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Top-30 best schools in Canada

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Top-30 best schools in Canada

Canada is one of the countries in which the government allocates impressive funds to finance the educational segment. That is why all institutions involved in obtaining education are at a very high level, from schools to universities . Each of these institutions has the most modern technical equipment: interactive whiteboards, high-tech laboratories, comfortable residences - and that's not all! The territory of almost every private boarding school occupies several tens of square meters, where there is a park for walking, several sports grounds, and in general there is all necessary infrastructure.

Since Canada officially has two languages - French and English, all educational programs in private schools are usually taught on one of them. In addition, Canadian institutions of secondary education are famous for the fact that over the past few years they have a 100 per cent rate for enrolling graduates in leading universities and colleges in Canada and the United States.

Canada itself is very popular as an English-speaking country for receiving education among foreign students, because for them all comfortable conditions have been created here, from the admission process to the actual education. Also, the choice in the territory of Canada today is not very much done, but almost 2 thousand private educational institutions! With such a variety of private schools and boarding houses it is rather difficult to make the right choice from such a variety of options. A little narrowing the number of options will help appeal to the ranking lists of the best institutions in the country, which each year make up various publications and research centers.

We will tell you about schools that invariably fall into the list of the best institutions in the rankings of different research centers. Private schools, which will be discussed further, are also considered the most popular among foreign students. Annually more than 70,000 children, schoolchildren and teenagers from all different countries come to Canada to receive secondary education.

So, here is a list of the most popular educational institutions in Canada, which are included in the list of top 30 private schools in the country:

All listed schools are prestigious and advanced private schools in Canada, where children are accepted from the age of 11-13, that is, in the middle classes of the secondary school. In each of these top institutions, students are well prepared for enrollment in a higher school - according to 2016, the percentage of graduates who entered colleges or universities that year is 100%.

A separate issue, of course, is the cost of training in these popular institutions. And here the formation of prices is influenced by quite a few indicators that will vary from one school to another. For example, the daily form of education or boarding, mixed type of school or separate and so on. On average, the annual cost of studying at a Canadian boarding school ranges from 20-30 to 40-60 thousand Canadian dollars ($ CAD). This price usually includes accommodation of students on the campus of the school in a comfortable residence, full board, the educational process itself, sports (some types are paid separately), as well as extracurricular program (entertainment, sightseeing trips and so on). The student will also need to pay the tickets separately to the place of study and back, the school's registration fee and possible pocket expenses.

How can a foreign student enroll in the leading Canadian schools? We will not hide that this will have to be done. First of all, this is due to the fact that staff in all Canadian schools are quite strict about the performance of students and carefully monitors the success of each student. Therefore, for productive learning all foreign students are advised to know at least one of the state languages at a level above the average. Another important point that will require a certain amount of time is the preparation of the documents necessary to enroll the student. The application should be sent no later than 8-9 months before the start of the school year. Admission commissions of schools usually begin to consider all sent applications not less than three months before the start of the educational process. When transferring to a foreign school in Canada, we also recommend that in addition to the language preparation of the student, attention be paid to the academic, since for further admission to the sought-after specialties at the university, the student will need to have in-depth knowledge of a certain set of profile disciplines.

With regard to the application, to enter a private school in Canada, a foreign student needs to prepare and present to the admissions committee a report card for the last 2-3 years, a certificate of successful completion of one of the language proficiency tests (usually SSAT or CAT, sometimes TOEFL or IELTS ). Also, the candidate for training will need letters of recommendation from teachers of the previous school, as well as a motivation letter from the student. In addition, some schools additionally conduct a personal interview with each of the candidates.

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