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2021-02-05 00:01:10

Study cinematography, drama, dance in the UK

Study cinematography, drama, dance  in the UK

The history of studying cinema, drama and dance in Great Britain began in the 19th century, and by the beginning of the 21st century. education in the field of performing arts has become one of the most popular areas of study among students in English colleges and universities. Over the past ten years, the creative industries have been the fastest growing sector of the UK economy. Generating over £ 84 billion a year - that's almost £ 10 million an hour! - Creativity plays a vital role in modern British society.

Contemporary forms of arts education in different ways create a worldview environment that allows staff and students to anticipate, conceptualize and create alternatives to dominant aesthetic, social and political forms. From the Bauhaus to Hornsey College, from Blackrock Mountain to Dartington, art education has served as a laboratory for social and political as well as artistic change. In the UK, from the countercultural 1960s to the anti-Thatcherist 1980s, the change came from giving students time and freedom to learn what they were interested in, rather than being dictated by the demands of economics. This has created a pool of prestigious educational institutions in the UK - universities, colleges, schools - providing high quality education in film, drama and dance.

Five reasons to study drama, dance and film in the UK

  1. A wide range of courses - students are engaged not only in acting, dancing, directing. The range of courses available is vast and varied: photography, visual and sound effects, animation, ballet, dance history, choreography, theater studies, fashion design, world theater, circus arts.
  2. Employment around the world : Drama, dance and cinematography are relevant everywhere. With a degree in photography, you will make your travel possibilities limitless. If you get a degree in filmmaking, you can film all over the world. If you are an actor, traveling will also be part of the job. Diplomas in this subject area offer postgraduate education in the international labor market, some include a one-year course of study abroad.
  3. Joint honors degrees - Acting programs are ideal for joint degrees: the study of a creative specialty takes place easily in parallel with a liberal arts discipline, for example, history or English. Topics such as film, photography, drama and theater have a strong historical and literary context. Joint courses include options: history + cinema, photography + cinema, theater + English, dance + theater, acting + music, etc.
  4. Opportunities for practical application of creative skills : for example, cinematographic skills, photography, film production can be used in the work of a journalist, in the commercial sector - today almost every brand uses video or photography in marketing.
  5. Dramatic and performing arts are an important part of the human experience . How would we feel if there were no films? How would we see the world without photographers? If there were no dances, performances, films that bring joy? The study of drama, dance, cinematography helps to continue this rich tradition of performing arts in society.

Features of teaching drama, dance and cinematography

What qualifications do applicants need?

Generally, no specific A-Level (or equivalent) subjects are required, but some courses require an audition, portfolio, workshop, or interview. Grades and other requirements vary by institution.

What specialties do future actors, film workers and dancers choose?

  • Bachelor of Drama and Visual Culture
  • Bachelor of Drama and English
  • Bachelor of Drama + Modern Foreign Language
  • Bachelor of Dance and Drama.

How students' achievements are assessed

Many subjects are assessed as part of coursework: essays, written analysis, seminars, midterm tests, journals, work diaries, group work, physical performance assessment. Usually in the third year of the course, students prepare their thesis.

Master's studies

Examples of master's programs include master's degrees in ballet, choreography, vocals, theater, and drama therapy.

Employment options for graduates of creative courses

If you have the skills and talent, you can be successful in this highly lucrative industry. In addition to acting career, graduates work as dancers, directors, presenters, teachers, directors.

List of top UK universities and colleges offering film, drama, dance programs

  1. The Royal Academy of Music offers two intensive master's courses that prepare for a career in professional musical theater, with a focus on performance in musical theater or music directing, coaching. The Musical Theater Department, led by industry experts, functions as a theater troupe. The institution offers a direct link to the industry, combining daily classroom work and one-to-one tuition with numerous performance opportunities. Upon graduation, alumni join a strong, successful network of shows across London's West End, across the UK and around the world.
  2. University of Birmingham - Department Drama and Theater Arts . Unleash your creativity at one of the UK's leading centers for postgraduate studies in theater and performance. Benefit from our vast resources and established connections with world-class theaters in Birmingham and beyond! Whether practical or theoretical, your research will be supervised by the leading experts in your chosen field. Teaching spans a wide range of fields, from contemporary performance to theater historiography, and research is conducted using a variety of methodologies, including archival research, performance criticism, and practice as research.
  3. London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest theater schools in Britain. Among the graduates of the university there are 19 BAFTA winners, 4 Oscar winners, 16 Golden Globe winners, 36 winners of the prestigious Olivier Awards theater awards, 12 Tony award holders.
  4. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) is recognized as one of the best and leading theater schools not only in Britain but also abroad. Known for eminent graduates, difficult admission, unique teaching methods (there are mini-classes for 3 people).
  5. The Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts is part of the prestigious Cambridge Educational Group and has been providing quality education to young professionals in the arts since 1985. College graduates successfully enter prestigious conservatories, theater and creative universities around the world, design schools, art academies. The secret of the college is not only in high-quality teaching of academic disciplines, but in the full, comprehensive disclosure of the potential of each student, support for any manifestation of talent and ability. The college cooperates with many renowned institutions of culture, design and art: the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London University of the Arts, Kingston University.
  6. The British & Irish Modern Music Institute London is a unique institution that specializes in providing the highest quality education in music and related creative sciences. The Institute was opened in London in 1983 and over the decades of work has established itself in the best way: it constantly receives high places in various ratings - regional and international. In addition to the parent university in London, it has several branches in Britain, Ireland and other European countries. Education can be obtained under the diploma (1 year of study) and undergraduate (3 years) programs.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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