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The most dangerous beaches in the world

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The most dangerous beaches in the world

Sometimes the beaches are not only about calm, sunny and measured rest, but also about tension, a flurry of emotions and danger. Paradise (at first glance) places are not always able to give peace. Let's talk about the most dangerous beaches in the world.

Queensland beaches, Australia

Not only beaches, but Australia itself is an exotic country that can surprise and "throw" danger at every step. Therefore, tourists who do not know how to behave in a dangerous situation can be difficult here. Why beware of Australia's beaches?

  • Sharks live here. Several dozen attacks of white sharks on vacationers are recorded every year. The end is sad.
  • Box jellyfish that cannot be seen in the water. Their bites are especially dangerous for children: over the past 30 years, 12 child deaths have been recorded from box jellyfish bites. Therefore, swimming in the northern waters from October to April is strongly discouraged.

Fish Hook Beaches, South Africa

No less dangerous than the Australian beaches of Fish Hook in South Africa, where a large population of white sharks lives, especially atrocious in the hot season - the peak comes in January. For safety reasons, nets have been installed that do not always give the desired result: in 2010, 21 people became victims of sharks, one man had to be caught from the bottom of the sea literally piece by piece.

Zipolite Beach, Mexico

At first glance, Zipolite Beach is a paradise with blue waters, clean sand and picturesque landscapes. Locals don't think so. It's all about the abundance of powerful underwater currents, especially active from April to July. The strength of the currents is difficult for professional swimmers to cope with. In 2007, rescue stations were installed here, which led to the absence of deaths. For 13 years, 180 people were saved from drowning. Due to the lack of people, the area was chosen by hippies and nudists, who are not afraid of the name, which translates from Mexican as "beach of the dead".

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Islands that are dangerous to life not by sharks and currents, but by an overwhelming level of radiation. From 1948 to 1954, American hydrogen and atomic bombs were tested here. The consequences of the tests and the scale of the destruction are catastrophic: the island was no longer suitable for life, and 800 local residents died of cancer within several years after the tests. It's not easy to get here, but an exception is made for fans of extreme recreation.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The beaches of Sao Paulo are no less dangerous than the previous ones:

  • Firstly, the level of unpunished crime is off scale here. You can not only be robbed, but also beaten or killed. And do not hope that the criminal will be punished.
  • The second danger, comparable to the local hooligans, is the piranhas living in the waters of the Tiete River, meeting with which can be fatal.

Choose beaches where you can not be afraid for your own health or life. Let your seaside vacation give you only positive emotions!

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