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British schools and colleges abroad for foreign students

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British schools and colleges abroad for foreign students

The British education system is considered the most popular in the whole world - it is distinguished by high quality, traditional approach to education, is considered a model of excellent education.

Schools and colleges with the British system of study abroad for foreign students

The British system of education has been formed over the centuries and is regularly updated in accordance with the demands of modern education, but it still supports the fundamental principles and is respected in all countries. A distinctive feature is strict discipline, but at the same time, the students' comments create a warm and friendly atmosphere. The high cost of education justifies the quality of education and the intensity of programs and courses.

Education of children all over the world is always given a lot of attention - today schoolchildren and children can study at a British school or college in any country where there are appropriate educational institutions.

The advantages of studying at a British school for foreign students:

  • modern teaching methods
  • great theoretical basis
  • highly qualified teachers
  • a large number of subjects studied
  • obtaining international certificates.

Stages of education in accordance with the education system in England:

  • Elementary classes for children from 7 to 11 years old - Preparatory School
  • middle classes for schoolchildren from 11 to 16 years old - Senior School, GCSE
  • Senior classes for students from 16 to 18 years - A-Level.

At each of their stages of study, the curriculum includes compulsory classes and subjects to choose from. To pass from one level to another, you must take the appropriate exams to obtain a certificate.

GCSE - obtaining a certificate of the General Certificate of Secondary Education - confirms the completion of compulsory secondary education in the UK. The curriculum includes compulsory subjects and subjects, which the student chooses in accordance with his interests. The program is designed for 2 years, further education can be continued on A-Level or IB programs.

An indicative list of compulsory subjects: mathematics, English, French physics, biology, chemistry, information and computer technology, and more.

Additional subjects: music, German, history, Latin, art, geography and others.

A-Level is an effective program for the preparation to the university with the receipt of the international certificate of Advanced Level General Certificate of Education at the end of the senior school of England. Academic classes are designed for 2 years, the program is considered compulsory for admission to the university. Students choose mandatory 3-6 subjects, focusing on the desired profession, deepen their professional knowledge.

Quality of education in the British system abroad

British educational institutions occupy top positions in the rankings, which are compiled annually by various organizations and popular newspapers. Diplomas and certificates of Great Britain are recognized and accepted all over the world. All education is conducted by native speakers in English, the international language of communication. For many parents it is a dream that their child is studied on the British educational system.

How to choose the best British school

Choosing a school is a key factor in the education of students, so it is necessary to take a responsible approach to choosing an educational institution. The company SMAPSE will help to make the right choice in view of the budget, the interests of students, the requirements of parents and the location of the school or college.

Examples, a list of foreign schools and colleges with the British education system:

  • St.Georges School Montreux in Switzerland, Montreux - is in the TOP-50 boarding schools: students go on to elite and prestigious universities and colleges all over the world. Available programs: middle classes in English, GCSE and a variety of linguistic courses. The school is proud of the high level of academic preparation of its students by the GCSE programs (average score of 35).
  • Glenalmond College in Scotland, Perthshire is a popular private boarding school in Scotland with mixed education for schoolchildren from 12 to 18 years old. Available programs: GCSE, A-Level. On the campus there are a large number of circles, sections and clubs of interest. Graduates of the college enter the most prestigious and popular universities.
  • The School of the Ermitage School in France, Paris offers students to study on the British educational system, and also bilingual education is available in the school. It is part of the TOP-5 bilingual schools of France and the European Union and is located in one of the most English-speaking areas of France, which positively affects Russian students who want to immerse themselves in the English-speaking environment.
  • St. George's School Munich in Germany, Munich is a prestigious British school with affordable programs: elementary school, middle classes, GCSE, A-Level, IB. Representatives of more than 35 nationalities attend the school every year. The school works on the principle of daytime visits, optional musical classes are available.
  • King's College Madrid is a prestigious British school in the suburbs of Madrid: classes are conducted in English by native speakers, which results in high-quality secondary education. Available programs: elementary school, middle classes, GCSE and A-Level programs. From the age of 11, residence in the residence is possible, the infrastructure of a private school contributes to the creative development of children and sports.
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