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TOP-30 secondary schools in Switzerland that offer courses for international students after grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Education information

Nowadays, Switzerland is one of the most popular and prestigious European country for studying. Foreign students can get high-quality secondary education in 4 languages: English, German, French and Italian. In order to choose appropriate school, it's recommended to analyze child's further plans and financial opportunities. Tuition fees can vary from 45 000 CHF to 120 000 CHF.

You can at any time address to the samples of entrance tests for admission to secondary schools in Switzerland, which you can complete in SMAPSE office without visiting the school.

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Important features of secondary education for international students in Switzerland

Due to studying at one of the 30 best Swiss secondary schools, foreign students have great opportunity to get high-quality education that will help enter leading universities and colleges abroad in the future.

Secondary education in Switzerland is more democratic, for example, than studying in the United Kingdom or Germany. At the same time, students study intensive programs and complex courses.

Teachers and coaches look after academic achievements of students on permanent basis that allows effectively analyze progress and gaps in education. It's worth noting that parents also can monitor the effectiveness and productivity of studies due to monthly reports of their child's teachers.

Elite boarding schools in Switzerland offer foreign students a lot of opportunities for physical, creative development. In addition, various extra-curricular activities allow to expand horizons and get exciting emotions.

Secondary school in Switzerland implies 3 – 5-years of studying. Studying programs and courses include a wide range of disciplines: foreign languages, natural sciences, geography, history, literature, IT science, mathematics and art.

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Tuition fees for studying at Swiss secondary schools as a foreign student

As a European country, Switzerland provide high standards of living and educational services. Swiss secondary schools can be considered as rather expensive. The price depends on the type of programme, rankings of the school and amount of additional services.

Tuition fees per year are approximately 60 000 CHF – 90 000 CHF with curriculum, residence on a full-time basis. It's worth noting that high price definitely guarantees excellent academic basis, professional skills and a diploma that is highly valued on international labor market.

Secondary education in Switzerland

7 kinds of courses at secondary schools in Switzerland

In Switzerland you can choose following programs and courses available for international students:

  • International Baccalaureate programme is one of the most popular programs among foreign students. IB certificate allows to enter any European university. Private boarding schools in Switzerland that offer IB programme provide English (or other foreign language) courses coupled with in-depth study of mathematics, history and various interesting disciplines for students.
  • A-level programme and GCSE programme represent the traditional British system of secondary education. Such programs are optimal for those wishing to continue their studies in the United Kingdom.
  • American programs are focused on students preparing for entering US universities. It's among most common programs in Switzerland that allow to continue studies in universities in the USA, Canada and Great Britain.
  • French programs include two cycles. General education (for children at the age of 11 - 16 years old) is completed by exams in basic disciplines. After that, students receive Diplome National du Brevet (certificate). Specialized cycle lasts for 3 more years. In the end students receive Diplôme du Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement du Second Degree.
  • Abitur is common in German-speaking part of Switzerland. It guarantees admission to German universities. This programme provides 3 main directions: technical, humanitarian and natural science.
  • Swiss national Maturite programme is the most complex. It gives an opportunity to study in different languages: German and French. Curriculum implies studying of 13-15 disciplines and 3 languages.
  • Italian programs are similar to French ones. Students choose their specialization at the age of 14 years old. They can study humanitarian disciplines, natural sciences and exact sciences. The Italian matriculation certificate (Esame di Stato) is issued at the end of middle classes.
Study in Switzerland

Nowadays, Switzerland gives an opportunity to study at exclusive educational institutions that have no analogues in Europe - finishing schools. At finishing schools, modern girls can not only receive brilliant academic education, but also learn manners, the art of doing household chores, and living in a dynamic business world. Schools for ladies have been working in Switzerland since the XIX century. Today, finishing schools teach graduates to brilliantly play social roles and feel comfortable both in the image of business lady and home keeper.

Modern Switzerland education is a mix of high-quality studies and harmonious personal development of each student. Moreover, Swiss secondary schools provide many opportunities for physical and creative development. Foreign students receive high-quality and prestigious education that corresponds to international standards, as well as diplomatic values of modern society.

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