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TOP-10 Places to Visit in Thailand

TOP-10 Places to Visit in Thailand

Picturesque Thailand is every traveler's dream! The country conquers not only with gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water, lush palm trees, wild pristine nature, but also with a variety of attractions that have survived from ancient times. Throughout Thailand, you can find enchanting waterfalls, majestic palaces, ancient temples and monuments. A visit to an Asian country will give you unforgettable impressions and emotions!

Grand Royal Palace (Bangkok)

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand is the royal residence located in the country's capital, Bangkok. The palace complex consists of graceful ancient structures in which representatives of the royal family have lived for several centuries.

Going on a tour of the royal palace, you should definitely pay attention to:

  • the snow-white Dusid Palace, decorated with an arch-shaped portico and a peaked Thai roof
  • the throne Palace of the Chakri of the XII century, where urns with the ashes of the royal dynasty of the same name are located
  • wooden throne of Rama I, inlaid with mother of pearl
  • temple of Rama IV, faced with gray marble and decorated with light mosaics
  • Buddhist temples, of particular interest is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • old library
  • Sivalai gardens
  • the tomb of the former rulers.

Temple of Truth (Pattaya)

The Temple of Truth is the main religious building in Thailand. Its construction began in the 19th century and is still ongoing. Made of natural wood and decorated with carved sculptures and ornaments, the temple embodies the unification of all religions and peoples of the world. The structure is located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand and is surrounded by a park, and its height reaches 105 meters, so that one of the main attractions of Thailand can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Big Buddha (Pattaya)

The Big Buddha statue is carved from white marble and erected in honor of the King of Thailand - Pumpion Adulyadett. An elegant and luxurious staircase with gilded statues leading through the jungle leads to the monument, installed at an altitude of 400 m above sea level.

Most of all tourists are attracted by one interesting feature of this attraction. In the temple, which is part of the complex, you can buy marble tiles on which you need to write your wish. Later, the statue was faced with this tile. Few will refuse to immortalize their "I" in a distant mysterious country, and even in such an interesting way!

Ancient city of Ayutthaya

The unique ancient city of Ayutthaya is famous for the unity of modern architecture with a historical past. One part of the city will show travelers the usual city life, while the ruins in the other part will open the doors to the enchanting world of the former capital of the Kingdom of Siam. In their center is the Grand Palace, built in the 18th century and serving as the home of the royal family. And Buddhist buildings and monasteries, located on the ancient territory, arouse great interest among tourists of all faiths.

Worth seeing here:

  • Royal temple
  • Ancient Buddhist Temple
  • Reclining Buddha statue.

The ancient city of Sukhothai

The ancient city, surrounded by the jungle, will delight lovers of history and picturesque photography. One of the greatest temples is located in Sukhothai - Wat Mahathat, founded in the XIII century. Travelers will be interested to look at the building topped with a spire, climb 200 steps and admire the beautiful lake with lotuses.

While in the ancient city, you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Temple of Wat Phra Pha Luang, containing elements of Buddhism and Hinduism
  • A Buddha statue reaching 15 m in height and 11 m in width
  • The main temple of Wat Chang Lom, at the base of which there are statues of elephants
  • Historical Sukhothai Park.

Pai town

Many travelers prefer to enjoy the sandy beaches and beautiful scenery in southern Thailand. But the north of the country can also pleasantly surprise tourists who come for bright and unusual impressions. Here, on the border with Burma, enchanting dense jungle stretches in mountainous terrain.

The city of Pai will be a great place to start a hike deep into the Asian country. Travelers will be able to enjoy the pristine nature, get acquainted with exotic cuisine and the famous Thai hospitality. Taking this route, visit the impressive Pai Canyon, beautiful waterfalls and several Buddhist temples.

Chiang Mai Night Market

If you are a fan of delicious exotic food, then you should definitely visit the Night Market located on the pedestrian street of Chiang Mai on Sundays. You can try here:

  • popular thai salads
  • unusual fruit cocktails
  • fried bananas and more.

In addition to a variety of food, there are many unique products on the market: handmade natural soaps, essential oils, paintings, carpets and a lot of pleasant things.

Floating markets

Another interesting attraction in Thailand is the floating markets. Here tourists can make amazing shopping, taste national cuisine and get to know the traditional way of life of the Thais.

In Bangkok, the most popular floating markets are Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak. You can visit them both independently and as part of an excursion group. The market includes both classic stilt houses and vendors offering a variety of goods directly from their boats. If you get here early in the morning, you can enjoy the freshest fruits, vegetables and spices.

San Camfaeng Hot Springs

Just 36 km from Chiang Mai, in the San Kamfaeng area, there are unique hot springs enriched with sulfur. Situated on 40 acres of land, they are well landscaped and decorated with landscaped gardens. Some springs are hot enough to boil an egg, and there are separate rooms or pools for bathing.

In the San Kamfaeng area, a tourist park has been opened, which allows you to enjoy not only thermal waters, but also find geysers with mineral water and a healing river, conveniently located in cozy guest houses and a picnic area. Here visitors can get a real Thai massage. San Kamfaeng is one of the TOP-10 best thermal springs in the world.

Erawan National Park waterfalls

Erawan National Park is considered one of the most picturesque places in Thailand. This is an amazing corner of the impenetrable jungle, which is home to many birds and animals. However, the most attractive in Erawan is precisely the waterfall: consisting of seven levels, it attracts many tourists every year. The waterfall got its name in honor of the white elephant, which, according to Thai mythology, always accompanies the Hindu God Indra. Here you will see cascading waterfalls, a small cave, emerald pools and you can climb to the top of the waterfall.

The sights of Thailand are varied, amazing and picturesque! SMAPSE experts have collected for you TOP-10 most interesting places in an Asian country, but in fact there are many more. And to fully enjoy the local flavor and experience the culture, it will take more than one trip to Thailand!

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