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TOP countries where immigrants are always welcome

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TOP countries where immigrants are always welcome

Surprisingly, some countries welcome immigrants with joy: the government creates favorable conditions for them, visa programs, provides benefits, benefits. We are talking about these countries today!


Just like in other states, the Spaniards leave the villages, moving to large cities - Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia. About 80% of Spain is populated by residents of only 20%. Lack of human resources leads to decline, and this requires foreigners capable of doing business and supporting the local economy.

Volver Al Pueblo ( Back to the Village ) is a platform launched in Spain in 2018. It collects and regularly updates information about the outback. There you can find a vacancy, a volunteer position, buy a business, rent something.

To move to Spain, you need EU citizenship or residence permit.

Nuevos Sanderos ( New Paths ) is a program that helps refugees from Africa find work in the agricultural sector.

In the Asturias region, the village of Ponga pays 3,000 euros for the move for couples, and the same for the birth of a child. This lovely village with a population of about 1000 inhabitants is suitable for freelance families. The main condition is to live in Pong for at least 5 years, otherwise you will be charged with the funds paid.

Spain is a country where you can find a house or apartment (albeit in a dead state) at a ridiculous price, but for an immigrant this is a great way to move and get a residence permit.


Here the situation is about the same: people are leaving the villages and villages. Take a closer look at the Puglia region: the local authorities have launched a program that allows you to provide visitors with significant benefits and benefits from 1000 euros.

Those arriving in Santo Stefano di Sessanio for three years are paid a monthly allowance (only 8,000 euros per year), benefits, cheap rental housing and even a grant to start a business, and this is the main condition for participation.

In Lokan, families are paid an allowance of about 9,000 euros over three years, and it is not necessary to start a business here.


It is a country of immigrants that allows new residents to start a new life safely. Especially attractive conditions are in British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta. Ontario and Saskatchewan provide benefits and allowances.

People between the ages of 21 and 45, who have not previously studied or worked in Canada, but have a higher education and work experience in their specialty (for example, a carpenter, mechanic), can safely go to Morden. Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs are most welcome here.


In fact, in the United States, foreigners with education are still waiting for them to work for the good of the country. Most of the programs are provided by the regions, since the tax base there is shrinking.

  • For freelancers, the state of Vermont is suitable: there are forests and ski resorts, they pay an allowance ($ 10,000 over two years), give benefits.
  • Challenge Detroit is a program launched in Detroit. It involves helping thousands of people find work and housing. They pay $ 2,500 for the move.
  • New Haven, CT, home to the famous Yale University, provides relocation benefits for the young and educated. Teachers and social workers are expected here.
  • In Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, they can give away land for free or financially help with the construction of a house.


This large and interesting country, located in the center of South America, offers a program for people with passive income (in any country). Working remotely (self-employed) and making a successful investment, you get the opportunity to obtain the status of " rentier " (which implies a residence permit). This status will allow you to move to any Argentine city.

Uruguay, Panama, Chile, Costa Rica have similar immigration programs.

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