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2022-04-01 01:55:45

TOP most beautiful parks in the world

TOP most beautiful parks in the world

A walk in the park on a good day is something that no lover of nature and beauty will refuse! Spending time in the fresh air, in the company of trees and green plants will be not only pleasant, but also useful.

In every city in the world there is sure to be some green place where it is pleasant to go if you want to relax. But there are also those parks, once in which, it is hard to believe that such beauty really exists in reality.

Vyborg Mon Repos Park

The unique relief of the island on which the park is located was formed thanks to a massive glacier that covered these lands thousands of years ago. The last 500 years have come here to admire the wonderful rock landscapes. This place is special for tourists because all the views offered by the park are created by nature, without human assistance.

Mon Repos was closed for restoration in 2017, but after 3 years it reopened to visitors, so anyone can see the paintings painted by nature with their own eyes.

Rikugien, Tokyo

Fabulous Japanese cherry trees await tourists in the capital of Japan, where Rikugien Park opened more than three hundred years ago. Despite the fact that Tokyo is a very large city with huge skyscrapers, there was a place for corners of nature in it. The park is very attractive to local poets who look for inspiration in it in the spring, during the cherry blossoms. In the people this place was called the "Park of Six Types of Poetry".

Krasnodar Park in Krasnodar

The park complex of the same name is located in the center of the Krasnodar Territory, opened in 2017. Previously, there were fields on this place, and now Krasnodar receives the title of the best park in Eurasia for 2019. The territory of the park is constantly expanding, because its foundation and improvement is carried out by a local businessman. New locations are created several times a year, and in its size, Krasnodar surpassed the huge Moscow Zaryadye.

Kensington Gardens in London

Until the XVII century, on the site of the park there was an impenetrable forest, where everyone liked to hunt: from peasants to kings. King William III liked this place so much that he ordered to build a residence here with an extensive garden. Now Wilhelm is long dead, but his French garden has grown into a public park, which constantly attracts tourists.


The legendary Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy annually attracts more than 30 million tourists from all over the world. The complex is in the top 50 largest exhibition centers on the planet. In addition to the buildings exposed to the whole world as achievements of the Soviet people, there are many fountains, alleys and squares at VDNKh. There are also cafes where you can have a snack in between long walks around the exhibition - and there really is something to see here.

Barcelona Park Güell

The park is considered one of the most photographed objects in the world, because the architectural buildings here look incredible. The legendary architect Antoni Gaudí was engaged in the design of buildings, whose work is still appreciated by millions of people annually.

Catherine Park in St. Petersburg

One of the favorite places of tourists coming to the city of Petra is undoubtedly Catherine Park. The amazing place got its beginning at the time when the first Russian emperor personally planted oak trees in this place. Later, the park acquired its current dimensions, becoming one of the most popular places in Russia.

Mirabell Park in Salzburg

The beautiful Austrian garden, built at the Mirabell Palace, is more than four hundred years old. Over these long years, the park has not lost its attractiveness to people and is still considered the most famous architectural monument in Europe. Anyone can come here and look at the delightful architecture of the XVII century, see with their own eyes the floral arrangements, exactly repeating the drawings that Austrian gardeners created many years ago.

Valley of Roses, Kislovodsk

On the territory of the Kislovodsk National Park there is a valley completely planted with roses of various colors and species. Romantics from all over the country come to admire the rare variety of rose bushes, because this unique place attracts its attention at first sight even in pictures on the Internet.

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