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TOP-10 reasons to move abroad

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Moving to another country for the purpose of permanent or at least long-term residence is a serious decision that will require preliminary preparation. A person who decides to take this step will have to experience a range of various emotions: from delight, joy and excitement, from anticipation of a new stage in life to fear and doubts about the correctness of the decision.

Arguments in favor of moving abroad

Sociological studies show that the desire to leave their homeland and move abroad for permanent residence is characteristic of many. 

The Internet is full of articles on relevant topics - people studied them, collecting the most popular reasons for moving in one place.

Gaining new life experience

One of the first reasons most people find themselves abroad with suitcases is that we want to get new experiences, new life baggage. Gambling people are attracted by the potential way out of the usual conditions of existence, the growth of personality in the course of the experienced experience, the acquisition of new skills and, most obviously, the improvement of language skills! You can watch video blogs or read articles about life abroad for years, but you only need to go there once and get the result. Even tourist travels broaden their horizons and picture of the world, and a long stay in another country and immersion in everyday life will definitely teach you to look at life from a different angle.

A dream come true

Often people, who decide to move abroad, realize their old dream in this way. For half their lives, they dreamed of living in a certain place, and now they were able to make this desire come true! Moving in this case will not be a spontaneous impulse, but a conscious desire that has been formed over the years. You need to find out what it takes to live in the country of your dreams and act! Trying to live life in the land of your dreams will be worth the effort, even if you get discouraged.

New job and career opportunities

The issue of employment is one of the key issues when moving to a new country. For emigrants, a career becomes a logical and natural reason for moving: it means that in the old place they have already reached the professional ceiling. Foreign companies offer more opportunities for implementation in the profession - the trend can be traced regardless of the field of activity. In addition to changing jobs, there are several other points:

  • Improving language skills in a foreign language (English or other)
  • Mastering new technologies and modern approaches
  • Working on projects of a different level
  • Gaining communication experience according to the rules of international etiquette.

Improving living standards

The conclusion is drawn from research and feedback from ordinary people who have experienced it first hand. You can compare specific indicators:

  • Living conditions (city or province)
  • Food quality
  • Prices for food or gasoline
  • Medical service
  • Salary level
  • Travel Frequency
  • The amount of pension benefits
  • Post-employment and retirement opportunities.

Improving living conditions is one of the most popular reasons for moving abroad for permanent residence. The high standard of living is especially well monitored by the example of pensioners: the life of the majority of Russian elderly people hardly looks like a dream - a small pension, medical care carelessly, the inability to go somewhere on vacation due to the lack of normal government payments. When looking at pensioners from other countries, there is a hope that old age is not the end of life, but a certain stage of it with its own charms.

Security level

The item is related to the previous one, but we will consider it separately. For example, the level of trust in law enforcement agencies in some countries leaves much to be desired. At the same time, among the employees there are honest workers who do their job with full dedication - then it really helps people. But due to the high percentage of corrupt practices in the compatriots, there will always be a feeling that all offenses can be resolved through unofficial financial contributions (we mean bribes). The overall crime rate does not differ much from the average level of other states. Compared to the current conflicts in the United States, some countries are now much safer. 

Accommodation with a suitable climate

Choosing a place to move from their homeland, many residents of different country say that they do not like the harsh local climate and they will happily spend part of their life in sunny Los Angeles with warm winds and good weather almost all year round, or in rainy London, but without fierce frost in winter. It happens that the issue of climatic conditions is critically important for health, therefore it is a priority when choosing a new place of residence. But even if this is not critical, the climate of other countries is different from the native one, and the weather sensations may change somewhat.

More travel options

It's no secret that Europeans can literally every weekend visit any of the Schengen countries, they can even go around them all by express tour in a week. 

Transport logistics between foreign countries is well established: different types of transport are available for movement depending on financial capabilities (plane, train, bus, hitchhiking). Bonus programs for frequent travel - travel cards are available even for tourists at a wholesale price.

The main argument remains for budget prices, less travel time.

Another level of education

Loners can move abroad to get education. If you are transporting a family, then consider the educational factor for your children. Many students from different country go to foreign countries for higher education. For specialties, you have to go abroad, because a prestigious diploma will open up good opportunities for its owner - a prestigious job with decent earnings. Many foreign universities actively help graduates with job search, so that most of the young professionals (foreign people or local citizens) can find work in their specialty within 6 months after completing their studies at the university.

Conditions for purchasing real estate

Not every people can afford to buy a home for independent living - it is also not an obligatory “gift” from parents for coming of age from foreign youth. Although they usually try to help their children who are starting an independent life - they help with finding a job through friends, finding profitable housing, etc. Compared to the prices of the Russian market (for example), real estate in foreign countries costs more, but if you live there and earn by local standards, then after a while you can purchase a living space. Until this happens, long-term rent is available to visitors.

A way to get rid of negative memories

An option for those who do not just want to change the environment, but radically change the surrounding "scenery". Some, with the help of a move, get rid of the part of life that left unpleasant memories, and try to start from scratch elsewhere. For these purposes, even changing the city is suitable. However, if you need an uncompromising new start - don't hesitate to change your country of residence!

Inspirational experiences of others

This reason is indirectly related to the previous one: often people make a decision to move abroad, because someone they know has already done it and was satisfied. A successful example of a change of residence of relatives, friends or acquaintances is very inspiring. Plus you know who you can ask for advice if needed. When there is support, it is easier to decide on radical changes! If the future place of your residence is not where your acquaintances are, there will still be people around you with whom you can discuss the difficulties of moving or just take your heart out.

New experience of social interaction

Sometimes the mentality plays a role with advice, tactless remarks and criticism "in the name of good"... All these phenomena are waiting for us in the store, public transport or other places. In foreign countries, the situation is different-local residents are very friendly to visitors: this is a familiar level of culture, when it implies respect for the rights and freedoms of people around them, mutual courtesy. This does not mean that you will not find rudeness abroad. Does anyone else like to spread unsolicited advice or comments?

Reasonable distance from relatives

Intrusive relatives are often a mandatory attribute of most families. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters are characterized by complete disregard for the personal boundaries of others. For example, it is normal to visit places where you are not invited. The action is explained simply - " we are relatives." Such family ties are often activated when you move to the sea or abroad. But before that, you couldn't communicate with your relatives for years! But if you change your permanent place of residence to a remote one, the number of unwanted visits can be reduced without any complaints. Then the relatives themselves will not want to spend too much to visit you abroad. Don't give thanks for a life hack.

Internal need for change

If you have thoughts that life is boring and predictable, a radical change of place of residence will help to add variety. Moving can make a tangible difference in life: it is a good opportunity to gain new life experiences, make new friends or meet love. If you feel that it's time to change something in your life, you can change your country of residence. Just do not cut off old ties so that you can come back if something goes wrong!


SMAPSE experts have named the key reasons why people think about moving to another country. There are other reasons, however, in general, they tried to understand what are the guides of people who have made the decision to move abroad. There can be many reasons to leave the place where you were born - the decision is yours!

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