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Best summer camps abroad for international students

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Best summer camps abroad for international students

In this article, you can get acquainted with benefits of visiting summer camps abroad. Information will be provided on the varieties of language boarding schools offered by educational programs.

Best prestigious language camps abroad for foreign students

In the summer, studies don't attarct students from all over the world. However, foreign students will enjouy summer courses combined with cultural programs and entertainments. When deciding to send a child for summer to an elite language camp abroad, you are guaranteed that the child will significantly improve his language skills, get acquainted with the culture of another country, and acquire new foreign friends.

Upon arrival, it will overwhelm emotions and impressions from an unforgettable vacation abroad. For foreign students, the doors of the best and most advanced children's language boarding schools located in countries such as Switzerland, the USA, Canada, the EU are widely opened.

The key advantage of staying in the ranking foreign language camp is full immersion in the language environment. Professional teachers who are native speakers conduct classes. Usually there is a ban on the use of native speech within the walls of the leading foreign language camp, and this is not necessary, since in a new environment a foreign language acquires the status of the only effective communication tool.

With regard to the cost of studying, it includes the participation of a foreign student in cognitive and numerous excursions, it is envisaged that the child will be closely acquainted with natural and cultural attractions. In connection with this, staying in the top summer camp abroad helps to make a close acquaintance with the country, to study the culture and traditions of local residents and history, which leads to a significant expansion of the horizons of each child and adolescent. Thus, it is difficult to imagine anything else as a cognitive and fascinating holiday for children as not being in a language camp abroad.

Effective summer holidays

At the age of 7 years, a foreign child will be able to study at an elite summer camp abroad. In particular, some advanced language camps foresee a set of kids who have reached three years of age. Foreign teenagers at the age of 14 can cognitively and enthrallingly spend time in an overseas summer camp. In addition, the youth leading camps, which accept young men and women who have reached the age of 17, are successfully functioning.

It should be noted that it is mandatory for all students to pass through without testing, the results of which allow you to determine the level of knowledge of a foreign language. Based on the results obtained, the leading experts of the rating summer language school determine the group in which the specific foreign teenager will be trained. Regardless of the level of foreign language proficiency, each child has an excellent opportunity to effectively study a foreign language within the framework of a TOP summer camp abroad.

As for the educational programs of prestigious foreign children's camps, their key difference is due to the conduct of classes in the format that most corresponds to the interests of children and adolescents at a certain age. In addition, the educational process is based on the application of communicative techniques.

The main goal of the classes is the development of oral speech, listening, writing, reading. And of course the most important thing is a student's ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and in ordinary life after graduation. Speaking about the duration of studying, then, as a rule, the language program is designed for 20 lessons during the week.

In addition, the predominant majority of ranking language schools abroad offer an intensive language course for foreign students, which provides for about 30 lessons per week. As an interesting fact, it is worth noting that, while training for 3 weeks of summer vacations in the walls of the leading children's camp, the teenager gets more knowledge and useful information compared to studying a foreign language for 6 months or a year as part of a regular school curriculum or language courses at home.

Foreign students and adolescents can choose the format of food and accommodation when entering prestigious summer and youth language schools. So, the choice of accommodation in cozy pensions, comfortable residences of camps, as well as in hostels, hotels, accommodation in a host family is offered. Regardless of the format of residence for the period of placement and education, the student is guaranteed the highest level of safety, comfort, and of course, a foreign teenager will receive a truly excellent language practice, which will be useful in further education and employment.

Language boarding schools provide not only classes and disciplines

Efficiency is the key characteristic of children's language camps abroad. So, experienced specialists and teachers are developing and compiling intensive and rich educational and entertainment programs. In particular, it provides for hiking in the mountains, playing football and tennis, foreign students actively ride horses, yachts, canoes, as well as participate in a variety of competitions. Teenagers simply do not physically have enough time to get bored.

A similar situation is observed with ranking foreign youth camps, as multicultural environment reigns within their walls, contributing to a more easy and fascinating process of mastering a foreign language. We draw attention to the fact that it is in youth boarding schools that a higher degree of intensity of activities is supposed, however, this does not affect the leisure program in any way. In particular, cognitive excursion programs were developed specially for foreign students, within the framework of which it is possible to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the country.

In addition, the teenager can comprehend classical and extreme sports, take part in incendiary discos, beach parties, barbecue. In addition, pupils are provided with live concerts of popular performers. And also the students are given free time, which can be devoted to walks, shopping trips and visiting cozy and local cafes where you will get acquainted with exquisite dishes of national cuisine.

How to choose a country to study?

What role does the geographical location play in the process of selecting a prestigious children's language camp abroad? In this case, the decisive factor is the individual goals and preferences of a foreign teenager. In particular, effective English language learning is guaranteed by elite language boarding schools located in countries such as Great Britain, Malta, and the USA. Switzerland deserves special mention, since it is in the walls of the rating children's camps that qualitative study of English, German, French, and also Italian languages is possible.

If parents are going to give a gift to their child in the form of unforgettable summer vacations abroad, which will be filled with fascinating adventures in the wildlife world, then it's worth paying attention to the best children's language boarding schools in Canada. As for the leisure and sports program offered by the leading German language camps for foreign children and youth, it is not distinguished by excessive diversity. At the same time, an extremely high level of language skills and knowledge is provided, during the summer stay at the child progress is evident in the application of language skills.

Deciding on the passage of studies in prestigious language camps and boarding schools abroad oriented to foreign children and adolescents, you are guaranteed to receive the brightest impressions, invaluable experience in an unfamiliar language environment, preparation for an independent adult life. In some cases, a prestigious foreign language camp allows a foreign teenager to decide on future specialization. So, it is likely that a foreign child, who is full of bright and unforgettable impressions and who has received useful skills and knowledge, will make a decision about getting an education in the country in which they had the best vacations in his life.

Professional help

To enter a summer language camp abroad, SMAPSE experts advise you to contact our educational center. Below are the reasons why SMAPSE highly qualified specialists will best organize your trip abroad:

  • Over the years, SMAPSE has been organizing educational courses aimed at intensive studying a foreign language abroad
  • SMAPSE educational center cooperates with the best foreign schools-boarding houses and other educational institutions
  • Attention is offered to the widest range of educational programs
  • We offer only acceptable and official cost of studying
  • Our highly qualified and experienced specialists apply only an individual approach.

Agree that SMAPSE educational center has indisputable advantages, you will give a high assessment of our cooperation. Parents will be satisfied with the result of their child's passing of prestigious language courses abroad, where the foreign language being studied is the official language of communication.

Turning to SMAPSE specialists, you are guaranteed:

  • The best language schools-boarding schools, which provide the highest level of quality of education
  • Abroad, your child will be provided with only comfortable living conditions
  • In addition to classes, an intensive and active leisure and excursion program
  • It is provided by the leading language children's camps, round-the-clock control and guardianship for the wards.

Brief information about elite language camps abroad

Within the framework of children's language programs designed for summer vacations, it is possible to learn a foreign language, which is much more effective than standard courses. To successfully improve the language skills, foreign students decide to take language courses abroad during the summer holidays. The following types of the best language courses abroad are selected depending on the season:

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer.

In particular, in the summer period, leading language camps are established on the basis of TOP foreign boarding schools and colleges, and they also function successfully at ranking universities. Taking a decision on the passage of children's courses, a foreign teenager will have an excellent opportunity for an unforgettable vacation at sea or in picturesque places of foreign countries, actively participating in excursions, gaining new and useful knowledge in various disciplines. Within the walls of the best language boarding schools in the most diverse countries of the world, in particular Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Canada and the USA, a foreign language proficiency improves significantly.  As the statistics show, compared with individual tutoring in a native country, the effectiveness of language courses abroad exceeds 200-300%.

Turning to SMAPSE educational center, a foreign teenager will have a great opportunity to study such foreign languages as:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian.

Studying English programs abroad for foreign students during holidays 

Within the framework of the leading language programs offered on the basis of elite British boarding schools, an international teenager is provided with an excellent opportunity to significantly improve the level of foreign language proficiency, and broadening his horizons by broadly communicating with peers who are representatives of various countries of the world. Specialized language programs are targeted at adolescents aged 7 to 18 years.

Below you will find information about the leading language programs offered by the best children's camps abroad.

  • Learning English + Sports
  • Foreign language + active creative pursuits

This educational program, focused on foreign teenagers, which pays careful attention to their physical form and health. Achieve high results in sports is not difficult in the case of daily training, directly studying abroad the English language. Foreign students have all the opportunities to take classes in the usual sports sections or to learn some new sport.

In particular, there is an opportunity for individual sessions with a professional coach, who for a short period of time will give skills in playing tennis or golf. Quite often during the language programs designed for vacations, the rating stars of boarding schools abroad for the purpose of studying are invited to the real stars of the sport. As you know, traditional British sports are horseback riding and rowing. Thus, a foreign teenager has an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the new country, its traditions, as well as the opportunity to assess the student's own abilities and talents.

Special attention should be paid to the most modern equipment of foreign elite language schools-boarding schools. Thus, within the precincts of the most prestigious children's summer camps, several rooms and grounds for professional sports have been created. In particular, sports sections such as shooting, fencing, swimming, orienteering, chess, basketball, badminton, swimming, golf, hockey, and rugby are available for foreign teenagers.

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