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2022-06-03 20:10:15

The most famous abandoned places on the Earth

The most famous abandoned places on the Earth

Every day on Earth there are fewer and fewer places where a human foot has never set foot. People have been able to populate the entire globe for thousands of years and create huge settlements, megacities and countries that have divided the world among themselves. Settling the planet, humanity has learned to resist the elements and even take it under control, hiding from dangers behind strong walls or at a height of more than one dozen meters.

However, we still have to leave our home sometimes, because we are forced to do so by events of irresistible force: natural disasters, wars, diseases and other misfortunes. Many of the abandoned places eventually get lost in history and collapse, but there are also those abandoned objects that have become real sights and have gained world fame.

Pripyat, Ukraine

On April 26, 1986, the world was shocked by a terrible catastrophe – an explosion occurred on the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the fourth power unit, which released tens of thousands of tons of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, which immediately began to harm the health of a huge number of people.

The residents of the city of Pripyat, located near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, suffered the most. After the tragedy, the population of the radiation-stricken city was completely evacuated, and since then Pripyat has been a ghost town. Forced to save their lives, the townspeople left here all the acquired things, pets and all hopes to return home, because it soon became known that the city for the next 10 thousand years (!) will not be safe for permanent life.

Now you can get to Pripyat legally through excursions, increasingly conducted in recent years. Guests of the dead city can see with their own eyes what the life of Soviet people looked like, because it is literally frozen there: in schools on the desks there are open notebooks, in the canteens of local enterprises there are plates and glasses, and in hospitals there are children's toys everywhere, with which they will never play again.

Detroit Central Station, USA

Detroit has always been considered one of the most important cities in the United States, with trains often passing through it. To relieve the load from one station, the authorities decided to build another one, and in 1913 the huge Michigan Central Station was completed. It did not work for so long and in 1988 ceased to function due to an inconvenient location.

The city authorities repeatedly made attempts to restore the huge abandoned building, but nothing succeeded, because the restoration of a structure of such size cost a lot of money. Now the station attracts travelers passing through Detroit. Although this place is abandoned, it continues to look majestic and beautiful, because the architectural style of the station was chosen successfully.

Hotel del Salto, Colombia

Previously, tourists came to the Hotel del Salto to look at the incredible landscapes - from the windows of the rooms there is a view of the huge Takendamamo Waterfall, formed by the Bogotá River. Now this castle, built in a beautiful architectural style, could bring its owner a lot of money, but it was forced to close.

Waste and sewage began to pour into the river, which began to freeze and poison Bogota. Soon, a terrible smell made life and rest in the hotel impossible, and tourists began to flee from there. The owners had to leave the building abandoned, and now you can get into it and see how quickly nature absorbed this place.

Sea Forts of Maunsell, United Kingdom

Previously, these huge towers, rising several meters above the water on metal poles, served the British army as defensive bases protecting the Thames and Mersey coasts from attacks by German fighters and bombers. In total, there were 21 such towers.

After the war, naval military bases ceased to be useful, and the British military simply abandoned them in the 1950s. Now there are only 13 towers left, and they can be seen during sea excursions. By the way, on one of the similar military bases on the platform is Sealand - the smallest state on the planet, not recognized by any country.

Beijing Luna Park, China

The Chinese authorities at the end of the last century decided to create the largest amusement park in the world, located near Beijing. It was planned that this place would be bigger and better than the famous Disneyland. Almost 50 hectares of land were allocated for construction, construction continued until 1998, when the construction company ran out of money to create an amusement park.

After 10 years, attempts to complete the amusement park resumed, but did not lead to anything. Now the unfinished park can be seen with your own eyes, and it often becomes the hero of atmospheric photos taken in the most beautiful abandoned places.

Craco, Italy

In the south of Italy is an abandoned city called Craco. This mysterious city is considered one of the oldest in Europe, because it was founded in the distant VII century BC! The Greek colonists laid Krako, not knowing that they were building a city on a seismologically unstable territory.

Constant earthquakes and tremors began to slowly destroy the foundations of houses and their walls. The city was finally deserted in 1963 after one of the most powerful earthquakes in the south of the country. Since then, the city can not be visited due to the instability of the structures, but tourists can see it from afar and see how the cities looked almost 3 thousand years ago. It is said that in the ancient walls and dungeons of Craco there are still many unsolved mysteries that will forever remain a mystery.

Ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia

The sands of Namibia contain many interesting things, one of which is the city of Kolmanskop buried by nature. It appeared at the beginning of the XIX century, when near the future city prospectors discovered deposits of diamonds. Around the deposit of precious stones, a city was quickly erected, which began to grow and develop rapidly. Investments were made in Kolmanskop, and several large houses, a whole stadium and a hospital were built on its territory. In a short time, the city turned into a real oasis among Namibia, but all the diamonds were quickly mined, and the inhabitants of the city had nowhere to get money. Soon the townspeople left their house, and it was partially covered with sand.

Colombian authorities took up the city and began work on its restoration. Now the city has been turned into a museum complex, where curious tourists come and see how the miners lived 200 years ago.

Kalavantin Durg Fort, India

The incredible building was built on top of a cliff rising 80 meters above the ground. To climb to the fort, the tourist will have to spend as much as 3 hours climbing steep steps carved into the stone. Rising to the top, it will open incredible views of other mountains and endless plains, stretching for tens of kilometers into the distance.

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