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2021-12-27 17:51:49

TOP most beautiful cities in the world in the New Year and Christmas

TOP most beautiful cities in the world in the New Year and Christmas

Christmas holidays illuminate cities and countries with a pleasant spirit of magic and fairy tales, the townspeople in the hustle and bustle of days stop their run and enjoy the winter wonders. Which cities of the world will win your hearts with their light and spirit of celebration?


The capital of Russia and the main city of our country is waiting for everyone. In the winter fairy tale, not only Christmas trees are decorated with bows and ribbons, but also the buildings of the main shopping centers of the capital turn into huge gifts. Tverskaya Street is transformed into an unprecedentedly shining corridor under the starry sky, and the Arbat becomes an alley of New Year's magic.

Already in autumn, Moscow begins to transform: the first garlands appear on the trees, and closer to the New Year's celebration, a slender and verified to the smallest detail festive ensemble appears before the eyes of the residents of the capital.

New York

Classic Christmas movies about the magic of the holidays are shrouded in the atmosphere of the American vacation. New York is decorated with bright lights and incredible beauty of Christmas trees. The most famous is located in the "Rockefeller Center": here you can see an incredibly fabulous fir tree, which is dressed in garlands of 30 thousand lights. Since 1931, every winter the main fir tree of the city has been installed here. Tourists from all over the world fly to New York for Christmas to admire the New Year's beauty.

Residents of the city maintain the tradition of the city authorities and decorate their homes. A real pleasure to stroll through the streets of the city and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere!


The city of love, where magic reigns - Paris. One of the first to prepare for the great holiday begins the main shops of the city: Pringtemps and Galeries Lafayette. The showcases of these giants are decorated with especially colorful fairy tales that attract children and their parents.

This year's Christmas Town is decorated in white style. For example, the showcases of the famous brand Dior are decorated with a huge snow-white spruce.

For Parisians, snow is an amazingly beautiful and rare phenomenon. But the grayness of the weather does not prevent the city from arranging a holiday on the street. In the city squares there are trees decorated with bright garlands, and huge Christmas markets attract people to colorful houses with sweets. The pre-holiday excitement distracts the residents of the city from everyday life and makes them hurry, sweeping away various cute souvenirs and trinkets from the shelves, and the streets shine with millions of lights.


This city can be called the most fabulous among the cities of the world at any time of the year. Magic reigns here on the streets of the city: small houses, incredibly beautiful architectural ensembles and thousands of lights.

On the eve of Christmas on the Old Town Square you can try delicious Christmas drinks: grog or mulled wine. Near the Charles Bridge, residents of the city and tourists become spectators of improvised performances and performances of street musicians and artists.

In Prague, a Christmas tale from a distant childhood reigns, and angels on the main square of the city notify us of the holiday and the approaching miracle.


German seriousness in the run-up to Christmas dissolves into the festive turmoil of days. Berlin replaces the gloomy outfit with bright lights and fun entertainment. Fir trees, decorated with ribbons and lights, attractions and carousels with winged horses, take adults and children with them to a Christmas fairy tale.

Residents of the city expect happiness for themselves and their loved ones. At the fairs of the city you can meet wonderful musicians and dancers, sparklingly joking comedians.


If you are waiting for the Christmas miracle, then feel free to go on a trip to the New Year's capital of Italy! At Christmas, Rome is dressed in a fairy tale, the city is immersed in festive decorations, elegant festive sculptures and bright garlands. The main squares show tourists beautiful Christmas trees, which seem to participate in a competition for the best New Year's beauty.

At the festive fairs of Rome, you can buy a lot of themed souvenirs, enjoy delicious delicacies and hot drinks to the fullest. Visitors are given various master classes and fascinating performances.


For the British, Christmas is not only a favorite holiday of the year, but also the most revered. The capital of Great Britain begins to dress in a Christmas outfit in October: shops decorate their main showcases with fabulous compositions, and the stiffness of the British is dispelled in a festive atmosphere.

Every street of the city surprises with its decoration, the city dresses up and becomes homely. London's famous Carnaby Street this year is decorated in the style of the most famous song of the English band Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The city is literally shrouded in magic! You can walk for hours in London, enjoy Christmas and believe in a miracle again.

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Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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