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2022-06-14 22:00:13

The 5 Best Theatre Schools in the World

The 5 Best Theatre Schools in the World

It is indicative of the fact that the young acting and directing community still respects Stanislavsky's system with unfailing respect. Perhaps for this reason, countless foreigners would like to study drama in our country, where the past is decorated with a galaxy of great acting, directing and dramatic shots, and even now, against the backdrop of an undoubted crisis, there are dozens of talented screenwriters and masters of other genres and profiles.


Yale School of Drama, USA

When people talk about Yale University, first of all they think about the local economic, legal and literary departments. But this higher education institution, located in Connecticut, also teaches all the great variety of disciplines of modern and classical theater: from the skill of the actor and stage design to directing, dramatic art, criticism, textual criticism and theater management.

Morning hours are reserved for lecture and seminar classes in the classrooms, while in the evening students practice. Most of the rehearsals are held at the local student theater, and closer to the night, students move to the cabaret of Yale University and are engaged in very bold experiments. Several times during the week, all students watch performances authored by their own colleagues and teaching staff. If this is not enough, at hand all the diversity of the artistic life of New York! And in their free time, students can play sports or organize joint activities with colleagues from other creative faculties, for example, the Art History or Architecture Schools of Yale.

The school appreciates the practical approach to the educational process, the widest opportunities for self-realization, and the galaxy of local graduates is the golden fund of the American cinematograph of the past and present. Well, there are a lot of promising guys here too.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), UK

The Royal Academy was opened in the British capital in 1904 and is considered the oldest and most respected theatre institute in the United Kingdom. Students pass all the disciplines necessary for the theater, and teaching is given to the best practices of stage, directing and dramaturgy, who have a license to teach.

The university's international relations are very wide - from the Central Ballet School and the London Academy of Music to the Northern School of Modern Dance Arts. The basis of teaching is an individual approach and a combination of current and contemporary trends with the classics of the theatrical tradition in all its manifestations.

The Academy includes a cinema and five diverse theaters. It offers students a chic library, classes for theory and practice, workshops, recreation rooms and student institutions for every taste and color. Vivien Leigh and Anthony Hopkins studied here, not to mention hundreds of smaller stars.

The Juilliard School, USA

This New York school enjoys well-deserved fame and respect. In addition, it is one of the largest music and art history schools in the country. The Department of Drama opened in 1968, and now it is possible, along with a diploma, to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree.

Admission here is not an easy matter: the competition exceeds 10 people per place, but the quality of the educational process is indescribable, and the opportunities that Juilliard gives to his students are incredible. This is a true Mecca for young artists.

They study here for four years. Among the most famous pets of the Juilliard Academy are such stars as Robin Williams and Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer and many others.

National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Australia

It is located in one of the suburban areas of australia's largest city on the east coast, Sydney. It is called Kensington: this is a blooming and green place, replete with higher education institutions. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this high school, founded in 1958, has consistently been among the ten most powerful drama schools in the world for 40 years.

Here they teach all the variety of theatrical crafts and professions. The competition is the highest, one or two people per hundred make their way through exams and creative tests. Of the five thousand applicants who sought to enroll in acting courses, last year only 24 people managed to acquire the cherished "crust" of the student.

Along with bachelor's and master's programs, NIDA offers short courses, summer schools and other programs of varying intensity and density.

On campus is the largest specialized library in the country. Two kilometers of bookshelves hold almost 50 thousand books on history and art history, 27 thousand plays and over 20 thousand notes. There are also four theaters, several dozen studios and a multidisciplinary film center.

Every year, students stage more than twenty performances. The program is based on a well-thought-out balance of theory and practice. By the way, the fame of the school was so great that Mel Gibson came here from distant Scotland to master the art of sad, angry, expressive and many other views for every taste. The degree of skill of his mentors can be assessed by "Patriot" and "Braveheart".

American Conservatory Theater, USA

This theater is located in San Francisco, California. Since this is an ordinary practicing theater, they mainly stage performances and show them to the public, and along with the classics, they also show examples of contemporary art.

In its pure form, the institution is not an educational institution, but within its walls, students are offered an enviable three-year educational program of artistic mastery. Bachelors can receive a master's degree at the end of the course, and all the rest are issued certificates.

The popularity of this direction is caused by the fact that you will have to study not anywhere, but in one of the world's largest theaters, and share the stage with the most venerable actors in the United States and Europe.

In addition to a highly exceptional and outstanding education, within these walls you can acquire useful connections with producers, screenwriters and venerable geniuses of directing. Among the graduates are such geniuses as Cage, Hatcher, Ryder and many others.

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Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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