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TOP-14 creepy ghost towns

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TOP-14 creepy ghost towns

We represent 14 ghostly worlds on six continents - from a remote mining town in New Zealand to a scary "ghost island" in Japan. Would you dare to visit any of them?

Old Ghost Road, New Zealand

Beginning at the abandoned mining village of Layel, this 85-kilometer off-road trail of New Zealand's South Island increases the drama of what you see - gold was mined here and relics of the past remind travelers of the vanity and bustle of the world.

Oradour-sur-Glane, France

Some places are empty for a reason. In 1944, shortly after the landing of the Allied forces in the south of France, the Germans burned alive the entire population of this village in retaliation for the action of the local Resistance. Afterwards, de Gaulle said that the burnt-out city would remain a frightening monument to the heroism and horrors of war.

Kraco, Italy

The medieval city of Kraco, located high in the badlands of the Basilicata region in southern Italy, is a living and highly visual story of the negative influence of man. By the 60s, the merciless exploitation of nature caused a series of landslides, and this small town was abandoned, and the inhabitants moved to another place.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

At the beginning of the 20th century, life was in full swing in this isolated part of the Skeleton Coast. After the discovery of a seam of diamonds, it suddenly became one of the richest places on earth.

By the 50s, the diamonds ran out, and the small German town lined up around it was abandoned to its fate. It is now a daunting place to shoot with ruins and beached ships in the background.

Villa Epecuen, Argentina

The popular resort town was swallowed up by floods in the mid-1980s. This place remained flooded until 2009, when the water began to recede and the treasures of the lost city began to show through the water column.

Rhyolite, Nevada, USA

Rhyolite shone for only 12 years - even by the standards of other cities during the sunset of the gold rush, it was not long. The paint was barely dry on the sign of the new stock exchange when a financial crash ripped the carpet out from under this place, bringing everything to hell.

Hashima Island, Japan

Part of this "ghost island", or rather, the ghost fortress, is open to the public - and in general it is known to the world as a villainous base in the Bond episode called "Skyfall".

Protected by a large sea dam, it is packed to capacity with skyscrapers for workers who once worked here in an underwater mine. But the mine closed in the 70s and the city was deserted. Visitors can now only get here on a guided tour from nearby Nagasaki, but this chilling town, once home to 5,000 people, is well worth it.

Poggioreale, Sicily

Hidden in the Belice Valley in northwestern Sicily, Poggioreale was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. Instead of rebuilding the city, a new one was built a few kilometers away. The ruins are often used as a movie set for WWII films.

Pyramid, Svalbard, Norway

This mining settlement was founded by Sweden in 1910, but sold to the USSR in 1927. It houses the world's northernmost Lenin statue, which was abandoned along with the rest of the city and its infrastructure in 1998.

Kayakoy, Turkey

Originally known as Livissi and inhabited almost exclusively by Greeks, this village 8 km south of Fethiye was abandoned in 1923 - then the Turks massacred some Greeks and expelled others from the country, as they had previously done with the Armenians.

The ghost town is preserved as a museum village with hundreds of dilapidated houses and Greek-style churches. It is a popular stopover for tourists visiting Fethiye.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Abandoned after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986, this city has become a shining symbol of the latent dangers of nuclear energy. It has also become something of a grotesque tourist attraction: excursions are carefully timed to minimize the risk of exposure to high levels of radiation, but wild tourists are not deterred.

Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA

Founded in 1856, this coal town was abandoned after a coal seam caught fire in the late 1960s. The fire still burns underground, and during the day its aftermath can be seen on the road leading to the city.

Bodie, California, USA

When the Standard Company discovered significant quantities of gold-bearing ore at Bodie in 1876, the city instantly transformed from a small mountain camp into one of California's largest cities.

At its peak, it had over 2,000 buildings, but when the gold ran out, people left. It was finally abandoned in 1940.

Grytviken, South Georgia

The village was founded in 1904 by a Norwegian sea captain as a whaling station for his fishing company.

The settlement was closed in December 1966, but is still sometimes used for marriage. There was a cinema here, but about five years ago its roof collapsed.

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