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2021-11-03 01:03:03

TOP-10 professions abroad, for which you do not need to study

TOP-10 professions abroad, for which you do not need to study

If you look at the world and go abroad you really want to, and there is no time / money for a full-fledged education - our article is for you. We have collected 10 lessons that can be mastered without education and even without a good command of English language of the country in which you are going. Yes, these are not the highest paid professions, but in order to gain a foothold and taste a new country "to taste", it will be enough.

Governess, nanny

  • Salary = 70-200$/week, homestay and basic meals are paid

It is easy for ladies and girls to get a job - the female sex for these vacancies is preferable. You will need to know the language at least at a basic level to explain yourself to the child and the owners of the house, the experience of working with children is very welcome - a volunteer, a counselor in children's camps, an assistant teacher or educator. If you've worked as a nanny before, don't hesitate to ask for recommendations, they decide a lot in a new place.


  • Salary = 800 euros/month, accommodation and meals in the family are paid

To sit no longer with children, but with adults who need care, supervision and company. The minimum of duties is to wash, lay and turn the patient (if he has limited mobility), feed, talk to him, walk: physical strength and endurance will not be superfluous here. It is very great if you can confirm the basic nursing skills - you know how to put injections, measure the pulse, pressure, blood sugar level: then the payment will be higher. Knowledge of the language is at least minimal, at the level of everyday communication.

Household assistants

  • Salary: 700-250 $ / month, often pay for accommodation and meals in the house.

A good option for couples and families: the wife, for example, can serve as a nanny while the spouse takes on housework: buying groceries and small household trifles, delivering children to schools and circles, helping the cleaner and gardener, in the kitchen, minor household repairs. Knowledge of the language here will be minimal, but you must be strong, hardy and have hands growing from the shoulders, and not from another part of the body.

Farm and garden workers

  • Salary: up to 1000 euros / month.

Also an option for families: they are taken especially willingly, because so the employer receives almost a guarantee that the family-"team" will remain for a long time and will not run away in the process. Usually it is help in the garden and in the fields, processing trees and plants, helping with livestock, harvesting. English or another language will be enough minimum, but be prepared for physically difficult work: usually workers "in the fields" work for 10-12 hours, and weekends only 1-2 per month.


  • Salary: about $ 450 / month, accommodation and meals are paid.

But this is an option for the young, active and perky! If you like to have fun and entertain others, loud music and dances, are ready to captivate people in a sports game or quest, you know games for children and adults - be sure to try yourself as an animator. The salary may vary from hotel and country, but accommodation and meals at the hotel are always paid. A foreign language here should be sure, ideally you should at least at a basic level know several European languages.


  • Salary: 600-1000 euros/month + tip

Again the service sector: again requires a good confident foreign language, efficiency and friendliness. If you have experience as a waiter - fine, take a better and more beautiful place. Physically difficult work, but the salary can please, especially if you count with tips. Of course, in good restaurants in large cities and resorts to earn more.

Drivers, freight forwarders, truckers

  • Salary: 1100-1800 euros / month.

Here the level of foreign can be the most basic, but it is obvious that you need a confirmed "foreignized" driver's license (and preferably not only a passenger category) and good driving experience. But truckers also earn very well, the roads abroad are usually beautiful, and there are many offers - many companies even have contracts with recruiting companies that select drivers in Russia and Eastern Europe. Plus it's a great option to see a new country from all sides and travel!

Construction worker, construction assistant

  • Salary: from 2-3 to 7-10 euros / hour.

Low-skilled "guest worker" labor is poorly paid, but here you do not need to know the language of the country or English, even from the offers there is no rebound - builders are needed everywhere. Be prepared that the work is not easy - you will need to be strong, hardy and agile, daisy girls are not expected here.


  • Salary: 3-5 euros / hour.

By the way, it is the packers who often work as foreign students or newly arrived immigrants. Knowledge of the language is practically not required, the work is simple and not hard - only monotonous, requiring attentiveness and perseverance.


  • Salary: 8-12 euros / hour.

Where without them, right? Let's get dirty! Also a guaranteed option to work for the first time, if you have just arrived abroad without a work contract. Education - do not require, knowledge of languages - do not require, special skills and abilities - do not require. It is important to be well-mannered and accurate, punctual, diligent. If you work well, you can take a decent cleaning company: there are higher salaries, and objects more interesting and larger, and social buns are already appearing.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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