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2019-08-14 16:55:09

Best language camps in Canada for foreign students

Best language camps in Canada for foreign students

The best language camps in Canada for international students

Leading camps in Canada are very popular among foreign students. The reasons for the popularity of the advanced language camps in Canada are due to the good environmental situation in the country, the low crime rank, as well as the low cost of education. As part of the passage of vacation language programs, a foreign student significantly improves the level of English proficiency, gets acquainted with peers who are representatives of different countries of the world, and also have fun.

Speaking about Canada, it is impossible not to mention the fixed status of this country, namely, the standard in the educational sphere. So, the best universities and colleges in Canada earned an impeccable reputation at the international level and high positions in the rankings. For these reasons, foreign students are sent to Canada, in the top educational institutions of which a large list of educational programs for students have been developed.

After reading this article, you will receive detailed information regarding the developed language and academic programs, as well as the cost of education in elite Canadian camps.

Canada is an ideal country for having a great time. So, the elite children's language camps in Canada offer foreign students an intense sports and entertainment program, which is combined with high-quality learning a foreign language.

Educational Programs at Canada's Best Language Camps

Given Canada’s bilingualism, a predominant number of prestigious Canadian camps have developed English language programs. At the same time, French language programs are offered to foreign students in Canada, while the advanced language camps that developed such programs are located in Montreal, the universally recognized Canadian capital of French culture.

Thus, within the framework of English and French-language educational programs, an average of 20-30 hours of classes is provided for a week. The age of the student and the type of program determine the teaching methodology. So, foreign young children are taught English and French in a game format. At the same time, a more academic environment is being created for high school students.

Entering the best language camps in Canada, foreign students are guaranteed a complete immersion in the new language environment. In this connection, in the leading camps of Canada classes are provided for with a different number of hours throughout the week. So, foreign students are offered language programs with varying degrees of intensity, namely, it is possible to study a foreign language from 15 to 30 lessons during the week. Small groups are created for teaching, the number of students in which does not exceed 15 children. The unit of foreign students in the formation of educational groups is based on the age of the student and the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

A predominant number of leading Canadian youth camps operate during the summer, namely from June to August, during the longest school holidays. In this case, if a foreign teenager is interested, language programs can be selected for him, which provide for a stay in the fall, winter or spring.

Entering Canada’s leading summer camps, foreign students attend effective English classes. So, experienced and professional educators develop language and educational programs with the aim of captivating them for students and ease of learning. It is worth noting that the goal pursued by the child’s parents, sending their child to Canada, is a constant conversational practice with foreign students and native speakers. Thus, each prestigious language school and camp in Canada attracts only teachers who teach, the teaching method of which is to apply an individual approach to each student.

The first half of the day is devoted to conducting classes, in the afternoon hours the organization of educational excursions, sports and creativity is provided. As for sports, in the ranking language camps of Canada all conditions are created thanks to the diverse nature, thereby allowing you to engage in all kinds of sports, as well as extreme sports, in particular, canoeing and kayaking, rafting, windsurfing on the Canadian coast, skiing and snowboarding during the winter holidays, as well as the most popular sport - hockey. There is no denying the possibility of young sports fans visiting one of the NHL games. Agree that foreign students will be delighted with such a game, and they will be overwhelmed with emotions.

During the summer and winter holidays, education is organized in the prestigious language camps of Canada, the duration of education is on average 2-3 weeks, while this time is enough to improve language skills, an exciting vacation and physical recovery.

It is worth noting that effective language courses successfully operate on the basis of ranking boarding schools in Canada. Choosing this option of education, accommodation is organized for foreign students in the territory of a cozy school residence, as an alternative, you can undergo studying in leading linguistic centers, thereby living in a residence. If interested, the student can live in a host family. It is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of host Canadian families live close to the language school. So, in the case of living in a host family, a foreign student is provided with three meals a day, in addition, on a monthly basis, the child's parents receive a report on the results achieved, the student's success.

Regardless of the choice of education, all foreign students are provided with constant supervision by educators and teachers. So, at night, on the territory of the residence, a tutor is present every day who will provide assistance in solving a variety of issues.


Tuition at the best language camps in Canada for foreign students

Compared with the United States, the cost of staying for two weeks in ranking camps in Canada is on average lower by 20%, amounting to about 2,000 CAD $, excluding air travel and pocket expenses.

So, the following parameters are the basis for the formation of the cost of education in the leading language camp in Canada:

  • Season
  • Geographic location
  • Accommodation option
  • Food option
  • Leisure program intensity
  • The amount of additional costs.

Thus, in Montreal, the cost of education under the EU program is on average 530 CAD $, at ILAC, located in Vancouver, the cost starts from 500 CAD $.

Leisure program for the best language camps in Canada for foreign students

In addition to effective English classes, the price of the education provides for a variety of sports and recreational activities, educational excursions for half a day and for a whole day on weekends. As possible excursions, it is worth highlighting the Playland amusement park, the Olympic village in the city of Whistler, the water amusement park on the lake.

A stay in Toronto will give foreign students the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park, Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum, etc. The leading language camps of Montreal organize trips to the Water Park, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Botanical Garden, Ile de Boucherville National Park, Lake Castor.

It is worth noting that the predominant number of prestigious children's language camps in Canada is located in cities such as Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, as well as Montreal.

The Benefits of Studying in Canada's Top Language Camps

Listed below are 6 reasons to choose a Canadian summer camp for a foreign student:

  • Exciting educational programs
  • Full immersion in a new language environment
  • Significant broadening of horizons
  • Getting vivid emotions and impressions from being in Canada
  • Living in an international setting
  • Making useful and interesting acquaintances from a stay in Canada.

TOP-7 Canada's Best Summer Language Camps 

Below is a table that describes the names of the leading camps in the context of the taught foreign language.

Educational program

Type of education program

Teaching language


Summer camp


Columbia international college

Summer camp


Hudson college

Summer camp


Kings George International College

Summer camp


Eurocentres Canada

Summer camp


Bodwell School Summer Programs

Summer camp


Ridley college

Summer camp




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