for international students

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Best schools in the Philippines for international students

Brief information about the Philippines - useful information 

The Philippines is an island nation located in Southeast Asia. Over 1 century ago, namely in 1901, a centralized educational system was formed. In the Philippines, an emphasis is placed on obtaining a high level of quality education, and the following motto “Education for All!” Is assigned to prestigious Philippine schools. In this connection, every teenager, regardless of age, can go to a leading school.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Philippines, pre-school education is compulsory, while the situation in schools is somewhat different. So, the parents of the child decide on their own sending to school, since, as an alternative, you can do home schooling.

In the walls of the best Philippine schools, pupils are called students, in particular, this applies to children aged 4-5 years who are just crossing the threshold of an educational institution. Regardless of the age at which the child begins to receive secondary education, he is enrolled in the initial introduction class.

In the Philippines, general secondary education is divided into the following stages, namely:

  • Elementary School - duration of study is 6 years
  • High School - the duration of study is 6 years.

An elite school in the Philippines can include both elementary and high school classes, while an educational institution can only be an elementary school or a general school.

In the Philippines, the status of the state language is Filipino and English, which is used in media and business documents.

The Department of Education is the specialized supervisory authority of the Philippines, which is entrusted with monitoring the implementation of the educational program in schools, and responsible for the distribution of budgetary funds, and hires teachers and educators. Along with this, advanced schools are given independence, which helps to resolve issues within the framework of the Council, whose members are parents and teachers.

The organization of the educational process in advanced schools in the Philippines for foreign students

Duration of classes varies from 40 to 60 minutes, variations are determined by the class of syudying. At the same time, between classes it is envisaged to conduct changes lasting 15 minutes, at lunchtime, a break between classes is 1 hour.

Rating School in New Zealand - EV Academy

The year 2004 was marked by the opening of a prestigious school with the status of the most popular and largest language center in the Philippines, which located in the city of Cebu. The total number of schoolchildren is 195 students. Thus, effective programs in the English language are offered to the attention of foreign students. Thus, truly ideal conditions have been created for studying English from scratch, deepening and updating the current level of knowledge, and, of course, undergoing training for successfully writing an international language exam, namely TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC. As a rule, classes are held in a group, and in case of interest of a foreign student, studying on an individual basis is possible. Language programs vary in degree of intensity and duration.

A multicultural, cozy and friendly atmosphere has been created within the walls of an elite school in New Zealand, since students, teachers, whose number exceeds 100 people, as well as employees of the educational institution are representatives of many countries, which helps to create truly ideal conditions for quickly overcoming the language barrier. As part of the teaching, the CLT methodology, Communicative Language Teaching, is widely recognized as the most effective teaching method, which is characterized by interactivity and excitement.

The EV Academy ranking school has received accreditation from the Government of the Philippines, certificates from leading international organizations such as Tesol ITAA, Cambridge English Language Assessment, The college of teachers - UK. In addition, the elite school in the Philippines is a member of CALA, which is the Association of English Language Institutions in Cebu City, while closely cooperating with major institutions such as ITAA, College of Teachers, TEFL Asia of Cambridge Teachers.

In addition, the main school rule is that students communicate with each other only in English, which contributes to a significant improvement in language skills, as well as overcoming the language barrier.

At the time of arrival at the top school in the Philippines, a foreign student needs to pass a specialized language test, the results of which allow you to determine the level of knowledge and language skills. It is on the basis of the results obtained that there is a distribution among language groups. Daily in the morning hours tests for knowledge of vocabulary are provided, and in the evening testing is carried out for mastering the skill of building sentences. Once a week, the attention of foreign students is invited to undergo trial testing in the framework of the chosen educational program, in particular, TOEIC, IELTS, etc., which allows you to qualitatively monitor the progress and results in education. Monthly, an intermediate exam Level is provided, in the case of successful passing of which the student proceeds to the next stage of education, namely to the language group with a more in-depth study of the educational material.

Upon completion of education, graduates are issued a certificate indicating the achieved high results, achievements, as well as a higher level of English proficiency.

The learning process - how is education organized?

  • It is planned to conduct 4 individual classes with a teacher, as well as 2 group classes (the number of students varies from 4 to 6 children), in addition, 2 general group classes are conducted (the number of students varies from 7 to 10 people).
  • If the foreign student is interested, it is possible to conduct additional individual lessons, such lessons are organized daily from 6 to 7 pm.
  • Participation in an English club - depending on the preferences of the student, he can choose level A, B, C.
  • If the student is interested, he can, on a daily basis, be tested on vocabulary and the skill of building sentences.

As part of the combined language programs, there is a significant improvement in the level of English proficiency, as well as in the exciting spending of vacations and time in a sunny country, and beautiful beaches.

Effective language programs for foreign students at the elite school EV Academy in the Philippines

Name of educational program

brief information

English courses

Target audience - teens over 16 years of age

Tuition starts at 430 $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

TOEFL Courses

Target audience - teens over 16 years of age

Tuition starts at 560 $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

TOEIC Courses

Target audience - teens over 16 years of age

Tuition starts at 560  $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

IELTS Courses

Target audience - teens over 16 years of age

Tuition starts at 430 $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

English for professionals

Target audience - teens over 16 years of age

Tuition starts at 560 $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

English for educators

Target audience - teenagers over 18 years of age

Tuition starts at 560 $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

Business English courses

Target audience - teenagers over 18 years of age

Tuition starts at 560 $ per week

Student Admission - All Year

English for students

Target audience - teenagers from 7 to 17 years old

Tuition starts at 1,180 $ for 2 weeks

Student Admission - All Year


Accommodation options for the period of study in the ranking EV Academy in the Philippines 

It is possible to place in comfortable and cozy rooms designed for 1-3 students who are equipped with everything necessary. So, each room is equipped with air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a private bathroom, which, in turn, ensures the comfort of a foreign student.

As for nutrition issues, it is organized on a full board basis. Students are provided meals three times a day, which includes Asian and Continental dishes.

Speaking of the excursion program on weekends, it is distinguished by its variety and cheapness, the price starts at 20 $.

Key benefits of studying at the elite school EV Academy in the Philippines

  • Low cost of education - as a rule, the price is two times lower compared to the offered language programs of other English-speaking countries
  • The 11th line in the ranking of the safest cities in the world belongs to the city of Cebu, which indicates the absence of crime
  • If you are interested in taking a longer language program, the school administration will take care of all issues related to obtaining permission to stay in the Philippines
  • Excellent conditions for understanding diving
  • Great climate, white sandy beaches, warm sea - all the necessary conditions for a great vacation
  • The variety of language programs offered, which is distinguished by balance and efficiency, in addition, within the framework of teaching, modern methods and the latest technologies are used.

Infrastructure equipment of the best school in the Philippines 

The school territory is a well-kept corner of nature, where there are beautiful gardens, the necessary sports infrastructure is built. In addition, there is a private pool and jacuzzi. So, the area of the school territory is 13 thousand square meters, you must admit that the scale is impressive! In addition, sports facilities for basketball, yoga, billiards, table tennis, running are open for students, and a zumba room is also open.

Regarding security issues, 24-hour security is underway. To enter the school grounds, you must present a school ID card. At a short distance from the school there are shops, cozy cafes, pharmacies, cinemas, etc.

What do students need to provide for admission to an elite school in the Philippines?

To attend the leading language school and private boarding school, you must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of 1 page of your passport
  • International language certificate
  • School report card for the last 2-4 years
  • Completed school registration forms
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in a foreign language, mathematics, as well as from the class teacher. On an additional basis, a recommendation from the school director may be required.
  • Passing testing in mathematics, English and other disciplines
  • Interviewing a member of the admissions committee as part of a personal visit or via skype
  • Motivation letter
  • Medical certificate
  • Diplomas, awards.


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