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Study in Oxford for foreign students: the cost, reviews

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Study in Oxford for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in England for students from all over the world is considered one of the best options: here you can get the most current and practical knowledge and skills, develop strong personal qualities. Institutions provide conditions for elite education in everything: accommodation, technical equipment, the best teaching staff and much more.

Benefits, the main features of education in the Oxford educational institutions

  • In Oxford are located one of the most prestigious and top educational institutions. This is a real campus, in which there is a special educational atmosphere: there are many young people from all over the world, and teaching staffs are among the strongest in the world.
  • One of the main goals of studying abroad is the practice of English, and Oxford is an ideal place for raising the language level to the highest levels. Oxford is a small and very friendly city where students can communicate in English all day. Going on walks around the city, which can easily be walked on foot, students can relax in the numerous park areas and pubs, get acquainted with architecture, museums, churches, castles and colleges.
  • In order to be on top and meet the highest educational standards, Oxford universities, colleges and schools strive to constantly improve their academic programs, while preserving traditions and culture.

List of the best programs and top schools in Oxford:


Educational establishments

Average cost of education

Vacation programs

Regent Stowe School

St. Clare's Oxford

Shiplake College

OISE Oxford

2,630 £

1,760 £ (14 days)

837 £

4,720 £

Language school

OISE Oxford

Oxford Balliol College

UIC Oxford International

King's College Oxford

2,400 £

3,995 £ (14 days)

400 £

4,170 £ (semester)

Primary, Secondary Education

Bellerbys College Oxford

Abingdon School

D'Overbroeck's College

Bloxham school

7,370 £

12,300 £

13,795 £ (trimester)

10,000 £

Pre-university preparation

Oxford Tutorial College

King's College Oxford

Balliol College

Bellerbys College Oxford

7,900 £

4,170 £

4,295 £ (trimester)

6,915 £

Higher education

University of Oxford

Oxford Brookes University

6,170 £

3,000 £ (trimester)


Education system: main educational levels and programs

The English system of education consists of several levels, among which there is a compulsory - the receipt of secondary education.


Name of educational level

Age of student

Diplomas and types of certificates

1. Preschool education



2. Primary school


Certificate of secondary education - GCSE

3. The middle classes


4. Post-secondary (professional) education


A-level or IB certificates

5. Higher education


Diplomas of bachelor, master or PhD

2. Forms and process of teaching in leading Oxford schools

Secondary education for those who come from abroad can be obtained in public and private schools, which are more popular among foreign students. Bording schools provide the student with housing, guarantee the safe location and constant monitoring of adults. But private schools enjoy fame and the British have a recognized fact: in private schools one can get a high-quality education, because there are fewer classes here, and students pay more attention. In Oxford schools, students undergo serious preparation for the university through the British programs GCSE, A-Level and the international IB. Graduates of private schools with confidence pass the entrance exams and adapt easily to the new status of the student.

Education in English schools is quite strict: here they adhere to a strict timetable and discipline - students practically do not have free time, which would be wasted. In their free time, students master almost one professional level of one or more sports, attend numerous mugs, electives.

3. Educational programs, certificates and diplomas of British samples

  • GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) - for this program, foreign students after 8th grade can count on admission to Oxford schools. Students study compulsory subjects + disciplines to choose from;
  • A-level is a program for students after 10th grade, which will help you to master special subjects at the university level;
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) - an international course that allows you to enroll in universities around the world;
  • Foundation - a program aimed at improving the language skills of future students in higher education institutions;
  • Oxbridge Pre-U - a relatively new preparatory program with in-depth study of subjects, offered by the Cambridge and Oxford University, provides a successful entry into the leading universities of Britain.

4. Features of study in Oxford universities

  • In the best universities, included in various tops, there is a strict secret charter. There is no concept of "tails" or "peresedachi": if a student has not completed or completed the job, failed to pass the exam, he is expelled unconditionally;
  • In higher educational institutions, students are not forced to study and do not tolerate any warnings: students who miss classes will hear a single message about this and it will be connected with the deduction;
  • Education becomes easier from the second year: students by this time successfully master time management and even will be able to attend parties that are held weekly in colleges;
  • Each student has a curator who can always be contacted for help;
  • The main method of conducting lectures and seminars is to discuss: already from the first lecture, teachers expect fresh participation from the newcomers in the debate and, by this criterion;
  • Despite the high demands, public life, active position plays a decisive role in universities. Every year there is a community fair where a student can choose a community: theater, sports, political, etc. Many outstanding and successful personalities started their brilliant career from these circles of interest. So, Margaret Thatcher, an Oxford graduate, participated in a community of debates that later became the head. Participation in such communities is even an advantage when hiring!


Opportunities for foreign students

  • Scholarships and grants. With The students are from abroad may fall within the scope of a number of scholarship programs and grants that may fully or partially cover the costs of education (the concept of "fiscal space" in Oxford not). Each scholarship program puts forward its demands on students. According to the feedback, Oxford scholarship programs show special loyalty in supporting foreign students. Such programs assume several stages of competitive selection, which takes into account academic progress, language proficiency, interviews and examinations.
  • Custody. Students who are under the age of 18 are required to have an official representative in Britain. Typically, private boarding schools offer their representative as a guardian.
  • To enter the University of Oxford passport is not enough - you need to take special educational courses to universities and pass exams.
  • Features of accommodation. For foreign students, several variants of residence are possible: in host families, on campus or in residences. In boarding schools, you can solve the issue of custody. First-year students of universities can live in hostels, but, as a rule, after the second year students are forced to rent student apartments because of the lack of places in the hostel.
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