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Statue of Molly Malone in Dublin

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Statue of Molly Malone in Dublin

Some monuments amaze with their sizes and shapes, some with their history, and some with the meaning that they carry in themselves. One of these is the monument to Molly Malone, which is considered to be one of the most recognizable symbols of Dublin. The girl to whom the exposition is dedicated is a person who really lived in Ireland, who became famous for her difficult fate and feats committed for the good of his native country. Thousands of tourists annually come to the monument of a girl whose hair is gathered in an uncomplicated hairstyle, and her eyes look into the distance... Try to unravel her secret, and then Molly Malone will become your hero!

History of the monument

The idea to perpetuate Molly belongs to the Irish sculptor Jane Rinhart. In 1987, in the millennium of Dublin, a monument to Molly Malone was unveiled. Grafton Street was chosen as the place for the pedestal. From the very first day the flow of tourists does not stop, which gives the right to consider this attraction one of the most popular in the city.

The composition of the monument is not easy: a girl with her hair pulled back and a meek look pushes a cart with wicker baskets in front of her, in which she carries mollusks to the market. The girl’s deep neckline and half-naked breasts are glancing - is there any hidden meaning here?

Secrets of Molly

Molly Malone is a girl whose fate is tragic and sad. She grew up in a poor family: in order to feed her elderly parents, she had to sell seafood in the market during the day, and at night... to sell herself. Hence the half-naked chest of the bronze Molly - in one sculpture, the author reflected all the facets of her life. However, this is not what the girl became famous for: her feat in the fight against the British for the independence of Ireland is worthy of respect. Molly's life ended suddenly and ridiculously: she had a fever, and in a few days the poor thing died. They say that the ghost of Molly still roams the streets of Dublin with his creaking cart...

Whether Molly Malone actually existed or whether this image is collective is difficult to say. Her life was immortalized in several genres of art:

  • Grafton Street Monument
  • Song of Molly Malone
  • Ballad "Hops and mussels".

Interesting Facts

  • Locals call the monument "Libertine with mussels"
  • Pubs and bars around the world carry the name Molly Malone.
  • The song about the poor girl is an analogue of the Russian “Oh, frost, frost,” which they love to sing after good feasts
  • The location of the monument was not accidental: according to legend, the girl was baptized in St. Andrew's Church, which is located near Grafton Street. In the same temple, an entry was found in the church book about Molly's death at 36 years old from a fever.
  • Monument to Molly - a favorite meeting place for Dublin lovers
  • On the house in which Malone allegedly lived, a memorial tablet hangs.

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