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Study in best US schools for foreign students

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Study in best US schools for foreign students

American schools are becoming more and more popular every year from foreign students, including Russian students. This is quite natural: the US education system is deservedly considered one of the most progressive and innovative, developed and modern. Education in American schools is built on the principles of freedom, choice, attention to each person: here every child is considered unique, having the right to his opinion and self-expression.The US Schools are doing everything possible to maximize all the characteristics and talents of each student, to stimulate him to learn, to show his talents and abilities.


Education in American schools: structure

Secondary education in American schools is divided into several stages:

  • Elementary classes (1-5, 6-10 Years)
  • Middle classes (6-8, 11-16 years)
  • Senior classes (9-12, 16-8 years).

The main program Secondary education in US schools is consideredHigh School Diploma : this certificate is highly valued and quoted on admission even to the most prestigious universities.

Education in American schools: dignity and advantages

Among the most striking features of learning In the schools of America it is possible to note the following:

  • Excellent technical equipment: sports grounds, wireless Internet, modern computers, extensive libraries are available in almost every institution
  • Choice of subjects for personal curriculum: 4-5 disciplines are mandatory, And the remaining students can choose independently, focusing on their interests, inclinations, the requirements of the future university. In addition, gifted and talented students can choose classes of increased complexity: for example, you can study mathematics in depth, and study other subjects at a standard level
  • The high prestige of private schools serves as a kind of "pass" to the world of political and business elite, in the best universities , including the legendary Ivy League
  • Special supportive English courses For foreign students helps in a short time to get rid of the language barrier and engage with the American schoolchildren, keeping up with the program
  • A large number of sports sections, electives and trainings in the general curriculum. Almost every US school has its own successful sports teams, competitions and matches are held regularly, and the sports infrastructure meets the highest modern requirements
  • The development of such valuable personal qualities as independence, independence, responsibility, mutual respect and tolerance, tolerance; Education of self-confidence and one's own strength, healthy ambition.

American International Schools: A Convenient Choice for International Students

American International Schools aim to educate children from all over the world. For foreigners, additional language courses "English as a foreign language" are organized, as well as the most experienced skilled teachers who have received certification for working with international groups.

Schoolchildren need to get used to the American system of tests - this is an excellent and effective assessment of progress, allowing you to move to the next school level. A similar system works in many world universities, so a full adaptation in the school walls will be very useful. Educational credits (credit units) are assigned for each subject separately, and to receive a test, exam or diploma, you need to dial a certain number of units - each school can set its own threshold.

The cost of American schools

The cost of studying in an American school is approximately 37000 $ -53000 $ for an academic year: as a rule, this amount includes a "full package", that is, boarding and boarding, uniform (if necessary), all kinds of accommodation and meals Textbooks, books and materials, sports and creative electives and classes. The cost, of course, varies depending on the prestige and rating of the American school, its popularity and location - contact our consultant, and we will help you choose the best option.

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