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2022-04-01 01:59:07

TOP-4 best cities in the world for pedestrians

TOP-4 best cities in the world for pedestrians

The best solution for a full acquaintance with a new place for yourself is a walk. This method allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature and the splendor of places of interest, meet with local residents and explore the settlement and the area around it in a personal, individual rhythm.

However, there is no doubt that some cities are better adapted for hiking than others. It is about them that we are going to talk in our today's material.

Boston (USA)

Boston is one of the largest cities on the east coast of the North American United States, it has an impressive and amazing history, a cozy atmosphere of ancient streets and thoughtful navigation for pedestrians. To the envy of Artemy Lebedev and his deformities in the capital's metro and on the streets of large cities, the signs there really help in orienteering on the terrain - instead of causing beauty and simultaneously misleading both local residents and tourists.

The city center is very compact and adapted not only for trips "on the eleventh", but also for cycling. Narrow and intricately winding along the folds of the terrain, the streets lead to spacious parks, replete with paths and paths.

A separate feature is a journey, a walk, an ascent, a track (everyone will choose the right epithet) along the Freedom Trail, an ideal esplanade for a magnificent promenade over four kilometers long. Here they like to take pictures and buy souvenirs associated with the era of the American War of Independence from the English crown.


It is likely that this is the cleanest and safest city on the planet and among the most adapted for pedestrians. It has, along with a connecting and high-speed system of city roads, a well-thought-out network of underground tunnels that make it an ideal place for walking even in the rainy season or unbearable tropical heat. At first, the tunnels were built as part of the English fortifications. When the British left, the Singaporean government did not close them, but decided to use them as underground shopping galleries. Then street trading was banned, and the tunnels became "sidewalks" under the wide freeways up there (the city-state cannot boast of excess land, so the decision was self-evident).

Streets and tunnels are never clogged with people and cars; it's all about thoughtful urban navigation, traffic lights and the like joys of life.

And here they love the subway! It is comfortable, spacious in the city and rightfully fights for the title of the best in the Asian part of the planet and one of the best in general.

Salzburg (Austria)

This place is famous for its amazing and amazing landscapes. Here you can stroll through the historic center, pay tribute to the archiepiscopal residence and visit the place where the great genius of music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

Walking on foot is a real pleasure, since the local land is replete with hiking trails, each of which has dozens and hundreds of signs on a territorial basis. Fans of hiking will never miss the chance to stroll through the Mirabal Gardens, as well as the intricate streets of the old part of the city.

Do not forget about the squares with summer cafes (the coronavirus spoils everything, but it is not forever) and several dozen pretty fountains that give coolness.

Kathmandu (Nepal)

The capital of this mountainous country is attractive primarily for its excellent landscapes overlooking the roof of the world, as well as a bizarre mix of diverse cultures. To best feel the rhythm of city life and understand the flavor, you should go to Durbar Square, where the living heart of Kathmandu is located, as well as excellent architecture. There are also dozens of temples and a palace square, to which - of course - the palace is attached, where representatives of the houses of Shah and Malla once ruled. Very often, tourists go to Ason - the largest market in Kathmandu, where the six largest city streets converge, like rays.

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Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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