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2020-06-13 00:00:19

TOP-10 countries for the best education in the world

TOP-10 countries for the best education in the world

Great Britain, USA, European countries have established themselves as top educational routes. But it is not always possible to see the whole picture and figure out what prospects the country gives to foreign students. The article will tell about the best countries for students in terms of the quality of the education system, prospects for emigration, accessibility and ease of admission.

UK: Better Education and Prospects


Education in Britain is always about traditions, prestige and the highest level of education. The first schools and universities in the world were opened on the islands, having managed to establish themselves as the best even centuries ago. From year to year, the English education system continues to evolve and set an example to other countries.

Things to consider when choosing Britain:

Needless to say, not every student can afford to study here - study prices reach 37,000 £ a year (and sometimes even more, and do not forget to look at exchange rate per pound). But even a good financial base will not be enough: a high competition dictates its own rules, only the strongest students with certificates of British or international schools enter universities. Another nuance that needs to be taken into account - schools and universities in Britain require high academic performance and discipline.

Top Universities:

  • City University London,
  • University of Glasgow,
  • University of Exeter,
  • Royal Holloway,
  • University of London.

USA: prestige and the best conditions


Choosing the USA, students get a chance to study with the best of the best: 75% of Nobel laureates, practicing businessmen and experts teach at US universities. Schools and colleges in America are in no way inferior to higher education institutions: it is no coincidence that students from all over the world study in American international schools. A high level of comfort and versatile development is characteristic of the American education system as a whole.

Despite the grandiose prospects, studying overseas has specific features, so it is important to make sure that American education is right for you:

  • Tuition and living expenses are the main stumbling block for both foreign students and Americans themselves. On average, a bachelor's year at a university from the TOP-20 universities costs about 40,000 $. Such universities can afford only 35% of Americans, and most of them began to save money for the tower from the very birth of the child.
  • Higher education in America is a business, so a large number of little-known universities enroll everyone who can pay. Pay attention to the prestige of the university - if it is replete with advertising on every corner, then this is an occasion to think. The best advertising of respectable institutions is the achievements of graduates.
  • A mixture of cultures. Foreign students fall into a completely different culture, meet people of different faiths, speak different languages and adhere to polar views. American society will inspire some, but for others it will be too much.
  • Top US universities: Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Cornell University and many others.

Switzerland: chic and elitist


The quality of education in Switzerland is as high as the standard of living, therefore not only watches, chocolates and cheeses of this country have received international recognition. Swiss educational institutions occupy the top places in rankings thanks to the innovative learning environment, elitism and prestige. The country is considered one of the safest and most developed in the world, and most educational institutions are located near resort towns, so students are guaranteed comfort and adventure of a premium class.

Key facts about the education system:

  • Foreign students will be able to enter only private universities, hence the price is not at all low: from 20,000 SwF per year
  • Multilingualism: 4 official languages in the country
  • Strong areas: hotel and restaurant business, undergraduate in culinary arts
  • Top universities: University of Geneva, Glion Institute of Higher Education Bulle, Les Roches International School Montana.

Canada: the best place to study abroad


In the 2020 ranking of Best Countries for Education, Canada took 3rd place in the world in terms of education system, accessibility and quality of education. Educational institutions in Canada have received worldwide recognition for innovation, especially in the field of programming and information technology. In addition, Canada leads the list of countries in terms of quality of life and has become the fifth best country for women.

Some more useful facts:

  • You can study in English or French
  • Tuition fees here are 30% - 40% lower than in Europe and 2 times lower than in the UK
  • Living expenses are 20% - 25% lower than in the USA
  • Graduates of Canadian universities have the right to stay in the country for 1-2 years in order to work in local companies: with the extension of the labor contract in the future, obtaining a residence permit will not be difficult!
  • Top universities: University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Douglas College Vancouver.

Netherlands: many English-language programs and a rich cultural program

The first thing you need to know about the Netherlands is a huge number of English-language courses in a variety of specialties! It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about undergraduate or small certificate courses - here you can find the right program. In addition, if you like cozy cafes, hiking and flowers, this educational route is for you!

Key facts:

  • The strongest areas: IT, technology, design, biology, virology, veterinary medicine, general medicine, pharmaceuticals
  • High quality education system, research centers, creative approach to studying
  • More affordable prices in comparison with the top European countries
  • Excellent value for money and quality
  • Top Universities: University of Amsterdam, Technische Universiteit, Delft University of Technology, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Universiteit Leiden.

Germany is a popular educational route because in Germany it is impossible not to get why you came. Whether you choose the cosmopolitan cities of Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt, or prefer the cities from the tales of Marburg and Freiburg, you will always receive a guaranteed education of the highest level. But Germany also has its own nuances:

  • Difficult to find a home
  • A difficult bureaucratic apparatus will not make life easier for students
  • Confirmation of diplomas is required for admission.

Spain: deep traditions in education and top schools

Spain attracts with unlimited opportunities not only in learning, but also in the knowledge of culture. The first educational institutions appeared here in 1218: the modern educational system is well developed and offers great opportunities for students, including learning in English. Especially the country is suitable for adventurers: here you can get acquainted with the most beautiful cities of Andalusia, climb the mountains and then enjoy the sea in Valencia and dance the night away in Ibiza - in your free time, of course.

Useful about Spain:

  • The strongest areas: humanities, natural sciences, business and law, engineering, social sciences, law
  • Price range from 1,200 € to 18,000 €
  • Top universities: Pompeu Fabra University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, University of Navarra, Autonomous University of Madrid.

Austria: significant advantages for foreign students

Austria is one of the few countries suitable for many foreign students. Foreign students can enter universities with certificates from their countries (only two European countries, Austria and Greece, provide such an opportunity). In addition, foreign students are enrolled even with poor knowledge of German - students will tighten their tongue already during education. There are English-language programs in universities, so if you are looking for a non-English country for education, Austria is worth considering!

Key facts:

  • Private institutions independently set prices, while state-owned institutions have a single tuition fee established by the legislation of the country. In public schools and universities you can study for free, they are allocated annually for foreign students. But education in public institutions is carried out in German.
  • Strong areas: linguistics, financial services management, marketing and communication, tourism management, technical sciences, jurisprudence, economics, sports and physical education, medicine, technical sciences.
  • Top universities: Vienna University of Technology, University of Graz Karl and Franz, University of Linz Johannes Kepler, Vienna Medical University, University of Klagenfurt, University of Salzburg.

Ireland: good education at lower cost

In 2020, Ireland took 13th place in the ranking of the best educational systems. It is noteworthy that the best universities provide an opportunity to get a quality education at more affordable prices than in neighboring Britain, while the prestige of Irish diplomas is at a very high level, and students have good career prospects.

Interesting about Ireland:

  • Strong areas: immunology, nanotechnology, agricultural sciences, molecular biology, genetics, materials science, basic medical research, neuroscience, mathematics, microbiology
  • You can extend your visa for 1 year after graduation: this time is enough to find a good job and get a green card
  • The country has the oldest universities in Europe
  • Top universities: Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, University College Cork.

Australia: internationally recognized diplomas and good chances of emigration

Australia is a very popular destination for students because of the quality of the programs and the availability of study. The ranking of the best universities in the world in 2019 included 37 universities in the country, including 15 of the TOP-250. Studying in this country is comfortable and safe: there is a high standard of living and wages, a huge cultural heritage and impressive nature.

Useful for students:

  • "Graduate Visa" allows you to stay in the country for at least 2 years, after which you can extend your work visa
  • Tuition prices are 20-30% lower than in Britain and the USA
  • Large selection of programs and the ability to receive a scholarship
  • Strong areas: humanitarian, medicine and health, engineering and technology, life sciences, physics, sociology
  • Top universities: University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, Monash University.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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