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Summer schools abroad for foreign students

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Summer schools abroad for foreign students

Foreign language camps are an excellent opportunity for students to learn a foreign language in a natural environment. This is not only about English, but also about other European languages - French, German, Italian and others. Language camps, schools and linguistic centers for students of different ages operate abroad: from 5 years to 21 years.

Foreign educational centers organize educational programs at different levels, so study abroad is suitable for students with poor language knowledge or for children with a certain base. Children's language camps are international, as children from different countries come to them on vacation: England, America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, China and others. Foreign students will be able to make new friends here and spend a bright vacation with pleasure and benefit.

Many summer schools abroad organize academic courses on learning English, combined with different activities - these are adventure, sports, creative camps and not only. Today abroad there are many options for learning languages for foreign students.

English abroad: summer camps for students

International camps abroad are suitable for foreign students, so the situation in them is international. In such an environment, students have the ability to communicate with representatives of other nationalities and cultures, which in the long term may be useful in further education abroad. In addition to improving the language level, students of summer schools can develop their personal qualities and learn different new things, while the programs of summer language schools and camps are built in such a way as to harmoniously combine study and rest. Staying in a language school abroad can not be called boring - it's a bright vacation with learning a foreign language!

All children's and youth schools and camps in Europe and other countries abroad can be divided into several types, based on different parameters:

  • by age: for students from 8 to 25 years old
  • by season: winter, spring, autumn and summer (the last most popular)
  • in foreign language: this is the study of English, German, French, Italian and so on
  • on subjects: sports (tennis, football, basketball, horse riding, golf, sailing and so on), creative (dance, vocal, painting, theatrical skill and others).

There are also several options for accommodating students in foreign summer camps. It can be a student residence located on the territory of a school or an educational center: in the hostel, the students are accommodated for 1-2-4 people in a room, taking into account age, nationality and gender (boys and girls are separate, in the same room usually children from different countries). The rooms of the residence have everything for living and rest, and the buildings themselves are supervised by the school staff. Together with the students there is a teacher in the building who is always ready to help the students.

Another popular variant of accommodation in a summer school abroad is the host family: here the students will spend the evenings in a family atmosphere filled with comfort and tranquility, and the language practice will not be limited to lessons and extracurricular activities. Regardless of the chosen option, foreign students will be in the international environment, which will give good results, even if the educational course will last only 2 weeks.

In summer schools, academic studies are held 5 days a week - Monday to Friday, on weekends in many camps drop out days of arrivals / departures and the distribution of students by educational groups. If the weekend is not related to the arrival of new students, a leisure-entertainment program is organized for students, which includes sightseeing tours around the country of study. In all European countries there are historical places and places of interest, which are literally obligatory for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the culture of a new country.

Depending on the studying load, summer schools offer several types of educational courses: a standard program (15 to 20 lessons per week) or intensive (from 25 to 30 hours weekly). In the thematic camps, a part of the educational program is allocated to the chosen type of activity, be it physical exercise or creative activities.

The daily schedule for the summer school looks something like this:

• climb

• Breakfast

• lessons of a foreign language

• Lunch break

• doing sports or creativity / time for the chosen thematic area.

In many foreign schools, small excursions are held once a week, and on longer days there are longer trips. In the evenings, various social events take place for students, helping foreign students to consolidate their knowledge of the language in practice, and to get acquainted with other students. Among the offered entertainments are concerts, talent shows, quizzes, debates, discos, barbecues on the beach (if the climate has it) and so on.

Tuition fees in summer language camps abroad

The formation of the cost of education in European countries is directly influenced by key factors: the chosen place of study (school, camp or language center), the duration of studying, the type of accommodation, the number of hours of study per week and the saturation of the extracurricular program.

A certain influence is exerted by the ranking of the summer schools - prestigious and elite camps are more expensive than institutions with more modest merit. However, the quality of the offered educational services will not be inferior - high educational standards are observed in all leading schools, regardless of title or popularity.

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