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Why even learn a language abroad?

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Why even learn a language abroad?

Motivation is a valuable thing in learning a language: it helps you choose the means to achieve your goal and consciously approach learning. Therefore, if you have not yet decided on the objectives of your educational trip, SMAPSE experts suggest choosing one or more of the following:

Learn a language abroad to ...

... stop learning the language and finally start using it!

Language schools abroad create the conditions for complete language immersion - this is when everyone around speaks foreign, and there is nothing left to do but remember everything from English lessons at a desk to a dictionary in LinguaLeo. You will hear foreign speech 24/7, and yet, without noticing it, apply everything you hear in practice. That is why language immersion is perhaps the most effective way to speak English and translate your passive knowledge into active!

... get positive experiences and motivation

Students who managed to get rid of the language barrier observe their progress with great enthusiasm. The transition from a lifeless vocabulary and grammar to lively colloquial speech instills confidence in one's strengths and pushes for new achievements. Studying with tangible results you will definitely enjoy!

…study well

Learning a language in a foreign country will pump language skills: you will become better at speaking, reading and writing thanks to constant language practice, working with a native speaker and immersion. You will notice that you better understand the speech of a native speaker and understand grammar. Everything, of course, depends on the initial level, but progress will in any case be on the face! You can choose a course that meets specific tasks: pass IELTS, improve your spoken language, prepare for entry abroad and others. Such experience will lead to well-deserved academic success.

... become more competitive

In 2020, it is difficult to surprise someone with knowledge of English, and this trend will only grow. At the same time, it is still impossible to abandon a language: from an advantage, knowledge of the language has become a necessity in many professional fields. Despite this, there is very little demand for specialists who demonstrate confident language skills and know professional English. After all, what does the employer need? So that the subordinate could convey his point of view, convince, agree, make the right impression. And for this, it’s not enough to travel abroad to rest and communicate confidently at the bar or at the reception. Leading language schools will offer you courses for doctors, teachers, managers, business, and many others, and at the end of the education they will give you a prestigious certificate. Professional language courses for teachers will help to master new knowledge, move to another country and carry out pedagogical activities abroad. Courses for doctors, engineers, businessmen are designed for approximately the same goals - to migrate, expand competence, and get a career elevator.

... learn new things and grow

Educational tourism opens up endless possibilities: a different language, like a window into another universe, gives a chance to study someone else's culture, history, art. All this allows you to be one step ahead of a constantly changing world. And must not forget that learning a language perfectly trains the brain!

Why learn language abroad for students?

Foreign students often lack sufficient language practice and cannot get rid of the language barrier - a serious barrier that inhibits linguistic progress. For these reasons, foreign education is highly recommended for students. In addition, courses for students are always a little adventure! They are made taking into account the interests of students, include entertainment, tours, communication with peers. Classes are held in the morning (from 3 to 5 hours on weekdays), are not very similar to school lessons and are compiled according to Cambridge study guides.

List of top destinations for school students:

Why students?

Going abroad not only to travel, but also to study, you get a way to know yourself, discover new abilities and character traits. Educational tourism among students every year only grows for obvious reasons: studies prove that students who have studied abroad have more attractive career prospects. In addition, being in a foreign country among strangers greatly improves social skills, therefore young people with foreign experience of education are more flexible, resourceful and communicative.

Popular 18+ courses:

And for adults?

Professional courses for adults are compiled on a 2-in-1 principle: standard lessons are held, but the entire learning process is in a professional context. Often course participants attend lectures by entrepreneurs, go to studying, attend international companies, business courses. This will help to study the trends in your area at the international level, as course teachers are often directly related to a particular profession. For those who learn the language for themselves, interesting programs are compiled that promote personal growth, language progress and an unforgettable vacation. For example, studying Italian, you can simultaneously study the culture, art, cuisine of Italy. It's great to return home with a baggage of knowledge, as well as culturally, spiritually and, so to speak, gastronomically filled! List of interesting destinations:

Studying abroad in terms of statistics

For a long time, the fruits of studying abroad were described like this: “You will return as another person!” or "It will completely change your life!". But today, you can also find statistics on the long-term effect of foreign education. The Institute for International Education of Students (IES) conducted a detailed study of how studying abroad affects the professional, academic and personal lives of students:

  • Studying abroad increases confidence, independence and, in general, makes it more adult - 95% of students confirmed
  • Chatting with new friends from other countries lasts for many years at 50%
  • 98% noticed a new understanding of their values and native culture
  • Foreign experience influenced the further choice of education in 87%
  • The acquired skills influenced career development in a quarter of respondents (25%).

So the study proved that studying in another country significantly affects student life. And, according to statistics, the longer a student is in a foreign country, the more benefit this stay brings. For a tangible effect, it is recommended to spend at least 6 weeks abroad.

Condition for your progress

Being abroad on vacation, as a rule, gives very few results, because in this case, you will communicate with relatives and friends, and most importantly, what pushes you to overcome the conversational complex is the need to speak a foreign language. Therefore, only self-diving and, to some extent, getting out of the comfort zone will help to achieve impressive results.

Language Schools

How is the educational process built

In the first days of study, students pass entrance testing, which tells about language studying - based on these data, students will be divided into small groups. There are no language requirements for most courses, with the exception of advanced programs for specialists and academic courses for university students. An interactive environment is created in which it is not at all boring to learn a language and therefore effective; in the classroom, an emphasis is placed on a communicative skill. Teachers adhere to methods recognized around the world - a communicative approach, interactivity, an individual principle of learning. Students are constantly involved, they are required to concentrate and be ready to practice (practice starts from the first lesson even for students with low level of knowledge), and at the end of each week they do a little testing to track linguistic progress.

Accommodation and meals while studying

Program participants live in excellent conditions, safe and comfortable. The most popular types of accommodation are host families and accommodation in residences on the territory of schools. Usually the guys settle in rooms for 1-2 people with all conveniences, boarding meals are organized. Adults can rent an apartment.

We move smoothly from the question “Why?” to the current “Where to learn a language abroad?”


The trump card of Switzerland is prestige, but study and leisure here entail tangible financial costs. At the same time, you will receive the quality of education and the level of services at the highest level. There are four official languages in Switzerland, but you can learn Chinese, Spanish, and many others. The conditions and location of this country make it popular all year round: spring, autumn, winter language courses are equally popular. But the leading destination in Switzerland is still a winter holiday: from December to March, the city has a festive New Year atmosphere, large cities and ski resorts are equally popular among foreign students.


Spain belongs to the countries of the category "Premium" and is considered a country with an affordable education (along with the countries of the class "Lux" and "Standard"). The price range for education is quite wide, just like the choice of language courses. The quality of the programs is seasoned with local flavor and luxurious nature, so Spain is consistently in the top lists.


One of the advantages of studying in Italy is its reasonable prices: it is cheaper here than in neighboring European countries. Here you can qualitatively learn Italian and English. You can learn English in Italy by combining language lessons with the development of any field of activity: for example, the course “English + Italian cuisine” will help you to especially get into the country. No less curious are fashion, art or sports courses, football, tennis and horse riding (the latter are especially in demand among students). Italy is an amazing country, and one of the advantages of studying here is to live in an atmosphere of celebration and good nature among hospitable Italians, snow-white peaks of the Alps and orange groves.


There is an unusually wide selection of courses in Britain: there are both language and combined educational options with numerous options. The educational model of Great Britain has established itself as one of the most effective and has an impeccable reputation. However, the prestige of this level is very expensive, the education itself in the United Kingdom is elitist.


In a beautiful exotic country there are excellent language schools that correspond to the international level. The Philippines educational system has incorporated techniques and trends that are widely used in developed European countries, the UK, France, Spain, but the prices here are pleasantly lower. This country will seem like a real paradise to a nature lover: tropical forests, mighty mountains, the Pacific Ocean and sandy beaches will make the trip rich.

New Zealand

The educational system of New Zealand is based on British traditions, advanced teaching principles, so this English-speaking, developed country is boldly becoming an alternative to Britain. The cost of education here is much lower, and the state is one of the most amazing and attractive for students.


Studying in Malta will give a lot of pleasant impressions: effective English courses will provide high-quality knowledge, help to start speaking. Communication in Malta is guaranteed for students: thousands of tourists from different parts of the world come to the island, and the locals are one of the friendliest and most positive in the world. Among the diverse destinations for foreign students in Malta, one of the most sought after is Family Summer English Courses.


Singapore is an interesting country for traveling in general and for educational tourism in particular! The city-state has opened hundreds of educational institutions of excellent quality, and local authorities support a policy of bilingualism: the country focuses on the study of native and English languages. As a result, about 80% of the population is fluent in English, which facilitates the process of adaptation of foreign students. In addition, many residents speak Chinese, the most ambitious students can learn 2 foreign languages at once!

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