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2018-07-30 11:57:12

Vienna secondary schools, secondary school in Vienna

Vienna secondary schools, secondary school in Vienna

Austria is among the top twenty in the ranking of the most popular countries for study abroad . Its capital Vienna attracts students and students from all over the world with developed infrastructure and economy, unique culture, mild climate and excellent living conditions.

The advantages of studying in Vienna's schools

  • Austrian secondary education is considered prestigious in top universities and leading companies around the world;
  • Vienna is a safe city with a high standard of living, excellent ecology and friendly locals. Studies and life take place in a comfortable environment, and the process of adaptation takes a very short time;
  • In Vienna, there are several prestigious universities that are part of the world tops, in which you can successfully continue your education after completing the school;
  • The local universities can be enrolled immediately after the secondary school: this is a great advantage and the main difference between Austria and other European countries, where the main requirement for applicants is a two-year training course;
  • A significant part of the academic programs presupposes the basic training in English with the study of German as a foreign language. As a result, the child learns both languages at a free level;
  • Leading academic programs from all over the world are available in the boarding schools of Vienna . In addition to classical Austrian education, you can get a certificate of the British, American, German, Swiss and other areas;
  • Special language courses: at the initial stages of education, the school helps to combine the mastering of the basic program with the study of English and German. For children, this is an opportunity to get rid of the language barrier in a short time and to study on an equal footing with Austrian schoolchildren.

Features of education in schools in Vienna

In the Austrian pedagogical method lie the principles unusual for the educational system: freedom of choice, formation of cognitive interest, individual approach. Thanks to this approach, Austrian students do not write off: they do not understand why to do this, because they need their studies themselves.

There are several types of schools in Vienna:

  • Volkschule - ordinary secondary school;
  • Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule - here pupils are given a more in-depth study of subjects, and from the seventh grade in the schedule appear profile subjects;
  • Hauptschule - senior school, where they study for five years and are preparing for further vocational education
  • Grammar schools are the most prestigious educational institutions, which require from the entrants perfect academic knowledge;
  • Private boarding schools.

Why choose a private boarding school in Vienna?

Private boarding schools are the most popular type of educational institution among foreigners. Here, children are welcomed with elite education of very high quality, living in comfortable campuses and communicating with children from all over the world. As a rule, instruction is conducted in German, but in international schools you can find British and American programs. In them, the language of instruction is English, and German is studied as a foreign language. For a deeper german language immersion you can choose secondary schools in Germany.

Campuses of such schools are characterized by a rich infrastructure with everything you need for training - from wireless Internet to sports equipment. For students, they create the opportunity to develop not only academic, but extra-curricular skills. The guys are engaged in drawing, music, design, dancing, acting and many other creative directions.

In boarding schools, they closely monitor the child's physical development and offer a wide variety of sports activities: from yoga and gymnastics to football and tennis.

In Austrian boarding houses, no less than in the British, pay attention to the upbringing and psychological comfort of children. Professional mentors and supervisors create all conditions so that away from home the child does not feel deprived of attention and care.

Prices for training in boarding schools in Vienna

The cost of one semester of study in an Austrian private boarding school usually ranges from 10 thousand euros for a trimester. The price usually includes accommodation, meals and study materials.

Which school in Vienna is better?

An excellent example of a school with boarding is Amadeus International School Vienna . International boarding school is part of the Nobel Education network. Today, the school offers standard school educational IB programs and a combined program with additional study of music. At Amadeus International School, flexible curricula are sufficient, providing for a comprehensive academic development of students. Each of the programs of the school is aimed at effective preparation of children for training at the university. The cost of training is from 14,700 euros for a term.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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