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2022-06-12 00:07:46

Where are the world's longest straight highway lines?

Where are the world's longest straight highway lines?

Even the dullest straight trails can be a place of interest. Especially if it is the longest in the world, laid along the bottom of a salt lake or dated to a shaggy year BC.

In general, tourists do not have direct roads in honor. Whether it's the military or merchants, for whom the reduction of time and logistics costs really matters. But in rare cases, a straight road can also be good for a traveler. We present to your attention a small collection of such routes around the world.

256 kilometers, without turning anywhere

Enjoying a reputation as the longest route in the world, and, if you believe the maps from Google and satellite images from the same corporation, also very dull. It is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is called Highway 10. It runs from the village of Harad in the Al-Hasa region to the state border. On both sides of Highway 10 is the desert: a very boring sight, but it's almost impossible to crash into anything along the way.

144 kilometers in a straight line

And this is a local Australian record – the Eyre Highway. It is located on the southern coast of the continent, and the tablet testifies exactly the same. The length of the straight section on this almost thousand-kilometer route is 144 kilometers. Not a single turn and almost no bends.

That's the way to go.

Your samurai.

62 kilometers of history

By today's standards, the Via Appiah in central Italy – a magnificent road built in 312 BC and served in 71 BC as the arena for the dramatic finale of the story of the revolt of Spartacus (recall that six thousand rebellious slaves were crucified on crosses placed along this road) – can hardly be considered straight. But in the old days it was different – and 62 kilometers between Rome and Brundisium could be overcome in a matter of days.

56 kilometers in a straight line

Route 80 in the United States runs along the bottom of the dried up Bonneville salt marsh in Utah. It is completely flat, so it was not at all difficult to build a road. The track divides the country in half, starting in California and ending on the east coast, in New York. This site is straight as an arrow and passes near the monument "Metaphor - the tree of Utah" with a height of 25 meters. It's going to be interesting to take a look, isn't it?

50 kilometers in a straight line

Another American highway is No. 46 between Huckle and Beaver Creek.  However, the highway itself is longer, but this straight section is like this.

180 kilometers in a straight line

Let's raise the stakes a little! Highway 54, which runs from El Paso, Texas, to Greensville, Illinois, exceeds a thousand kilometers. But only one of its sections is remarkable in the context of our rating. But what: almost two hundred kilometers in three states - Kansas, Nebraska and Texas, and even Oklahoma was a little hooked.

11 kilometers in a straight line

This tiny route by world standards is remarkable for the fact that it was built in 1711 by order of the King of Savoy Victor II Amadeus and runs from the Place de la Constitución to the Place des Martyrs of Liberty at the Château de Rivoli.

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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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