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2021-05-15 00:01:11

TOP unusual modern sculptures

TOP unusual modern sculptures

Sculpture as an art form originated in prehistoric times and has gone a long way. Today it is a must-have decoration for almost any city in the world. The variety of materials from which it is possible to create sculptures today amazes the imagination and allows you to make absolutely incredible samples. It is about such unusual monuments that we will be talking about.


Soaring child

This incredible piece of art is located in Singapore. The creator is the Englishman Mark Quinn, who dedicated the work to his son. The baby literally hovers in the air, barely touching the ground with his hand. Despite the feeling of flight and weightlessness, the sculpture weighs 7 tons and reaches 10 meters in length. Another name for the work is "Planet", which suits her very well. The baby's gaze is directed to the sky, he is naked and defenseless in front of all the elements and shows how our planet needs protection and respect.

Fountain of Metamorphosis

Perhaps one of the world's most unusual fountains is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The author of the art object is David Cerny, a Czech sculptor. The fountain is a man's head, which consists of metal plates covered with a mirror. The plates rotate, and they can be controlled remotely, which is what the sculptor does via the Internet. A striking and mesmerizing sight - water splashes are reflected in the mirrors and create volume and shimmer. By the way, the dimensions are impressive: the head height is 7.6 meters, the weight is 14 tons.

Traffic light tree

An unusual tree adorns one of London's squares. Instead of branches and leaves, this tree has traffic lights! The author of the sculpture is French sculptor Pierre Vivant. The tree looks most attractive at night, when the traffic lights are on. The sculpture is on the must-see list of travelers visiting London, the photos in the background are spectacular. And for local residents and drivers, the sculpture is a reminder of the need to follow the rules on the roads.


Wanting to honor ancestors and emphasize the continuity of cultures, American artist Jim Reynders created an unusual art object Carhenge in Nebraska. This is a modern copy of the famous English Stonehenge, but instead of stones, the sculptor took 38 old cars, covered them with gray red and dug them into the ground. It turned out modern and very similar to the original.

Fairytale fairies

A new type of clay was discovered by the British artist Robert White. This is what he calls stainless steel metal wire - a flexible and malleable material like clay. Using pliers and boundless imagination, White creates the wires of his fairy fairies from a coil. Light, weightless, like fairies floating in the air, decorate a park in the English city of Stoke-on-Trent. They shine in the sun and delight in believability. A truly unique and unusual piece of art!


Another unusual metal art object is located in the city of Antibes, France . Sculpture "The Wanderer" by Joma Plança looks soaring and weightless. The monument consists of letters of the Latin alphabet. Planes wanted to capture in his work all the knowledge accumulated by a person, his thoughts and memories - such a collective unconscious.

Headington shark

A 200-kilogram shark with a height of more than 7 meters, sticking out of the roof of a building in Oxford, looks absolutely shocking. The creators of the sculpture, John Buckley and Anthony Castiau, wanted to protest the world against the increase in the nuclear power of individual states. A giant fish was installed to commemorate the anniversary of the tragic events in Nagasaki. Shark personifies a dangerous rocket, symbolizes powerlessness, despair and anger.

Blue mustang

Or Blucifer, as the local residents of the city of Denver called the sculpture, at the airport of which it is installed. The creator of the object, Luis Jimenez, tragically died while creating the mustang: he was crushed by one of the metal parts of the structure that fell on him. At night, the mustang's eyes shine red - it looks ominous and frightening. According to the sculptor himself (during his lifetime), he did not mean anything ominous - just a blue horse rearing up as a symbol of freedom and speed. Mystical speculations, conspiracy theories and prophecies are hovering around the sculpture, they see it as a bad omen and debate about its artistic value.

Floraris Generica

A giant metal flower the size of a seven-story house grows in a park in Buenos Aires. The sculpture was made by the architect Eduardo Catalano. The flower falls asleep at night and wakes up during the day, and also turns to follow the sun. The flower weighs 18 tons, it is made of aluminum alloy and polished like a mirror reflecting the surrounding world. The sculpture symbolizes eternal life and continuous flowering.


A five-meter hand with a face is installed in the square of the city of Christchurch in New Zealand . Quasi is a self-portrait of Ronnie Van Hout, its creator. The sculptor put together a cast of his face and hand and sculpted it out of resin and polystyrene. The name Quasi is derived from Quasimodo from the work of Hugo. Van Hout was inspired by this character, whose eerie appearance hides a beautiful soul. People reject everything terrible and incomprehensible, and this is the case with Quasi: the inhabitants of the city did not understand the author's ideas, and the neighborhood with an ugly sculpture scares many.

Features of gravity for an elephant

The elephant is not the most “coy” creature on the planet, however, it will also be able to keep balance on its own trunk if it is at an altitude of 18 thousand km from the ground. This theory, based on calculations, wanted to prove the French artist Daniel Firman - the author of the sculpture. An impressively sized elephant demonstrates the wonders of acrobatics in the Parisian castle of Fontainebleau.

stairway to Heaven

Sydney is home to the work of New Zealand artist David McCracken, a staircase leading to the sky. The structure stands on the beach and is made of aluminum in the form of steps extending upward. If you look at the sculpture from a certain angle, the illusion of infinity is created. The idea is unusual and worthy of attention and respect. The beach, where the sculpture stands, was chosen by tourists who want to get impressive pictures. The staircase is equally photogenic during the day, when it leads directly to the clouds to the sun, and at night, when the stars illuminate the path.


A 9-meter high bronze spider mother stands in front of the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada . The creator of the sculpture, Louise Bourgeois, personifies the spider with her mother, who owned a weaving workshop. The work is made of bronze, steel and marble with gigantism inherent in modern art. A small abdomen with marble eggs is reliably protected by a giant cage made of strong paws.

Angel of the North

The largest angel in the world is located in Gateshead, England . The sculpture is 20 meters high and weighs 208 tons, with a wingspan of 54 meters, which have a special slope, thanks to which it is able to withstand strong gusts of wind. The growth and staginess of the angel is added by the fact that it is installed on a hill. The sculptor Anthony Gormley took as a basis a cast of his body, magnified thousands of times. The Angel is one of the most visited art objects in the world.

What unusual monuments and sculptures do you know?

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