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What documents are applied when entering the school abroad? Detailed list

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What documents are applied when entering the school abroad? Detailed list

Leading schools, universities abroad usually belong to the category of selective: the number of vacant places in them is very limited, they are engaged very quickly, and the students are subjected to high demands. To study at schools such as Harrow or Rugby, parents submit preliminary applications almost from the infancy of their children!

The package of documents that the school requires from applicants may vary depending on each institution, but in general the list includes the following items:

  • Copy of passport or birth certificate
  • Correctly filled application on the model of the school (can be written and electronic)
  • Motivational writing: every student writes it on the topic "Why do I want to study at your school? What do I plan to achieve?"
  • Certificates of language examinations (mostly IELTS or TOEFL ), demonstrating a fairly high level of language. If you did not receive a certificate - the school will assign an additional exam
  • Medical card: all vaccinations must be listed, general health, allergies and contraindications, medical recommendations (for example, concerning a diet), chronic diseases listed
  • Any confirmation of the success of the student in the academic, social, sports or creative fields: cups, certificates, medals, gratitudes, certificates, etc. are welcome. All this will create a favorable impression on the admissions committee and will allocate the entrant in the general wave
  • References from teachers, class teacher, director of the previous school, characteristics (usually at least 2).

Also usually from foreign applicants require confirmation of financial solvency: an extract from a bank account or a sponsorship letter. The school or university can ask for confirmation of consistency both for the first period of study, and for the entire study period.

The remaining documents vary depending on the chosen country or institution. For example, when enrolling in a British school you will need to register with a tutoring agency and documents on the appointment of a guardian, in American schools you will be asked for a SAT certificate, in Switzerland you may need to pass a test in French, etc.

In addition, the most prestigious and elite schools and universities abroad set strict deadlines for submitting documents - if you do not meet them, you will have to say goodbye for a while with the dream of a prestigious education. Usually, for the next academic year, applications are accepted as early as the fall of the previous year: for example, to start education in September 2019, you need to pass the procedure of enrollment in September-October 2018. Sometimes the second wave of recruitment goes also after the New Year holidays, in January-February, and in rare cases, students are still donated in March - but all this is individual and depends on the specific educational institution. Of course, if the applicants do not arrange a school or university, there may be vacant seats for which you can claim. But given the huge number of people from all over the world, it is definitely not worth hoping for this opportunity.

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